Gastro pub and Restaurant @ The Brook, Cambridge

In the heart of Cambridge lies the Gastro pub and restaurant, the Brook. It is one of the city’s most famous eating places as well as one of the best places to enjoy Friday karaoke nights and Live music.

Gastro pub and Restaurant Ambience:

The Brook Gastro pub and Restaurant is a traditional pub on the outside but it boasts a contemporary setting inside. The place is furnished with wooden floors, sofas and high chairs. It’s a place in town where you can reliably get a good pint. The interior is pleasant, but the outside seating area is what makes this place a winner in the summer.

Whether you are looking for a quick drink or a more traditional dining experience you can be sure that the food and service we provide will be second to none. We have a great range of Cask ales, lagers and ciders. We also serve some finest wines, cocktails  and spirits..Our menu offers something for everyone whether you are looking for a light snack, Sunday lunch or a full evening meal.

As Summer is approaching its the right time to bring in your family anf friends to spend time in our outdoor garden. Brook pub is a pet friendly place so its double joy to bring in your pets. Kids love to spend time in the open garden while the elders can enjoy their drinks.

Food We Serve at Gastro pub:

The menu is varied and inspired by classic British cuisine. The food is locally sourced and how fresh it is varies depending on the season. We also have a great menu, with everything from burgers to main course and desserts. There are also light bites available to accompany drinks in the bar area. 

For light bites you can order our special Chicken 65, grilled chicken wings, salt and pepper Squid or go for Brook sharing platter where you can enjoy all the above in one plate. For main course you need to surely try our chicken and  Beef curry prepared according your desired level of heat.

Those who are vegan, not to worry as we serve some good Vegan food like Roasted vegetable curry or Paneer makhani and cheese omelet. As the Brook pub is placed near to Cambridge University many students love to hang out here. They love to eat our special BLT sandwich, Grilled cheese sandwich or roast beef sandwiches.

Are you a dessert lover then do try out our chocolate fudge cake, sticky toffee pudding, Raspberry and  White chocolate cheesecake and many more.

Our chefs work hard to create new dishes as well as keeping tried and tested favorites on the menu. With locally sourced ingredients, we aim to provide our customers with fresh, homemade food at reasonable prices along with friendly service in comfortable surroundings.

Opening Hours of Gastro pub:

Our brook pub near mill road hours are as follows: Sunday, noon to 11 pm; Monday through Thursday, noon to midnight; Friday and Saturday, noon to 1 a.m. Kitchen hours are from Monday to Saturday, noon to 10 p.m., and from noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

Gastro pub and Restaurant Events:

Brook Gastropub hosts exciting quiz nights every first Thursday of the month from 8:00 PM. Entry fee is £2 per person and a maximum of 6 people are allowed for a team. Prizes will be given to the team who wins, so call 01223410023 to book your table now! Live music and Friday karaoke nights are also offered for those who love to sing and enjoy. Our customers get excited to take part in our events which gives us helps us to come up with more events.Find out more about events by checking out the Facebook page.

Brook pub is located in one of the best localities in town. We provide a place where community people, sports fans, and travelers can come together to watch Sky or B.T. sports on our five large T.V. screens throughout the establishment.

It is close to some major travel spots like Cambridge Botanical gardens, Cambridge University, King’s college chapel, Fitzwilliam Museum of arts and antiquities, Whipple Museum that holds 600 years of scientific instruments from all over the world. 

If you’re looking for an all-day dining experience in Cambridge then look no further than The Brook pub near Mill road – it has quickly become one of my favourite eating places in Cambridge.

Best Gastropub near Sainsbury, Cambridge

A gastropub, also known as a gastropub or gastro lounge, is a bar and restaurant. It serves high-end beer and food. It is a combination of a traditional British pub and a restaurant. Lets talk about the Gastropub near Sainsbury, Cambridge

Best Gastropub food near Sainsbury, Cambridge:

In the 1990’s, several restaurateurs in the U.K. began to notice that people were willing to travel farther for a good meal. In response, some pubs started to upgrade their offerings on both fronts. The gastropub movement was born.

The term gastropub was coined by the Good Food Guide to describe pubs whose main focus was on serving great food rather than on serving alcohol. The Good Food Guide states that “gastro pubs should be warm and welcoming with a relaxed atmosphere and good beer”.

Gastropub near Sainsbury, Cambridge serve high-quality, simple dishes made from fresh ingredients, usually in large portions, served at reasonable prices. They are known for their wide selection of beers, wines, other drinks, and food.

The food served in gastro-pubs is usually more adventurous than traditional pub fare. Typical dishes include lamb shank, steak and Guinness pie, fish and chips. Burgers with toppings such as cheese, zucchini fritters with sweet chilli sauce, and pork belly with apple sauce are served. Besides meat-based dishes various vegetarian options, such as grilled vegetable falafel are served.

In recent years there has been an increase of gastropubs near Sainsbury, in Cambridge. This has expanded their menu to include more ‘gastro’ style dishes such as pasta, salads, gourmet burgers and tapas. This trend has even spread to smaller towns across the U.K. Where it is now possible to find a gastropub in many places.

Gastropub near Sainsbury, Cambridge :

Gastropub near Sainsbury, in Cambridge tend to be popular with young professionals and students. So if you want to hang out with the crowd, it’s a good idea to check the best place. One of the Best Gastropubs in Cambridge is the Brook Pub near Holiday Inn Express. We use fresh produce bought from the local market everyday. We tend to use local ingredients to make different sauces to bring out the good taste.

Apart from food at our Brook Gastropub in Cambridge, we also serve various drinks starting from Wines, Beers, Ales, and many more. Many of our customers love our cocktails as we serve some of the best cocktails in Cambridge. Those who do not drink can order soft drinks from the menu. Our Gastropub opening hours are from Sunday to Thursday, 12 pm to 11 pm and Friday to Saturday, noon to midnight. Our kitchen is open from Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 10 pm and 12 pm to 9 pm on Sunday. 

What is a pub without any events? 

At Brook Gastropub in Cambridge, we have come up with an exciting quiz night conducted on the first Thursday of every month from 8:00 pm. Entry fee is   2 pounds per person and maximum of 6 people are allowed for a team. There are many exciting prizes to win, so why wait, call and book your table now @ 01223410023. We also have live music nights and Friday Karaoke nights for those who love to sing and enjoy. To know more about the events, check our Facebook page for updates.

Brook pub is situated in one of the best localities. Most of our visitors are community people and travelers who like to spend their time watching Sky & B.T. sports shown on our 5 large T.V. screens throughout our premises. 

So if you are on a holiday trip to Cambridge looking for good food, drinks, and ambience, visit our Brook Gastropub. Our friendly service comes at no extra charge, and we are looking forward to seeing you.

Best Sunday Lunch at the Brook pub Mill Road, Cambridge

What’s so Special About Sunday Lunch ?

Food and Drink in the UK have a national cuisine. The Sunday Lunch ritual of a roast dinner has been a firm favourite in Britain for generations. But where did it come from? And what makes the perfect Sunday roast?

The main ingredients are meat, fish and vegetables. Although the food reflects the diversity of the UK, certain dishes are classified as traditional British food. Sunday roast is one of them. It consists of roasted meat such as beef, lamb, pork or chicken.  We can also use roasted potatoes and veg such as carrots, turnips and onions. For Desserts such as Christmas pudding or trifles are served to finish the meal.

The exact dish varies by region, but Sunday Roast is essential for family gatherings and celebrations. Families usually eat this meal at home with their family on Sunday afternoons. It is probably the best known and most popular meal in this country. Large joint of meat – usually beef, lamb or pork is slowly cooked in the oven. It is to produce tender meat and crispy crackling once done. The meat is traditionally served with potatoes, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, making the perfect Sunday lunch.

The Sunday roast has become an institution in Britain, and it is almost always served in pubs and restaurants throughout the country. It is also trendy in Australia and New Zealand, known as “roast dinner.”

What is the best Sunday Roast in Cambridge, or what is a good place for Sunday lunch”.

Now, if you live in Cambridge or are on a trip to this place, this question is quite simple to answer. It is because there are few great places to have a Sunday roast, but one best place for Sunday Lunch is the Brook Gastropub near Holiday Inn Express.

There is always good food here, and you soon find out why. The food made at the brook pub at Mill Road has been carefully sourced from local suppliers. It’s simmered and served hot with fresh vegetables. We are also providing Sunday Roast home delivery service to you all, so call us to place your order. Then there’s the atmosphere, the indoor sitting area and the outdoor beer garden that seems to be an excellent place for the diners to enjoy their food and drinks.

We at Brook gastropub near Holiday Inn Express serve good drinks and food and know how to entertain our customers well. We will be conducting an exciting quiz competition on the first Thursday of every month from 8 pm. Those who like to participate have to buy the entry ticket, which is 2 pounds per person, and a maximum of 6 people are allowed to form a team. To win some exciting prizes call us on 01223410023 to book your table.

We also entertain our customers with live music nights and Friday night Karaoke, apart from quiz night. We try to make our customers feel relaxed and enjoy the ambience, food and drinks. In addition, it’s a pet-friendly place that allows you to bring in your pets along with you and have a good time. Check out our Facebook page for more updates on the events.

The pub is situated near the travel lodge and Sainsbury making it more accessible for the people to visit our place. Students love to hang out with their friends in the evening after the classes to enjoy some drinks and evening snacks. A place that attracts not only community people but also students and travellers visiting the city. Do visit the Brook pub at Mill Road for a great experience of British pub food and Pub drinks.