Know All About British Wines

Are you all curious to know about the buzz that goes around the British Wines? The U.K produces varieties of still wines and sparkling wines that have put its mark on the globe. 

Little History Of British Wines:

The wine culture first started from the Romans, when they invaded England, it was then they brought Viticulture with them. Drinking wine was every citizen’s and slave’s right. The Romans planted wines to see that there would be enough wine for all. Later after the Romans left, the Christian monasteries used to take care of the vineyards for the Sacrament, for the Pilgrims, and for their own use. The production of wine was stable during the middle ages that helped grapes to ripen, but when a deadly plague came to England around 1348 that swept out a third of the population. It was from the 1700s till the 20th Century, few private individuals planted vines and started making wines. Later after world war II from the mid of 1950s and 60’s the winemaking was done commercially and people got back to what they love to do the most.

We all know that British people love drinking wine more than producing it. Now, things have changed over the years. The British people started to make more variety and flavors of wine thus trying to compete with the other in the competition. The world-class bubbles produced by the British has won many awards and earned recognition across the globe. The Still wines are produced which has no sparkles yet the traditional method of sparkles always attracts and captures people’s attention. It gains the majority of English wine production over 65% of all the wines that are made.

The U.K sees a lot of rain and the best regions for Viticulture are along the southern strip of England’s coast, which starts from Cornwall to Kent. These regions have the same cool climate and soil type that helps to grow different varieties of grapes. The three major regions to know are:

  • Sussex
  • Kent
  • Surrey

Sussex: It’s located in the South-Eastern corner of England. It’s one of the sunniest regions in the whole British Isles. This place sees less rain than other wine-growing regions on the isle. Rain is not to worry much but the frost and rot during the flowering stage that remains a constant worry. Sussex is separated into 2 counties, West Sussex and East Sussex, where both grow the best grapes thus being home to a number of vineyards. The big grape plantings are Bacchus, the classic Champagne grapes, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. All these grapes are good to grow in cooler climates.

Kent: This region is just East of Sussex, across the English Channel from Calais. The best vineyards are always facing the South in that way they can receive more sun on the vines. Kent region has chalk limestone soil that helps the plants to grow well in that climate and the wines produced here have different aromas of pears, apples, and elderflowers that give a refreshing acidic taste to the drink.

Surrey: Its chalky soil makes it worth planting many vineyards. It’s the second Champagne house invested in England. Surrey is the largest producer of Wine that makes it more possible for the people to enjoy the best wine they have to offer. British people are always found to experiment with flavors when it comes to drinks or food. 

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