Best Vegetarian Dishes | Vegan Food Near Mill Road, Cambridge

The Best Vegetarian Dishes are not a meat substitute, but they stand on their own. They’re not just salads, either. These dishes make the most of fresh ingredients, hearty flavours and bright colours to create a filling meal that everyone can enjoy.

In current years, an interest in vegetarian food has risen year on year over the past few decades. And while traditional British food usually is dishes like roast beef, fish and chips, and Shepherd’s pie, there are plenty of other options available for those who wish to eat something else.

The selection of vegetarian recipes is varied, making meat-free meals both interesting and exciting. When serving vegetarian meals, remember that many vegetable dishes can also be served as

Appetizers or Main courses

  • Make it a Starter or a Main: 

Vegetarian Soups, tarts, and salads are made with nutritious fresh ingredients such as fresh vegetables, grains and pulses, herbs and spices. Some are served as starters, yet others work equally well as a meal for lunch or dinner—depending on the size of your dish. For example, try cauliflower, broccoli, mustard soup; mixed vegetable and bean soup; or carrot and ginger soup.


You can also use those vegetables to create tarts, which are hearty, nutritious, and tasty. They can be made individually or full-sized; they still taste just as good.

The classic British starter, comprising caramelized red onion and creamy goats’ cheese, makes a delicious appetizer for a dinner party or can be served as an easy lunch dish.

If you are in the mood to impress your guests, then a cheese and leek soufflé is the perfect vegan option you have.

  • Pack It Into A Curry

Curry is intrinsic to traditional British food; it is a part of its history and has become an accepted influence in British cuisine. Pulses, grains, and vegetables take on a new flavour when wrapped in curry spices and sauces.

 For a different take on curry, try chickpea and coconut curry. Those looking for more vegan food options can prefer other curries, such as roasted vegetable curry, Thai golden vegetables, or Paneer makhani recipe.

  • Turn Your Side Into The Main Course:

One way to get the family to eat meatless dishes is to transform a classic side dish into a meal in itself. For example, make a tasty casserole of cauliflower cheese and serve it with a side salad for a warm, filling supper dish.

Try traditional British favourites like bubble and squeak or Irish champ with a fried egg on top and an extra serving of vegetables. A vegetarian supper in a flash can make these dishes with either roasted vegetables or sugar snap peas. Other great classic recipes include a Welsh rarebit.

I guess you got an idea of how many varieties of Vegetarian dishes can be prepared without meat. If you want to try out more delicious Vegetarian dishes in Cambridge, you need to head to the Brook Pub near Mill road. We serve some of the best Vegan dishes in Cambridge.

  • Roasted Vegetable Curry: 

We have Roasted vegetable curry made with beautiful aromatic roasted root vegetables. The curry relies upon a rich coconut and tomato-based sauce served with rice, mango chutney, and papadam.

If you plan to make this dish at home, then this curry is easy to make even if you don’t have all the vegetables called for; by all means, substitute with others that are similar and lurking in the back of the fridge.

In the winter, most of us like to roast vegetables. It’s the best way we know to bring out the inherent sweetness and richness. Use whatever is in season, like a combination of carrots, onions, Brussels sprouts and potatoes. For the preparation, the vegetables are roasted with curry powder until they are lightly caramelized and then simmered in a coconut milk sauce. The dish is an excellent accompaniment to chicken or fish, and it makes a nice vegetarian entree as well.

Flavorful, nutritious, and versatile are three words I would use to describe this recipe. It’s a great weeknight dinner option.

  • Paneer Makhani :

Paneer Makhani is a tangy and spicy gravy dish made with homemade cottage cheese. In this recipe, the cottage cheese is cooked in tomato-based sauce and cream, making the gravy very rich and delicious.

To prepare this dish, add butter to a pan and once its hot enough, add some ginger paste, garlic paste, green chilli paste, chopped onions and tomato puree. Let all these ingredients cook for about 7-8 minutes on medium heat.

Next, transfer this mixture into a blender and blend it until smooth. Once done, pour this mixture back into the pan and let it cook for 2 minutes on high flame. Now, add some salt, garam masala powder, chilli powder and Kasuri methi powder to this mixture. Stir everything well so that all the spices get absorbed by the mixture properly. Once done, add a little bit of water if needed to make sure that gravy is neither too runny nor too thick inconsistency. Then add your cottage cheese cubes, cook for 5 minutes, and then serve rice or Indian bread.

Paneer Makhani can be served as a side dish with tandoori roti, poori, parantha or naan. Or you can serve it with steamed rice or jeera rice to make it your main course meal.

  • Cheese Omelet:

One of the best things about waking up in the morning is that you can start your day with a delicious breakfast.

One such fantastic treat is the cheese omelette or cheese omelette. It is one of the most popular types of egg dishes in the United Kingdom and all over the world.

The cheese omelette is a simple dish, yet it can be a wonderful addition to your morning meal. It’s rich and creamy because of the eggs and cheese, and it’s also a great source of protein.

Learning to make a cheese omelette is quite easy since it only involves a few ingredients. All you need are eggs, butter, cheese, salt and pepper. Then you mix everything, fry it on the stovetop, and voila! You have yourself a delicious British-style breakfast that gives you energy for the whole day.

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Best Sunday Lunch at the Brook pub Mill Road, Cambridge

What’s so Special About Sunday Lunch ?

Food and Drink in the UK have a national cuisine. The Sunday Lunch ritual of a roast dinner has been a firm favourite in Britain for generations. But where did it come from? And what makes the perfect Sunday roast?

The main ingredients are meat, fish and vegetables. Although the food reflects the diversity of the UK, certain dishes are classified as traditional British food. Sunday roast is one of them. It consists of roasted meat such as beef, lamb, pork or chicken.  We can also use roasted potatoes and veg such as carrots, turnips and onions. For Desserts such as Christmas pudding or trifles are served to finish the meal.

The exact dish varies by region, but Sunday Roast is essential for family gatherings and celebrations. Families usually eat this meal at home with their family on Sunday afternoons. It is probably the best known and most popular meal in this country. Large joint of meat – usually beef, lamb or pork is slowly cooked in the oven. It is to produce tender meat and crispy crackling once done. The meat is traditionally served with potatoes, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, making the perfect Sunday lunch.

The Sunday roast has become an institution in Britain, and it is almost always served in pubs and restaurants throughout the country. It is also trendy in Australia and New Zealand, known as “roast dinner.”

What is the best Sunday Roast in Cambridge, or what is a good place for Sunday lunch”.

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