Best Curry Pub in Cambridge

The history of the curry pub in Cambridge goes back to the time when Britain was still a colonial power in India.  As soon as India gained independence, hundreds of thousands of Indian migrants came to Britain. They came to work in factories, on buses, in hospitals and hotels . They brought their love for Indian food with them.

The first real curry houses began to appear in the 1960s. But it was not until the 1990s that they took off. Today there are more than 10,000 Indian restaurants in Britain – more than twice as many as ten years ago.

Curry is a British Indian dish that has become popular in the UK. It’s a blend of spices, herbs and vegetables, which can be eaten as a main meal or accompaniment to other foods.

Origin of Curry:

Curry originated in India and was made with meat cooked in a sauce flavoured with spices like turmeric, coriander, and cumin. The sauce was thickened with rice or lentils and then served with rice.

After World War II, Curry became popular in Britain. It was when soldiers returned home from India with their newfound love of Indian cuisine. They brought back recipes for curries they had enjoyed there. In Britain, curry is often served with rice as the main course.

Curry Spices:

Curry is a term that refers to a wide variety of dishes originating in the Indian subcontinent. The dishes are typically cooked in a sauce consisting of spices, often including turmeric, cumin, ginger and garlic. A commercially prepared spice mixture by name Curry powder,, is largely used in Western countries.

Curry is Served with:

It can be prepared with either meat, poultry or vegetables, and it is usually served with rice or bread made of wheat flour. Curry-based dishes are often eaten with naan (Indian flatbread), roti (Indian flatbread), paratha (pan-fried wheat flour bread) or dosa (rice pancake).

In India and its neighbouring countries, the word “curry” has been borrowed into English from Hindustani Kari, meaning “sauce”, which itself derives from the Tamil word Kerri “, sauce”.

It is a dish that brings people together. It’s the perfect dish to share with friends and family or even eat by yourself. Curry is a meal that is enjoyed worldwide, but when it comes to curry pubs in Cambridge, there are only a few places you should be looking at.

It is a combination of spices that are used in Indian cuisine. Curry blends are often made with turmeric, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom pods, cloves, black peppercorns and cinnamon sticks. You can use these spices alone or in combination with each other for different types of curries.

The following are some popular types of curries:

Chicken curry:

The dish chicken curry is a staple of Indian cuisine and is popular among people of Indian descent in Southeast Asia, Great Britain, and the Caribbean. It consists of stewed chicken in a sauce made from onions and tomatoes, with added ginger, garlic, chilli pepper, turmeric, and various other spices.

Beef curry:

Beef curry is a spicy, dish originating in India. The traditional recipe has whole spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, coriander seeds, and cardamom pods—toasted in a dry skillet until aromatic and then pounded into powder. These spices are mixed with ginger garlic paste, onions, tomatoes and other ingredients to bring in more flavour. There are many different variations of beef curry throughout the country.

Lamb Curry:

Lamb curry is a popular Indian dish made with lamb meat, herbs and spices. The curry is prepared in a thick gravy with coconut milk, and it has a unique taste. You can make lamb curry in different ways, and each of them is delicious. The main ingredients used in making lamb curry are lamb meat pieces, onion, garlic cloves, tomatoes, ginger paste, turmeric powder and garam masala powder. Cooking lamb curry is not difficult, but you need to follow some steps to make sure that you get the best results.

To enjoy some of the best curries, visit our Brook pub near Mill road, known as the best curry pub in Cambridge. We prepare curries depending on how many spice levels you can handle. You can customize your dish as per your taste.

Apart from food, our drinks menu features a wide selection of wine, beer, whiskey, rum, and other types of liquor. We also offer soft drinks, champagne, and cocktails to those who prefer not to drink alcohol. 


As we approach the Champions League final, the excitement is building in May. Football enthusiasts will hotly contest the two teams playing for the cup. The PubPub will be screening the event live on May 28th. It is sure to be a big event for us all!

Other than the Champions League, we will also see Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in Cambridge this year. As the Queen will become the first British monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee, or seventy years of service, having acceded to the throne in 1952.

Our Pub also hosts music nights, karaoke nights, and poker tournaments to entertain our guests. We frequently update our social media Facebook site with upcoming events. The Pub is situated in the centre of the city, surrounded by many colleges and universities. It helps us attract many students as our customers. They often stop by for quick snacks and a beer with friends after class.

We attract the local area visitors with our large-screen televisions and a varied menu. Some of these visitors are regulars who enjoy tasting some traditional cask beers, which you can find on the Pub’s menu.

If you’re looking to watch a game with friends while enjoying a delicious meal, consider visiting Brook Pub. We offer clean, simple food and maintain an impressive beer selection. We welcome you, and looking forward to seeing you soon!


Successful Restaurant Business in 2022

A successful restaurant business is hard to define. Few, if any, concrete rules exist for making a successful restaurant business. However, quality restaurants tend to exhibit the same qualities. To distil these traits to their essence and make them clear for those trying to break into the restaurant industry. We have compiled a listicle of critical elements for a successful restaurant.

Various ways to make a Restaurant Business Successful: 

There is no one “correct” or “unique” formula for success in any business whether in restaurants or any other business. While there are features common across successful businesses, they are also unique in their way.

Know Your Restaurant Business:

So many restaurants open and close each year. It is often a lack of understanding of the restaurant industry from inexperienced restaurateurs.  Any business needs to understand its operations and be run efficiently from a financial standpoint.

To operate a profitable restaurant, you should be familiar with business operations and the involved tasks. When operating your outlet, you need to compare food costs, labour costs, gross margins, and profits. Doing thorough research before starting your restaurant is essential for success.

Serve Great Food:

A great restaurant is renowned for its food, and delicious tasting food is a vital feature of a good restaurant. No matter how pleasant its ambience or how appealing the service is, if the food at your restaurant is not great, people will not return.

A restaurant’s success is often attributed to the quality of food. Restaurants are most often known for a signature dish which keeps customers coming back.

Plan Your Menu Perfectly: 

A well-designed menu can boost a restaurant’s profits by drawing customers’ attention to high-profit items. A menu is a crucial element of a good restaurant. A successful restaurant will often have an inventive and intelligently designed menu, whereas a less busy restaurant will typically have a less captivating menu.

Even if the menu items at a famous restaurant and a chain restaurant are similar, the famous restaurant may benefit from using its reputation to boost sales.

Restaurant Location plays a Major Role: 

Restaurant location is one aspect of a successful restaurant operation. Restaurants that are identical in every other way may succeed or fail depending on where they are physically located.

A restaurant located in a popular area will likely receive more foot traffic than one located in a remote area. When deciding where to locate the restaurant, having decided on the concept and target audience, one must consider the area’s popularity.

Customer Experience: 

Customer service is a major factor in the success of a restaurant. Effective customer engagement and friendly, polite staff help create positive customer experiences, which leads to increased revenue.

A courteous and helpful staff is crucial to a restaurant’s success. If staff members treat customers rude or unhelpfully, they will not return.

Marketing Strategy: 

A well-planned and executed marketing strategy are essential to a restaurant’s success. Although positive word of mouth can be a significant factor in increasing business, t is not enough on its own. Many well-known restaurants spend a substantial amount on online and offline marketing to further increase their customer base size.

Online Marketing: 

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is a more popular and effective way to reach out to customers than traditional forms of marketing such as print or television. Digital marketing primarily consists of social media marketing, email and SMS marketing.

Offline Marketing:

For restaurants looking to engage their local market actively. Offline marketing strategies include hosting events, local advertising, and distributing pamphlets.

Owner’s Involvement in a Restaurant:

Owners play an important role in the day-to-day operations of a restaurant. While owners can easily oversee all operations at a single location. It becomes difficult to monitor multiple locations and maintain direct control over the entire business. Restaurant owners can track their business performance and make informed decisions using powerful analytics tools on mobile devices while traveling or working from home.

Satisfaction of the Staff Working: 

A well-functioning restaurant depends on efficient, loyal employees. Employees must be satisfied to be productive. If a restaurant’s employees are not satisfied, their dissatisfaction will certainly affect their work. Consequently, one important characteristic of a good restaurant is that it invests in staff satisfaction. It is by providing good pay and benefits and working conditions conducive to productivity.

The restaurant industry is known for long working hours and often difficult interactions with customers. If a staff member feels overworked or underpaid, this employee’s dissatisfaction with their job may hurt the quality of their work.

Many restaurants are offering their employees the opportunity to purchase company shares through an Employee Stock Options program. They can foster a sense of ownership in their employees and motivate them to work harder. 

Restaurant Success :

A restaurant’s success depends on all the above factors that can be achieved with good staff. Like the location, the perfect menu, and our customers. It is always important to note that cooking with local ingredients and produce adds more flavour. As these vegetables and fruits we get in a specific season won’t be available till next year. So why not cook with those seasonal vegetables and fruits to create a perfect dish.

A single dish like pasta can be prepared in many different ways. But adding your touch of flavour will bring more customers to your  restaurant. If your customers enjoy what you cook, then profits will ring in by themself. Apart from the work location, the restaurant ambience plays a major role in attracting customers.

Use the right decor and colours on your walls without over placing things. When designing your bar, keep in mind that all the necessary items must be kept in handy. Use the right glasses while serving your drinks, especially wines. Make sure that you understand the menu perfectly, so by chance, if a customer asks you about a specific dish, you can explain to them what goes into preparing it.

These key elements make a restaurant business successful and get more profits.

Tips to Run a Successful Bar

Managing a bar can be challenging. Running a successful bar business isn’t easy for a skilled mixologist. To maximize profits, you’ll have to keep the place well-stocked.  You must ensure that your patrons are satisfied, and address any potential liability issues while running the place daily. Let us help you avoid common pitfalls when opening up a bar and give your business the best chance for success.

Here’s how to run a successful bar:

Whether you’re looking to increase profits or just starting, the following tips will help you learn how to run a bar.

Make sure your bar is well-stocked:

To keep your bar fully stocked, you’ll want to pay attention to what’s in your back bar cooler or refrigerator at any given time and how often your customers order specific drinks and what kinds of alcohol you use most often. It will help you make smart ordering decisions that save you money on items that don’t get ordered as often while ensuring your customers always have an ample supply of the items they prefer.

Here are some basic items every bar should have:

To make sure you always have what you need to run your bar.  Here’s a list of things that your bar should always have on hand.

  • Bar napkins
  • Straws and stirrers
  • Glassware
  • Mixing glasses
  • Cocktail shakers and strainers
  • Liquor pourers
  • Cocktail mixes
  • Garnishes

Measure Your Liquor the Right Way:

An extra-strong drink may seem like a small matter, but consistently pouring too much can cost your bar lots of money in the long run.

To reduce overpouring and the resulting waste, bars can use several tools and best practices. The following are some examples:

  • A measured liquor pourer delivers measured portions of liquid, making it easier to measure alcohol for mixed drinks and eliminating the risk of spillage.
  • Educate bartenders in the use of jiggers when crafting cocktails. Not only will they make sure they aren’t pouring too much, but your customers will also enjoy a consistent cocktail with every drink ordered.
  • The right glassware can help you control costs by using less of your liquor. Heavy-base glasses have thicker bottoms than standard glasses, so you will use less liquid to fill a heavy-based glass.

These effective bar-management strategies can help you reduce waste and ensure that drinks are prepared consistently, improving customer satisfaction.

Make unique cocktails:

Many bars offer unique drinks like rum and Coke or Tom Collins to stand out from the competition, but you might get the most return on investment by creating your unique cocktails. Create a cocktail only available at your bar, and then price it higher than traditional beverages to increase your profit margin.

When creating a recipe, use liquors that appeal to your customers. The tastes of your clientele largely determine liquor choice. For example, near a college campus, an establishment may want to focus on the consumption of rum, vodka, or tequila. In contrast, you may use fine whiskey or bourbon in recipes with an older clientele.

The bar management must be aware of current drink trends and offer customers new and innovative mixed drinks, such as fruit-spiked or spiced vodka cocktails. Unique garnishes like fruit skewers also make mixed drinks more appealing to customers.

Hosting a Happy Hour and Events:

 A happy hour is an excellent means of drawing customers in with low prices and then encouraging them to order at full price by offering them delicious cocktails and excellent service. You should feature items with the highest profit margin during a happy hour and snacks and designated-driver discounts to maximize your profits.

A bar can successfully bring in more customers by hosting events. These can be one-time or recurring and are a great way for the business to attract repeat customers. There are many different types of events that one can host, depending on the clientele of the bar and its chosen theme. Popular options include:

  • Trivia
  • Speed dating
  • Karaoke
  • Arcade or game nights
  • Tailgating or sports parties
  • Open mic nights

Marketing your restaurant’s happy hour specials to target specific times and demographics, such as the post-work business crowd, weekend brunchers, or sports fans before, during, or after a big game. Additionally, it would be best to advertise these deals on social media, outdoor signs, and posters in the dining area.

Hire trained bartenders:

The bar industry has a high employee turnover rate, which results in tremendous costs associated with training new employees. Your bar can prevent this by implementing strict standards for employee hiring and creating a comprehensive training program to evaluate potential employees’ job suitability early in the hiring process.

Management can keep employees happy by offering them perks such as a bonus, a promotion, or a pay raise. Some employees want to learn new skills, and you can offer training that will benefit both the employee and the bar.

The most important aspect of employee satisfaction is creating a comfortable, collaborative work atmosphere in which your staff feels welcome to share new ideas and concerns. Additionally, by engaging in dialogue with your employees, you not only learn more about them as individuals but can better tailor their working conditions to meet their individual needs.

To increase profits, train your waitstaff And Bartenders:

To boost sales in your bar, instruct your bartenders or wait for staff to either suggest a higher-priced, high-margin item to customers or add it to their order. It is beneficial for both the business and its employees because bigger checks mean bigger tips.

To upsell, try presenting your customers with choices by appealing to their preferences. For example, instead of pitching an expensive alternative to your customer’s order, have your bartender suggest it as a favourite or new special.

In addition, you should place your food menu in a highly visible location near the bar. Patrons may initially approach with just-drinks in mind, but seeing the appetizer menu might awaken their appetite. You can also boost sales by offering food and drink pairings based on common flavours or contrasts.

Educate your staff on which food and drink pairings work best in various situations. For example, beer may go better with appetizers than wine in a casual setting. If you want to sell higher-priced wines, offer them to diners ready to order dessert. If someone seems undecided about what to order, suggest something from the menu.

Invest in a Point of Sale System:

A well-organized Point of Sale system is essential for any successful bar. This electronic device tracks and organizes sales and helps to keep track of customer tabs on even the busiest of nights. POS systems run from $2,000 to $5,000, so research the best POS system for your business before purchasing it.

Take responsibilities seriously:

When managing a bar, you should train your staff to deal with customers who have had too much alcohol and protect your business from legal and financial difficulties, such as fines and loss of liquor license.

Suppose you serve alcohol to a minor or visibly intoxicated person. In that case, you will face criminal fines and civil liability, but your establishment can be sued for damages the patron causes after leaving.

Use the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Alcohol program to train your staff in safety and liability issues to be prepared for any situation.

The competitive nature of the bar industry means that it’s difficult for new bars to succeed if they don’t have a solid business plan. But by creating a bar that’s stocked with everything it needs, training employees, and taking an active role in your own business, you can ensure that your bar is profitable and succeeds.

If you travel to Cambridge, visit Brook pub near the travel lodge. It is a great place to enjoy some finest drinks and food and a great bar ambience. We also have an outdoor bar where you can enjoy your drinks in the open air with family and friends.


Bar Decoration Ideas

Many people want to open a new bar or sometimes want to remodel the old one. Some find it difficult to do it by themselves and think of the cost they need to spend. Here are some bar decoration ideas for you that will allow you to make your bar the way you want with simple changes.

Decorate Your Bar: 

In business, decoration is essential as it creates a pleasant environment for the customer. Keeping that in mind, you have to find a suitable decoration that makes your clients feel comfortable and helps bring new clients into your business.

Setting up a business has many expenses; I’m telling you about them, so it will be a good idea if we can save a little when designing the bar. Before that, we need to think about how much money you can spend on planning this.

Bar Counter Decor: 

A bar is a special place for social life. We will cover the different styles and details of a bar’s interior. We’ll look at the materials, colours, and lighting that go into designing an adequate bar.

How to Decorate Brick Bars: 

One of the most common bar styles is brick bars, which give a modern touch. They are usually lined with other materials to make them more modern. We could either add more elements to the bar, such as some wooden slats or leave it as is and give all the prominence to the countertop.  Wood is an element that always looks good with brick, and it is preferred by most because of its aesthetic value.

How to Decorate with Stone Bars: 

Stone bars are also a very common bar decoration, whether made of marble, granite, or other stone. The stone bars give the bar a different look, modern and original. To stand out and get all the attention of the place, they have it in a curve shape so that all eyes will go towards it. However, some people don’t want this to be its main focus and rather lower the attention by putting stools around it.

It will also be important to consider the colour when deciding how to decorate a bar; in this way, we will achieve the best decoration for a bar. Once we have seen how to make one of the main elements within a bar, such as a counter, we can explain the rest of the elements and how to decorate a whole bar.

Decor Plan: 

If you have a floor plan, please use it for making a plan. If not, take photos of each area to better plan what we want to change.

Let’s start with Painting

If you want to paint, you can do it yourself. Some paints imitate marble or even reflective type paintings. To paint a surface, you’ll have to calculate how many painting supplies you need by calculating the square meters of the premises. If you need to know any other information about large surfaces regarding the paint, rollers, or other accessories, they can tell you this information.

Decor using Stencil style: 

It’s a way to decorate using paint. You can decorate walls, furniture, or anything you like with it. It’s about sticking a template on the background and then painting over it. You can search for stencil designs on Google on the Internet and get many of them. On a plain white background, you can make drawings in the colour that you like best and the template you choose.

Decor with Photos: 

If you don’t want to paint your walls, you can change their appearance with decorative photo murals. They are beautiful and inexpensive. They change the look of the decoration for a little money.

Wall decals or wall graphics can be applied on any smooth and flat surface, from glass to walls, doors, furniture and appliances. They can create a cheerful atmosphere that imitates a skyscraper or an animal.

As you can see, create many designs on vinyl. Look for the city, the landscape, or the elements you’d like to always have in your bar. The Internet is a great source of information for finding companies that can give you good ideas and help you design the most personalized vinyl for your bar.

Bar furniture: 

You can shop for tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, and shelves. Decorators help you plan and choose the best options for your bar. You also have very good prices and take advantage of financing. The tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, and shelves inspire you to redecorate your business.

Another option is flea markets and second-hand stores. It is a great source for decorating your bar if you want inspiration from the 1960s and 80s or rustic pieces. In flea markets and second-hand stores, you can find jewellery such as lamps, tables, and furniture at very good prices.

If you want to spend a little more money, you can also opt for chairs and tables from a larger range where the style should be most important so that your bar catches the customer’s attention.

Floor Renovation: 

You can use vinyl flooring that is easy to install and is highly recommended by the manufacturer for high traffic areas. There are gorgeous designs at a good price. 

You can put wooden floors on the floor that you have. You can also choose what kind of wooden floors you want to use. These wooden floors are very easy to install yourself.

Have some Games:

The more choices you have in your game library, the better. Games make your customers feel at ease, encouraging them to stay longer and spend more money. When decorating, keep in mind to dedicate a space to putting a game machine, billiards, table football, or some darts. You may want to consider multi-game tables with the option of different games or a small space for your customers to dance if they want, plus music can also be a great addition to the decoration.

Simple Tips For Bar Decoration:

These are all great ideas that help you decorate a bar to fit your taste and your customers. We’ll give you tips on updating the look of a bar, whether for a fresh look or an upcoming event.

These are some ideas and tips that you may use before you start decorating or thinking, for example, about the type of floor to choose or the colour of the walls.

The first thing is to have a good Entrance:

Good bar decor should convey that from the entrance. Your interior should be well lit, using materials that invite you to stay and hang out. If playing games in your bar is part of your marketing strategy, consider implementing this at the entrance so it becomes a visual invitation – the first impression of your establishment.

If it is a cocktail bar or a bar to have a drink at night, you can get rid of so much lighting and focus more on neon lights and materials such as stone or metal. Anyway, no matter if it is a cocktail bar, it does not mean being in a gloomy and dark den. It can be something with dim lighting that invites you to have a more fun time with your friends.

Style with your Brand:

To ensure your bar’s design is consistent with your brand, we recommend that you select an interior design that reflects your establishment’s identity: classic, industrial, minimalist, Nordic, retro, vintage, rock, etc.

If you have chosen the style for your bar, it will be simple for you to find all the stuff you need to decorate it and any other elements needed to highlight its theme.

When planning your bar, consider the style of the place you want to create. If you have no idea of what style is suited for your establishment, you can pick from a “traditional” bar or one that is eclectic where you have contemporary decoration with an older design. Use a few elements from another style that stand out in addition to the predominant one.

Use Durable and well-Maintained Things:

If you have a bar at your restaurant (or cocktail area), consider several things when choosing it. The most important thing is to choose materials that last for many years and don’t need frequent maintenance, such as porcelain stoneware on the floor, because it is resistant to breakage, abrasion, waterproof, and easy and fast maintenance.

Contrast Decoration:

When choosing your bar style, opt for a specific style with a contrast element to bring it in an elegant and modern look.

Utilizing the principles of several different interior design styles, you can make a statement with a bar that says, “I have style”.

Or, If you like the period or retro style of the 50s, you may use contrasting colours for either the floor or the wall, which would be black and white. You can also use contrasting colours only for the wall, like a black and white checkered pattern. The latter is a universal style that will never go out of fashion.

Opt for Right Music:

A bar without music would be missing a fundamental part of the experience: The music. It can be any style or genre, but it should be present in your establishment to make it more attractive to customers if it is musical.

You need to select the right music for your bar depending on the style of it or its decoration so that the music helps to set the atmosphere correctly. For example, if there’s a “retro” style bar or, say, 50s style decor, you probably won’t use classical rock music. 

Create Center of Attention:

A great idea to decorate a bar is to choose a center of attention. 

Something that is eye catchy and attracts the customers. For example, it could be a jukebox or pool table or decorating the bar with a specific style or theme.

Of course, an excellent television or screen to watch games or series will also be able to attract customers and is a welcome addition to the center. 

These are the things you need to consider when planning to decorate your bar. The details are simple to understand and incorporate into your bar. Make a full-fledged plan on what is in your mind, and then start with the entrance of your bar.


Serving some Unique Cocktails in Cambridge

Britain is known for their Culture, Education, Fashion and Pubs. They have many small pubs at every corner of the street. In this place one can enjoy many unique cocktails in Cambridge and other parts of Britain.

People tend to socialize and enjoy each others company by sharing conversations. There are many unique cocktails in Cambridge that we shall be discussing in this article. 

Best Cosmopolitan Cocktails

The exact origins of the Cosmopolitan are uncertain. But several bartenders have claimed to have invented the classic, pink cocktail. The Odeon, a bar in New York City, propelled the drink into fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The Cosmopolitan, is served in a martini glass and garnished with either two or three cocktail limes. It is known for delivering both elegance and simplicity. The drink is made with cranberry juice, high-end vodka, fresh lime juice, and Cointreau. 

Ramos Gin Fizz Cocktails

The Ramos Gin Fizz—a layered cocktail made of rum, gin, lime juice, orange flower water, and lime juice—was introduced in New Orleans at the end of the 19th century by bartender Henry Charles Ramos and is one of the most visually impressive classic cocktails.

The drink is renowned for its challenging preparation, but any bartender will tell you the endeavor is worth it at the end of the day.

Bellini Cocktails 

The Bellini cocktail, invented by Giuseppe Cipriani at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, simply combines Prosecco with peach puree in a flute glass. Now one of the most popular brunch cocktails, the Bellini is made by filling a flute glass with sparkling wine and topping it with a dollop of peach puree.

Bee’s Knees Cocktails

The Bee’s Knees cocktail, featuring gin and lemon juice with honey syrup and garnished with a lemon peel, is one of the few vintage drink combinations that can still be considered balanced and sessionable to this day. The addition of herbaceous and floral notes by the use of floral-infused gin makes this drink a stand-out.

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktails

The Long Island Iced Tea, a cocktail containing five different spirits, has become a standard at bars throughout the world. Equal parts vodka, rum, tequila, gin, and triple sec are combined with simple syrup and lemon juice to produce a beverage that hides its high alcohol content.

Aviation Cocktails

The Aviation is a light, tart drink with floral notes, but one must be careful not to add too much crème de violette to avoid making the drink too sour. It is served in a Martini glass, is made with crème de violette or crème Yvette, Maraschino liqueur, and lemon juice. It has been on the upswing over the past couple of years.

 Old Cuban Cocktails

In 2001, bartender Audrey Saunders created a variation on the classic Mojito at the Pegu Club. Now served at the revamped Pegu Club, the Old Cuban combines aged rum, mint leaves, simple syrup, lime juice, Angostura bitters, and a Champagne floater to create a celebratory take on the classic Cuban cocktail.

Vodka Martini Cocktails

The Vodka Martini has risen in popularity this year among cocktail drinkers around the world. The drink is simple, consisting of chilled vodka mixed with a little dry vermouth, and has become popular at many of the best bars.

Sazerac  Cocktails

Sazerac is a mix of rye or brandy with Demerara syrup, Peychaud’s Bitters, and some lemon. This drink reminds of city culture and it was originated in 1850s in New Orleans.

Best Watermelon Martinis Cocktails

There’s nothing like a watermelon martini when it comes to summer drinks. The juicy fruit combined with vodka makes for a refreshing cocktail, and the watermelon syrup adds just the right amount of sweetness without overpowering your taste buds. It’s delicious with a meal or an alcoholic refresher on a hot day.

Best Cocktails Bombay Spiced Mary 

The Bombay Spiced Mary cocktail is a refreshing summer drink with a sweet and tart flavour. Its flavour profile begins with a citrusy gin and builds with earthy celery, salty Worcestershire sauce, and fiery Tabasco. Add some cinnamon, pepper and salt in just the right amounts, and you’ve got yourself one delightful drink. Its one of the best cocktails in Cambridge.

A spiced mixture of gin, tomato juice, lime juice and pepper sauce, a spiced gin and tonic is a summer drink with bright citrus flavours. It is perfect for when you’re feeling summery and want a change of pace from your usual drink. The addition of spice adds some extra kick to this refreshing cocktail, which is one of the most simple cocktails ever made. This cocktail is the perfect drink for anyone who loves gin and tonics. It is a classic cocktail that is easy to make at home and ideal for parties and celebrations.

Blue Hawaiian Mai Thai  Cocktails

As a signature cocktail, the Blue Hawaiian Mai Tai is served in several locations worldwide. Its creator is Donn Beach, and it is a variant of the Mai Tai cocktail. It’s made up with ingredients like dark rum, pineapple juice, blue curacao and lime juice. The drink is garnished with a pineapple wedge, and it is served in a frosted glass with a pineapple wedge on top.

A Blue Hawaiian is a popular drink among college students in Hawaii. The drink can be made in any size glass and is sweet and refreshing. 

Best Cocktails Caipirinha

This cocktail, which originated in Brazil, is easy to make and has only four ingredients: cachaça, sugar, lime juice, and cracked ice. The drink, which has a zesty lime flavour, is excellent for your next party. First add half lime juice into the glass and then add the sugar and cracked ice. Pour in the cachaça (or white rum) and stir well. Serve with a straw and top it with some additional crushed ice. A wedge of lime adds extra zest.

Caipirinha drink is enjoyed by all ages and it stands as a best cocktails in Cambridge till date.

Best Manhattan Cocktails

Whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters are the important ingredients. May use Rye, Canadian whiskies, bourbon, blended whiskies, and Tennessee whiskey for this drink. The cocktail is stirred and then strained into a cocktail glass and garnished with a Maraschino cherry.

Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktails

A Strawberry Daiquiri is made with rum and fresh puréed strawberries. Lime juice and simple syrup are added to the rum, then blended. Freshly sliced strawberries are used as a garnish. A Strawberry Daiquiri is typically served as an after-dinner drink. it is because it is sweet and subtle compared to other alcoholic drinks.

Apart from Cocktails, we also serve some of the finest wines such as La Campagne Merlot, Trivento Reserve Malbec, Rare Vineyards Pinot Noir, Granfort Chardonnay, Wicked Lady Pinot Grigio and many more.

Our customers love to spend their summer in our open outdoor garden enjoying chilled beers. Some of the beers we serve at the Brook pub are Amstel, Guinness, Carling, Heineken, Corona etc.

As our pub is located in the heart of the city, near many tourist destinations and Universities, we have a lot of students and travellers visiting our pub. Many of them love to drink Ales, such as Abbot Ale, Guest Ale etc. 

The Brook Pub near Sainsbury, Cambridge, serves best cocktails in Cambridge, food and drinks. In our pub, you can enjoy a variety of cocktails, from classic and seasonal favourites. We serve an assortment of drinks to our customers. And opened for lunch, dinner, and for evening eats and drinks. At Brook pub we have some of the unique cocktails served for our customers, in Cambridge.

We entertainment our patrons, including Quiz night, held on the first Thursday of every month. Also we host other events, like Friday night Karaoke, live music and many more games. Many first-time participants in our Quiz Night have reserved their tables for next month. If you’d like to join us, please call us at (555) 555 2345

If you are back in town, please visit our cocktail bar and let us know what you think of the food and drink. 


Karaoke Nights in Cambridge

Karaoke is a form of entertainment in which people sing along with recorded music. It was initially developed in Japan and is still very popular there. 

The karaoke nights in Cambridge have gained a cult following in recent years, with venues drawing international attention.

Origin Of Karaoke Music:

Karaoke originated in Japan and initially gained popularity in East Asia, eventually spreading worldwide. It is now a standard feature in bars and restaurants, and it is also used for private parties and special events such as weddings.

Karaoke bars are establishments where customers can sing karaoke with friends or strangers. A typical karaoke bar will have many microphones, with speakers set up all around the room. The speakers are connected to a disc player so that customers can choose their favourite songs and play them. Many karaoke bars also have a video screen so that the words to the song appear on the screen as it plays. Some people find this helpful because many songs are difficult to memorize.

Some karaoke bars have private rooms for groups of people who want to be alone when they are singing. It can be beneficial if you don’t want other people to hear you sing badly!

Visiting a karaoke bar has become an essential part of business culture in some places, including Japan. A group of businesspeople will often sing at a karaoke bar after work; this allows them to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting than the office. It is also common for groups of friends to go out for karaoke on weekends in Japan.

Karaoke Nights in Cambridge :

They are a relatively common sight in the U.K., and you’ll find them in neighbourhoods, from busy districts to peaceful suburbs. While it’s true that karaoke is known for being loud and rowdy, there’s nothing wrong with people wanting to sing or dance at home or in their living room.

They have become increasingly popular worldwide, with many locations offering all-you-can-eat drinks deals, karaoke classes and professional karaoke nights.

The shows are hosted by a dedicated DJ or MC who gives instructions on how to sing the song. The person hosting the show has to carefully choose a song that everyone can easily sing along to and one that is short enough not to be too challenging. They also need to make sure that everyone is having fun, so they take care of everything from getting party favours for the crowd to making sure there’s enough food and drink.

Many karaoke bars in Cambridge have live entertainment every evening and DJs in the evening leading parties and events at venues around Cambridge.

Karaoke is a great way to spend an evening with friends and coworkers, but it’s also a great way to make new friends at work.

Types of Karaoke Bars in Cambridge:

There are three basic types of karaoke bars. The first is the large commercial establishments, which often offer special deals on food and drinks. The second type is smaller-scale bars that cater to students or young professionals seeking fun after work. The third type is the small neighbourhood karaoke bar where you can perform with a local crowd.

The best karaoke bars tend to have ample seating, are well lit, and have a loud sound without being too jarring. While most venues have just one stage, there are some places with multiple stages where you can pick your song and judge for yourself if the crowd is ready for your performance. 

In recent years, karaoke has moved online and become an accessible hobby for many people across the globe. From YouTube videos to Facebook groups, karaoke is available day or night, even in your own home.

If you’re new to karaoke and need a place to start, 

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Does it take place every weekend?
  • Are there other events at the same venue?
  • Is there live music? Do you expect more than 25 people at the event?
  • Is there a minimum age requirement for entry?

The selection of foods and drinks will depend on the type of karaoke bar you go to.

There are three types of karaoke bars – full service, service only, and self-service.

Full-service karaoke bar has a staff that is waiting on you. They will bring your food and drinks to you while you are singing. The price of the food and drinks is included in the cost of renting the room. They will charge by the hour or by the half-hour in most cases.

The second type of karaoke bar is when you have to order your food and drinks from a menu similar to a restaurant or cafe. You can order from your seat, but most people order at the bar or counter, where they also pay for their meal before getting a table number so that their meal can be brought to them when ready. There is no charge for renting the room, and in many cases, the singers must pay for any extras such as extra microphones, video screens, etc.

The third type is self-service, where customers have to get their food and drink from a bar, cafe, or restaurant attached to the kitchen.

Food Served at Karaoke Bars in Cambridge:

In most places, the variety of food served at karaoke bars is relatively limited. Food generally consists of appetizers or light meals, such as French fries, chicken wings and fried rice. Some establishments do serve more extensive meals, but this is relatively uncommon. The focus in karaoke bars is usually on the drink rather than the food menu.

Karaoke bars typically serve a wide range of alcoholic beverages. Beer, wine, sake and cocktails are commonly found on the menus of these establishments. Non-alcoholic beverages are usually available, such as soft drinks, tea, coffee and juice.

In the 90s, it was all about singing a song or two (or five) at the local karaoke bar. At the time, it seemed like everyone was doing it, but then the trend faded away. Thanks to a new generation of DJs and karaoke enthusiasts, karaoke nights are back — and bigger than ever. The new version of this classic nightlife experience is even more fun and accessible than before.


Sunday Roast In Cambridge

Sunday roast are an English tradition, and the Sunday roast in Cambridge is no exception. Sunday lunch is one of the best ways to experience the authentic culture. The traditional Sunday lunch consists of roast meat, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, and gravy. All these are served with a side part of fresh vegetables. Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and cabbage, followed by dessert and coffee.

The Tradition of Sunday Roast:

The tradition of eating a Sunday lunch had its roots in Medieval England. When cooked meats were eaten at midday on Sundays before the afternoon service at church. Initially, the roast was restricted to beef but gradually introduced other meats. There are several theories about the origin of the word “roast” and where it comes from.

The most common is that it refers to the cooking method used for preparing meats back in medieval times, which was to place them over an open fireplace (in those days, this would be a fire made from wood or coal) and turn them until they were well done on all sides. However, evidence suggests that “roast” may originate from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning to sear or brown, used during or after cooking to describe the meat’s appearance.

In Britain during the 20th century, they often ate Sunday lunches midday from 12 pm–2 pm, followed by tea at 4 pm. These times are still observed by some in the United Kingdom today, and traditional meals are still served at these times in some pubs and hotels.

Tradition Worth Preserving:

Despite a global decline in the frequency with which families sit down to share the traditional midday meal, the custom remains firmly rooted in family culture.

The number of families having a midday meal together has declined steeply in recent times, but there are reasons why the custom has been at the heart of domestic culture for centuries.

Each year, the number of times people gather around the dining table to tuck into a joint has slowed. Similarly, family meals fall out of favour as people choose quicker, more sustainable and more ethical alternatives.

Preparing a Sunday roast that delivers best nutrition may be time-consuming, but it is not difficult when the following steps are undertaken. The dish can be wolfed down in only a few minutes, so families must take their time and talk to one another. It can turn into other meals as the week goes by due to the presence of leftovers. Even more virtuous, it can help you save money. Claims that the Sunday roast is cheap do not stack up, but it is an excellent value compared to some of the other dishes you may eat during the week.

The history and tradition surrounding the meal have led to its popularity. The roast is an excellent example of a traditional British and Irish dish for which meat is cooked with vegetables. This type of meal has been popular in Britain because it reflects the country’s climate, soil, and weather conditions. It is much more likely that your leeks or carrots have come from your local garden than those glorious exotics like perilla leaves or Asian shallots required for a Vietnamese family recipe.

What does the Sunday Roast meal consist of?

The meal consists of roasted meat, roasted potatoes and at least two vegetables, accompanied by Yorkshire pudding or gravy.

The roast can be beef, lamb, pork or chicken. Some families also like to make gammon joint (cured ham) with the bone in. The roast is usually served with stuffing if it’s poultry.

The meat is usually served pink (medium-rare) for beef, lamb and gammon and well-cooked for pork and chicken.

The vegetables can be carrots, parsnips, swede (rutabaga), cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Broccoli isn’t very popular in Britain.

Other dishes that may accompany the roast include horseradish sauce (for beef), mint sauce (for lamb), apple sauce (for pork) and bread sauce (for turkey).

Yorkshire puddings are made from eggs, flour and milk or water. They can be baked in small batches in muffin tins or poured into one big baking tray to create a vast pudding. Later you can cut into small pieces to serve separately with the meal.

Sunday Lunch:

Sunday lunch is a tradition that’s been around for generations. Families, and often friends, gather around the dinner table to enjoy a roast dinner . It’s usually roast meat, vegetables and gravy – before settling in for the afternoon with a film or board game.

But people have become busier than ever, and many don’t have the time to cook on Sundays. Going out for Sunday lunch has increased in popularity over recent years.

The Sunday roast of today is more likely to be enjoyed at a restaurant than at home. It is with people favouring the experience of eating out overspending hours cooking in the kitchen.

Sunday meals have been simplified to suit modern life with the rise of one-pot cooking. One-pot roasts can be cooked in a slow cooker or as a single casserole dish. Which means you can leave them to cook over several hours whilst getting on with other jobs around the house – or simply relaxing with your family.

A Vegan alternative to Sunday roast:

Finding a vegan alternative to traditional Sunday roasts can be tricky, but there are plenty of options. Some people like to take out the chicken and make a big meal of vegetables with a side of beans or mashed potatoes. Others opt for simply organizing their roast with no animal product at all.

Veganism is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, with many people switching to eating only animal-free food.

However, some people still want to enjoy a traditional Sunday roast, so they look for vegan alternatives. But the task of creating your fake roast is not as simple as you might think!

Live Music Pubs near me in Cambridge

Cambridge is a picturesque city in the south of England. It is best known as a home to the University of Cambridge. It’s not particularly large (only 124,000 people live there) but it has a bustling night life with Live Music.

Cambridge City Life of Live Music: 

If you’ve been a fan of live music in Cambridge for any length of time, you may have noticed that something is changing. Whereas once the town was known for indie-rock and folk music. But more recently venues in Cambridge are turning their focus to electronic music. They have a lot more techno and house on offer.

Alongside this shift towards electronic music, live music in Cambridge is slowly but surely becoming more diverse and inclusive

The Cambridge music scene, like the city itself, has evolved and changed over the centuries. In the 1700s, for example, you could hear a public performance at one of the pubs near the marketplace. These days, you’ll find live music in many venues around Cambridge, from pubs to clubs and concert halls. In the 19th century, the city was home to dozens of venues that presented classical music concerts, along with numerous pubs and inns that hosted folk music performances.

Types of Music in Cambridge:

Today, Cambridge is still a regional center for both classical and folk music. The city has a dozen or more venues that present classical concerts on a regular basis. In addition, it’s just minutes away from London, where there are dozens of live music venues.

While it’s not as well known for its rock scene as London or Manchester, Cambridge does have its share of local bands and several venues where you can hear them play.

There is something about enjoying good food with live music that makes it extra special than your everyday dinner out. It may be background music to accompany food and chatter or it is the main part of the evening, where chatter is definitely not encouraged, a meal or drinks with live music is definitely a treat.

Live Music near me:

There are many ways to enjoy live music in pubs, with some hosting acoustic nights where local performers can come along and play their songs and invite singalongs from the audience, while others may have bands on that are looking to be discovered by record labels and producers or they may even have well established acts playing in them. The great thing about having live music in pubs is that it really breaks up the monotony of everyday life and gives people the chance to escape from their normal day to day lives by singing, listening or dancing along to their favourite songs. If you add in a delicious meal and a few drinks then you really have yourself a great night out!

Live music in pubs and bars is a great way to increase revenue and build a loyal customer base, but getting it right can be tricky.

For most restaurants and bars, especially the ones featured in Cambridge, jazz and blues tends to be the most popular choice of music to have been playing while you eat your meal or while you enjoy a couple of cocktails.

It’s all about choosing the right type of music to suit your venue. The last thing you want is for your customers to be put off by the music that’s being played. If you’re looking for an upbeat live band then opt for something like rock or pop, whereas if you’re after something a little more chilled out then go for acoustic or classical which is perfect for wine bars.

Change in Live Music:

The scene of live music in pubs has been changing for a long time. For many people who are not frequent visitors to pubs, the image of a local pub’s music scene is probably a group of rather ageing men sitting around playing with instruments that have seen better days, maybe covered with beer and cigarette stains. The truth is, however, that the scene has changed dramatically over the last twenty years, and nowhere is this more true than in Cambridge. There are many pubs in Cambridge that feature live music on a regular basis. In fact, there are so many pubs in Cambridge featuring live music that it would be impossible to review them all at once.

Live music in pubs is an essential part of the British drinking experience. Many pubs have regular music nights, often at weekends and normally featuring local musicians. The pub acts as a showcase for new bands, who are given the opportunity to play in front of a live audience. If the band is good, then word of mouth will spread, and soon people will come from all over the country to see them play. But if people don’t like the band, then they won’t come back. Some pubs even have a house band that plays there every week.

Pubs also serve other purposes than just being places to drink alcohol. They are also important social venues where people can meet with their friends and relax after work or college. Pubs can be very welcoming places, where everyone knows each other and there’s no pressure to talk to anyone else if you don’t want to.

How to choose best Live Music Pubs in Cambridge:

There are plenty of pubs in Cambridge with live music for you to choose from. But it’s not always easy to pick the right bar or pub with live music to go to. Select the best music and food venues to go to depending on the type of thing you want to enjoy. Each pub or bar clicks through to a review as well as everything you need to know about the food and drinks on offer.

The United Kingdom is a very traditional country in many ways, and this is reflected in the nightlife. In England, the pubs close at 11:00 pm and are filled with older men playing darts and drinking beer. There are clubs where people go to dance, and have good time.

Cambridge is a university town, and it has a reputation as one of the friendliest cities in all of England. The students tend to be more progressive than the older citizens. But they are still cautious about how they spend their free time. They do like to party and have fun

The nightlife in Cambridge is quite different from that of London. There are no major nightclubs or cabarets, but there are plenty of friendly bars with good food. You also have some great beer and friendly service places in Cambridge. The pubs stay open until 2:00 am on Fridays and Saturday.  So there is plenty of time for fun after a long week of studying.

The pubs have regular hours for happy hour as well as special events throughout the year. There are features such as live bands, karaoke and trivia nights that will keep you entertained until closing time. People who prefer quieter evenings spend their time at restaurants or cafes serving tea and coffee. 

Next time you’re in town do visit the nightlife and enjoy some of the best Live music life in Cambridge. 


Different types of Cocktails in Cambridge

BDifferent types of cocktails in Cambridge have been originating including many familiar drinks. Some cocktails originated centuries ago, but others are modern inventions. Regardless of geographic origin, bartenders and patrons across the United Kingdom enjoy drinking cocktails made with various liquors.

Cocktails are believed to have originated in Britain. While there is no definitive record of when it was created, historians speculate that it was between 1660 and 1700.

British cocktails are easy to make at home. Most are inexpensive and can be made from ingredients readily available in any supermarket or liquor store. So, you might want to try making your own if you’d like to experiment with unusual flavours. You can add your creative twist to an established favourite as per your choice. In addition, making cocktails is fun for many people. You’ll have an opportunity to share them with your friends and family.

A new generation of bartenders has done much to re-establish Britain’s reputation for quality drinks making in recent years. Learning from their American counterparts, these mixologists have brought back many of America’s great spirits and mixed them with traditional British ingredients. In that way Cocktails in Cambridge have become famous with people.

Cocktails And Mocktails Difference: 

A cocktail is a drink that contains at least one spirit and, depending on the cocktail, can also contain a sweetener and garnish, like an olive or a twist of lemon. They are usually served in glasses wide enough to hold ice cubes, but cocktails can be served without ice in wine glasses or goblets.

Mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks, especially those made with juice, syrup, or carbonated water. They were trendy a hundred years ago. so, today mocktails can also be mixed drinks containing alcohol and non-alcoholic ingredients.

Mocktails were conceived initially as an alternative to alcoholic drinks. Early mocktails were fruit juice-based and served in fashionable restaurants during the temperance era, and became fashionable again in the 1920s. Mocktails also became trendy again in the 1950s and 60s and remain popular today.

Different  types of Cocktails in Cambridge:

Best Matcha Pisco Sour cocktails in Cambridge : 

What could make brunch better? How about an extra serving of protein in your morning cocktail. That’s what you’ll get with a Pisco Sour. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on a cold day or evening, and the best part is that it can be served any time of day. The textures of the ingredients create a complexity, making it much more satisfying.

The ingredients needed are pisco, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, egg whites, angostura bitters which is optional, Vanilla extract and matcha powder. Combine the pisco, matcha, ice, vanilla and bitters in a blender. Pulse until thoroughly combined and frothy and enjoy the drink in a cocktail glass.

Passion fruit Mojito Cocktails : 

Passion fruit Mojito is simillar to the classic mojito. It’s a fruity cocktail that combines the fresh flavours of mint and passion fruit with the floral notes of rum and soda water. Serve it in a tall glass for your guests to enjoy by the pool or in a lowball glass to sip by the fire pit!

This recipe is a great cocktail for the summer, with rum balanced out by lime juice and mint. If you want it a little more alcoholic, add more sugar or alcohol to the lime juice—or make it more robust. You can add some mint leaves on top for extra flavour or leave them off if you prefer. The lime wedges provide a crisp, refreshing taste and aroma. 

Slow Comfortable Screw Cocktails in Cambridge:

The Slow Comfortable Screw is a comfortable cocktail with a mature flavour. It’s made with three ingredients that are delicious together. The sweetness of the sloe gin plays well off the orange slices’ boldness, while the spiciness of the mariner adds an exciting element to the drink.

It is easy to make a drink that is sure to impress. It’s best served chilled and goes down quickly, making it a great way to celebrate.

Palm Beach Cocktails served in Cambridge: 

A classic, timeless summertime drink, the cocktail is made of white rum, gin, pineapple juice and a dash or two of simple syrup. The drink is traditionally served in a chilled martini glass with ice; however, bartenders often serve it in tall tumblers or over ice in an Old-Fashioned glass.

This martini is heaven on earth. It may be everyone’s favourite cocktail—sweet with just a hint of bitterness, the way we like it. The pineapple juice cuts right through the heavy booziness of the rum and gin, and this drink is effortless to make.

Pisco Punch Cocktails in Cambridge:

A modern classic cocktail, created by Simon Difford in 2004, the Pisco Punch is a new entry on this year’s list. The recipe combines pisco from Peru with pineapple, lemon, orange, cloves and a Champagne float.

Sidecar Cocktails:

Brandy has been unfairly overlooked, as a new list puts it. The spirit is one of the most ordered cocktails in the world, according to a new ranking. The Sidecar—a tart, refreshing tipple mixing brandy, lemon, and triple sec—is a good place to start for those not familiar with the category-spanning spirit.

Corpse Reviver #2 Cocktails:

They are two versions of Corpse Reviver. Corpse Reviver #1 is made from Calvados, brandy, and vermouth. while Corpse Reviver #2 is back with different ingredients which uses equal parts gin, lemon juice, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, and little of absinthe. So now you need to choose your drink very wisely.

Blood & Sand Cocktails:

This cocktail has been around since the 1930s and is still a favorite today. It is made of scotch, sweet vermouth, cherry liqueur, and orange juice. It is a little sweet and a little smoky, but it tastes great all year long.

Tommy’s Margarita Cocktails:

In the 1990s, bartender Julio Bermejo at San Francisco’s Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant created a version of the Margarita using more agave syrup than orange liqueur and served the drink over plenty of ice in a goblet glass. The drink has become a classic and can be found in most of the bars.

Irish Coffee Cocktails:

Irish coffee was pioneered in the 1940s by Irish chef Joe Sheridan. It is made with cold cream and hot coffee spiked with whiskey. You have many variations of the recipe, but when done right it is delicious.

Bobby Burns Cocktails:

A new arrival to the storied Manhattan family of cocktails, as a result this drink—a blend of Scotch, sweet vermouth, and Benedictine — is being served more frequently in bars across the country.

Last Word Cocktails:

Murray Stenson is credited with reviving the Last Word,because it is a Prohibition-era drink. It is a mix of gin, green chartreuse, Maraschino liqueur, and lime juice. He first encountered the cocktail in an old bar manual 

Pain killer Cocktails:

Created in the 1970s, this rum cocktail is essentially a piña colada made with rum. Mixed with pineapple, orange juices and a dollop of coconut cream, you are instantly transported to the tropics. It’s sure to drown any sorrows.

TI’ Punch Cocktails:

For those who love rhum agricole, the national drink of Martinique is a simple cocktail made with rhum agricole and cane sugar syrup, little squeeze of lime for a drink worthy of drinking any season.

Hanky-Panky Cocktails:

Widely considered to be the world’s oldest family of aperitifs, amari are now being embraced by bartenders around the world, who are helping the bittersweet Italian liqueurs rise in popularity. This drink is a simple combination of gin, sweet vermouth, and a few drops of Fernet-Branca.

Because Original cocktails like margarita, Manhattan, and martini recipes, have stood the test of time they are comfortingly delicious. Although many creative, inventive cocktails in Cambridge are now enjoyed worldwide, there is something to be said for imbibing in a tried-and-true classic.

So to enjoy some of the best cocktails in Cambridge , join us at the Brook pub where we serve some of the best pub food and finest drinks !!!

Gastro pub and Restaurant @ The Brook, Cambridge

In the heart of Cambridge lies the Gastro pub and restaurant, the Brook. It is one of the city’s most famous eating places as well as one of the best places to enjoy Friday karaoke nights and Live music.

Gastro pub and Restaurant Ambience:

The Brook Gastro pub and Restaurant is a traditional pub on the outside but it boasts a contemporary setting inside. The place is furnished with wooden floors, sofas and high chairs. It’s a place in town where you can reliably get a good pint. The interior is pleasant, but the outside seating area is what makes this place a winner in the summer.

Whether you are looking for a quick drink or a more traditional dining experience you can be sure that the food and service we provide will be second to none. We have a great range of Cask ales, lagers and ciders. We also serve some finest wines, cocktails  and spirits..Our menu offers something for everyone whether you are looking for a light snack, Sunday lunch or a full evening meal.

As Summer is approaching its the right time to bring in your family anf friends to spend time in our outdoor garden. Brook pub is a pet friendly place so its double joy to bring in your pets. Kids love to spend time in the open garden while the elders can enjoy their drinks.

Food We Serve at Gastro pub:

The menu is varied and inspired by classic British cuisine. The food is locally sourced and how fresh it is varies depending on the season. We also have a great menu, with everything from burgers to main course and desserts. There are also light bites available to accompany drinks in the bar area. 

For light bites you can order our special Chicken 65, grilled chicken wings, salt and pepper Squid or go for Brook sharing platter where you can enjoy all the above in one plate. For main course you need to surely try our chicken and  Beef curry prepared according your desired level of heat.

Those who are vegan, not to worry as we serve some good Vegan food like Roasted vegetable curry or Paneer makhani and cheese omelet. As the Brook pub is placed near to Cambridge University many students love to hang out here. They love to eat our special BLT sandwich, Grilled cheese sandwich or roast beef sandwiches.

Are you a dessert lover then do try out our chocolate fudge cake, sticky toffee pudding, Raspberry and  White chocolate cheesecake and many more.

Our chefs work hard to create new dishes as well as keeping tried and tested favorites on the menu. With locally sourced ingredients, we aim to provide our customers with fresh, homemade food at reasonable prices along with friendly service in comfortable surroundings.

Opening Hours of Gastro pub:

Our brook pub near mill road hours are as follows: Sunday, noon to 11 pm; Monday through Thursday, noon to midnight; Friday and Saturday, noon to 1 a.m. Kitchen hours are from Monday to Saturday, noon to 10 p.m., and from noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

Gastro pub and Restaurant Events:

Brook Gastropub hosts exciting quiz nights every first Thursday of the month from 8:00 PM. Entry fee is £2 per person and a maximum of 6 people are allowed for a team. Prizes will be given to the team who wins, so call 01223410023 to book your table now! Live music and Friday karaoke nights are also offered for those who love to sing and enjoy. Our customers get excited to take part in our events which gives us helps us to come up with more events.Find out more about events by checking out the Facebook page.

Brook pub is located in one of the best localities in town. We provide a place where community people, sports fans, and travelers can come together to watch Sky or B.T. sports on our five large T.V. screens throughout the establishment.

It is close to some major travel spots like Cambridge Botanical gardens, Cambridge University, King’s college chapel, Fitzwilliam Museum of arts and antiquities, Whipple Museum that holds 600 years of scientific instruments from all over the world. 

If you’re looking for an all-day dining experience in Cambridge then look no further than The Brook pub near Mill road – it has quickly become one of my favourite eating places in Cambridge.