What is a British Pub Culture

British people do love to enjoy their life to the fullest. They always know the key to a healthier life is to meet new people and socialize. What’s a better way to do it than going to a pub. Pub culture is one of the most intrinsic parts of British culture, especially student life. A pub is a place where we can relax, socialize, and have a drink. This is one thing people must know how to enjoy British pub culture whether or not you drink alcohol.

One should always know the pub rules before visiting so, that your experience would be more fun and enjoyable.

What do pubs serve?

Pubs in the U.K consist of Cask Ales, freshly brewed Beer, Gins, Whiskies, and finest Wine. If you are not a drinker and choose to drive then you can order a soft drink, coffee, teas, or cocktails. If you order for a lager, ale, or bitter make sure to order it half, or else you will land up with a whole pint.

How to order Drinks?

In most of the bars, you need to order your drink at the bar, no one will come to your table to take an order. If you go to a gastropub, a posh pub for a meal, then you can expect to get table service. Pubs are always filled with people all the time especially after work hours and at the weekends. One needs to stand in a queue without pushing and maintaining a safe distance from others standing. One most important thing is to keep your money ready to pay once you get the attention of the bar staff. They will ask “what it be” or “what are you having” and you can give the order. Some of the Pubs can also start a tab if you want wherein you can leave your debit or credit card with them and they will give you a card with a number. Every time you order you need to provide the card number and in the end, they will give you the final bill to be paid.

Do you leave a tip?

People give tips to the bar staff in the pubs. Some of them like to show more gratitude and offer them a drink. The staff member can sometimes accept the drink or they can take the value of the drink in a form of a tip.

Which Pub is the right one for you?

In the U.K one can find many different pubs. They are a hub for their local community to interact with new people. Some pubs are known for their venue where they host a quiz night or a certain genre of music. There are certain pubs where people go to enjoy live sports or support a certain team. Some pubs have great offers on their Beer and food. You can also find some pubs representing some nationalities such as “Aussies” (Australians) and “Kiwis”(New Zealanders). A pub is a place where one can strike up a conversation with a total stranger and end up being new friends. You can talk about anything from weather to football scores to politics. Let it be any topic, just have fun socializing with others. Sometimes you may end up getting a drink from someone and always return the gesture back to them.

British people love to say “Cheer’s” out loud by clinking their glasses against everyone else making eye contact with them before they start drinking. This is done to show their love towards friends and they all are here to enjoy time with each other.

Popular snacks at Pubs:

Pubs serve both hot and cold food. The popular food ordered are crisps and nuts. As days changed, now you can choose from the menu items available at the pub. Fish and Chips are always loved by everyone in the pubs. Gastropubs are different they sell restaurant-quality food. A pub is unlike a restaurant, you need to go to the bar to order. Once your order is placed you will be given a table number that you should place on the table so that food will be bought for the table.

Pubs usually take orders till 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm on Sunday’s. When the time closes by, the bar staff rings the bell to signal the customers that it’s time to place the last orders. They shall ring the bell again indicating that the bar is closing. After the second bell, no one can place any orders. 

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