Best Gastropub near Sainsbury, Cambridge

A gastropub, also known as a gastropub or gastro lounge, is a bar and restaurant. It serves high-end beer and food. It is a combination of a traditional British pub and a restaurant. Lets talk about the Gastropub near Sainsbury, Cambridge

Best Gastropub food near Sainsbury, Cambridge:

In the 1990’s, several restaurateurs in the U.K. began to notice that people were willing to travel farther for a good meal. In response, some pubs started to upgrade their offerings on both fronts. The gastropub movement was born.

The term gastropub was coined by the Good Food Guide to describe pubs whose main focus was on serving great food rather than on serving alcohol. The Good Food Guide states that “gastro pubs should be warm and welcoming with a relaxed atmosphere and good beer”.

Gastropub near Sainsbury, Cambridge serve high-quality, simple dishes made from fresh ingredients, usually in large portions, served at reasonable prices. They are known for their wide selection of beers, wines, other drinks, and food.

The food served in gastro-pubs is usually more adventurous than traditional pub fare. Typical dishes include lamb shank, steak and Guinness pie, fish and chips. Burgers with toppings such as cheese, zucchini fritters with sweet chilli sauce, and pork belly with apple sauce are served. Besides meat-based dishes various vegetarian options, such as grilled vegetable falafel are served.

In recent years there has been an increase of gastropubs near Sainsbury, in Cambridge. This has expanded their menu to include more ‘gastro’ style dishes such as pasta, salads, gourmet burgers and tapas. This trend has even spread to smaller towns across the U.K. Where it is now possible to find a gastropub in many places.

Gastropub near Sainsbury, Cambridge :

Gastropub near Sainsbury, in Cambridge tend to be popular with young professionals and students. So if you want to hang out with the crowd, it’s a good idea to check the best place. One of the Best Gastropubs in Cambridge is the Brook Pub near Holiday Inn Express. We use fresh produce bought from the local market everyday. We tend to use local ingredients to make different sauces to bring out the good taste.

Apart from food at our Brook Gastropub in Cambridge, we also serve various drinks starting from Wines, Beers, Ales, and many more. Many of our customers love our cocktails as we serve some of the best cocktails in Cambridge. Those who do not drink can order soft drinks from the menu. Our Gastropub opening hours are from Sunday to Thursday, 12 pm to 11 pm and Friday to Saturday, noon to midnight. Our kitchen is open from Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 10 pm and 12 pm to 9 pm on Sunday. 

What is a pub without any events? 

At Brook Gastropub in Cambridge, we have come up with an exciting quiz night conducted on the first Thursday of every month from 8:00 pm. Entry fee is   2 pounds per person and maximum of 6 people are allowed for a team. There are many exciting prizes to win, so why wait, call and book your table now @ 01223410023. We also have live music nights and Friday Karaoke nights for those who love to sing and enjoy. To know more about the events, check our Facebook page for updates.

Brook pub is situated in one of the best localities. Most of our visitors are community people and travelers who like to spend their time watching Sky & B.T. sports shown on our 5 large T.V. screens throughout our premises. 

So if you are on a holiday trip to Cambridge looking for good food, drinks, and ambience, visit our Brook Gastropub. Our friendly service comes at no extra charge, and we are looking forward to seeing you.