Gastropub in Cambridge

The Gastropub near Sainsbury, Cambridge, is where you can enjoy good food and drinks. It is also where you can enjoy the company of friends and family. This Gastropub has a variety of different types of food that are served. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the river Cam while you are here.

The Gastropub is a British pub that specializes in high-quality food. It is not a restaurant, and it does not serve bar food. 

The Gastropub has gained popularity in the U.K. because it offers something different from the traditional pub experience, which is usually focused on drinking with friends or watching sports on T.V. Pubs are traditionally known for their hearty, filling meals served with a pint of beer or cider. Still, gastropubs offer a more sophisticated dining experience with dishes often made from locally sourced ingredients and paired with wine or other drinks such as cocktails or gin & tonics.

In what ways are gastropubs distinct from traditional pubs? 

Pub and gastronomy were the two terms that were combined to create the phrase Gastropub in 1991. This term was created to stress the importance of the cuisine served at this kind of institution. Gastropubs are like “restaurants in pubs,” with an emphasis on both high-quality beer and cuisine.

What kind of meals do gastropubs normally serve?

Gastronomic pubs, or “gastropubs,” are known for their extensive menus, including imaginative meals made with local, in-season ingredients. The standard fare typically consists of:

Small plates or appetizers: Starters include small meals, such as charcuterie boards, roasted vegetables, and crisp salads.

Hearty entrees: Gastropubs serve substantial dishes with high culinary finesse. Fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, and burgers and fried chicken are common menu items.

Desserts:  If you’re looking for something sweet to end your meal, many gastropubs feature a wide variety of baked goods and desserts, such as rhubarb tart and homemade ice cream, to satisfy your cravings.

Speciality cooking: Many gastropubs include not only novel ingredients but also a variety of artistic preparation techniques, including sous vide, smoking, and dehydration.

Which beverages are often provided in gastropubs? 

These laid-back eateries often provide not just creative cuisine menus but also a wide variety of beverages, such as:

Craft beer: There is a growing trend of gastropubs that feature a wide variety of craft beers, both domestic and foreign.

Wine: Most gastropubs provide an extensive wine selection with options for every taste.

Spirits: Gin, whiskey, and vodka are just some spirits you may find at a gastropub’s extensive bar.

Non-alcoholic drinks: A variety of high-quality non-alcoholic drinks are available at most gastropubs for individuals who choose to abstain from alcohol. These include freshly squeezed juices and artisanal sodas like pomegranate and basil spritz.

How exactly should a gastropub be styled? 

Decor significantly impacts the ambience of a gastropub, which is noted for its warm and welcoming ambience and often sports an interior with a rustic or industrial aesthetic.

Because 40% of customers rank a calm ambience as the highest priority when selecting a restaurant, establishing a welcoming ambience in your bar may boost your business in many ways.

If you want to start your Gastropub, you need to put a lot of effort into making it seem comfortable and enticing to customers. The most common types of wall art seen at gastropubs are:

  • Walls made entirely of exposed brick
  • Lighting fixtures made of distressed metal
  • spacious windows and high ceilings
  • Rustic dining with mismatched seats and a table set in the style of a farmhouse
  • A live music venue with its stage


What advantages come with starting a gastropub?

Opening a gastropub has many positive aspects, but these are the ones that really set them apart and make them an excellent option for budding restaurateurs.

Uncomplicated operation: 

Many people who start gastropubs come from more relaxed segments of the food and drink sector, which helps cement the “casual” aspect of the brand.

Relatively affordable:

A gastropub’s initial investment and ongoing costs are often lower than other restaurant concepts. They don’t need fancy and pricey furnishings or a long list of drinks to succeed.

Profit from a current trend in food:

Gastropubs are in high demand since they are part of a rapidly expanding subgenre of the hospitality industry. Therefore, if you love cooking and want to work in the restaurant business, starting one is a fantastic option to consider.

How hard is it to manage a gastropub?

In most cases, running a gastropub is no more challenging than running a standard bar. However, you’ll need more than just a love for fine dining to succeed as a gastropub owner and operator. You’ll also need to know the ins and outs of the restaurant business, such as how to keep costs down while still offering a tempting menu, how to make your establishment comfortable and inviting, and how to get the word out.

If you aren’t well-versed in these areas, don’t worry; plenty of digital resources are available to help you open and maintain a successful gastropub.

Visit our Brook Gastropub in Cambridge, located next to Mill road, to experience a true gastropub atmosphere. Most of our clientele are fans of our cocktail menu since we provide some of the finest drinks in Cambridge. Non-drinkers have the option of ordering soft drinks from the menu. Our Gastropub is open from noon to midnight, Sunday through Thursday, and from noon to 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. Our lunch and dinner service is available Monday through Saturday from 12 to 10 pm and Sunday from 12 to 9 pm.

The Brook Pub is located in a great area. The majority of our guests are locals and tourists who come to enjoy our five flat-screen televisions and watch Sky and B.T. sports.

Visit our Brook Gastropub if you’re in Cambridge for the holidays and are in the mood for some great cuisine, drinks, and company. We provide complimentary, personable service and can’t wait to meet you soon.

Best Vegetarian Dishes | Vegan Food Near Mill Road, Cambridge

The Best Vegetarian Dishes are not a meat substitute, but they stand on their own. They’re not just salads, either. These dishes make the most of fresh ingredients, hearty flavours and bright colours to create a filling meal that everyone can enjoy.

In current years, an interest in vegetarian food has risen year on year over the past few decades. And while traditional British food usually is dishes like roast beef, fish and chips, and Shepherd’s pie, there are plenty of other options available for those who wish to eat something else.

The selection of vegetarian recipes is varied, making meat-free meals both interesting and exciting. When serving vegetarian meals, remember that many vegetable dishes can also be served as

Appetizers or Main courses

  • Make it a Starter or a Main: 

Vegetarian Soups, tarts, and salads are made with nutritious fresh ingredients such as fresh vegetables, grains and pulses, herbs and spices. Some are served as starters, yet others work equally well as a meal for lunch or dinner—depending on the size of your dish. For example, try cauliflower, broccoli, mustard soup; mixed vegetable and bean soup; or carrot and ginger soup.


You can also use those vegetables to create tarts, which are hearty, nutritious, and tasty. They can be made individually or full-sized; they still taste just as good.

The classic British starter, comprising caramelized red onion and creamy goats’ cheese, makes a delicious appetizer for a dinner party or can be served as an easy lunch dish.

If you are in the mood to impress your guests, then a cheese and leek soufflé is the perfect vegan option you have.

  • Pack It Into A Curry

Curry is intrinsic to traditional British food; it is a part of its history and has become an accepted influence in British cuisine. Pulses, grains, and vegetables take on a new flavour when wrapped in curry spices and sauces.

 For a different take on curry, try chickpea and coconut curry. Those looking for more vegan food options can prefer other curries, such as roasted vegetable curry, Thai golden vegetables, or Paneer makhani recipe.

  • Turn Your Side Into The Main Course:

One way to get the family to eat meatless dishes is to transform a classic side dish into a meal in itself. For example, make a tasty casserole of cauliflower cheese and serve it with a side salad for a warm, filling supper dish.

Try traditional British favourites like bubble and squeak or Irish champ with a fried egg on top and an extra serving of vegetables. A vegetarian supper in a flash can make these dishes with either roasted vegetables or sugar snap peas. Other great classic recipes include a Welsh rarebit.

I guess you got an idea of how many varieties of Vegetarian dishes can be prepared without meat. If you want to try out more delicious Vegetarian dishes in Cambridge, you need to head to the Brook Pub near Mill road. We serve some of the best Vegan dishes in Cambridge.

  • Roasted Vegetable Curry: 

We have Roasted vegetable curry made with beautiful aromatic roasted root vegetables. The curry relies upon a rich coconut and tomato-based sauce served with rice, mango chutney, and papadam.

If you plan to make this dish at home, then this curry is easy to make even if you don’t have all the vegetables called for; by all means, substitute with others that are similar and lurking in the back of the fridge.

In the winter, most of us like to roast vegetables. It’s the best way we know to bring out the inherent sweetness and richness. Use whatever is in season, like a combination of carrots, onions, Brussels sprouts and potatoes. For the preparation, the vegetables are roasted with curry powder until they are lightly caramelized and then simmered in a coconut milk sauce. The dish is an excellent accompaniment to chicken or fish, and it makes a nice vegetarian entree as well.

Flavorful, nutritious, and versatile are three words I would use to describe this recipe. It’s a great weeknight dinner option.

  • Paneer Makhani :

Paneer Makhani is a tangy and spicy gravy dish made with homemade cottage cheese. In this recipe, the cottage cheese is cooked in tomato-based sauce and cream, making the gravy very rich and delicious.

To prepare this dish, add butter to a pan and once its hot enough, add some ginger paste, garlic paste, green chilli paste, chopped onions and tomato puree. Let all these ingredients cook for about 7-8 minutes on medium heat.

Next, transfer this mixture into a blender and blend it until smooth. Once done, pour this mixture back into the pan and let it cook for 2 minutes on high flame. Now, add some salt, garam masala powder, chilli powder and Kasuri methi powder to this mixture. Stir everything well so that all the spices get absorbed by the mixture properly. Once done, add a little bit of water if needed to make sure that gravy is neither too runny nor too thick inconsistency. Then add your cottage cheese cubes, cook for 5 minutes, and then serve rice or Indian bread.

Paneer Makhani can be served as a side dish with tandoori roti, poori, parantha or naan. Or you can serve it with steamed rice or jeera rice to make it your main course meal.

  • Cheese Omelet:

One of the best things about waking up in the morning is that you can start your day with a delicious breakfast.

One such fantastic treat is the cheese omelette or cheese omelette. It is one of the most popular types of egg dishes in the United Kingdom and all over the world.

The cheese omelette is a simple dish, yet it can be a wonderful addition to your morning meal. It’s rich and creamy because of the eggs and cheese, and it’s also a great source of protein.

Learning to make a cheese omelette is quite easy since it only involves a few ingredients. All you need are eggs, butter, cheese, salt and pepper. Then you mix everything, fry it on the stovetop, and voila! You have yourself a delicious British-style breakfast that gives you energy for the whole day.

Our Gastropub near Mill road is open to serve not only vegan but also meat dishes. In addition, we have some of the finest Wines, Beers, Ales, Gins and Whiskies. Cocktails are our new addition to our drinks list, which many of our customers love.

Apart from food and drinks we also entertain our customers with a quiz night, live music, karaoke nights etc. So do book your table in advance if you want to participate in the quiz night organized on the first Thursday of every month. All our events are updated on Facebook for more information.

Drop-in or contact us to reserve a table for you and your loved ones, and we promise to serve you the best food and drinks.