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Summer is an appropriate time for Outdoor Beer pub gardens for people to gather with family and friends; we can also increase sales in winter when it comes to outdoor pubs. Most of us love to spend time in the outdoor space, even in the cold weather, as long as they are kept warm and dry. We can have heaters, blankets, and hot water bottles in the garden to make it cozy. It’s a good idea to give the customers the experience of both the weathers.

Some may opt to cover the garden area with canvas or cannoli in various sizes and shapes. Thinking of constructing a permanent structure would cost a lot than using these flexible and less cost-effective cannolis and canvas. It brings in the joy of enjoying the cold under the temporary roof with heaters on the side to keep them warm. Suppose one is planning to get a permanent structure to be built covering the entire beer garden. In that case, it’s always good to leave some space open on the roof, allowing the cool breeze to flow inside during summer then transformed into a cozy winter place with rugs or other materials to close the roof.

We all love games, especially when organized outdoors like music nights, Karaoke, Poker games, etc. would be great. If you are looking for the best outdoor garden experience, then The Brook Pub in Cambridge is the place to visit. Customers love our services, and they come very often with family and friends. We always get fresh ingredients from the market for preparing the curries and salads. We are also noted for serving Indian dishes like Chicken curry, beef curry, onion bhaji, chicken 65, etc., and various Italian dishes like beef lasagne, mushroom risotto, etc. We are known for our finest Wines, Cask Ales, Beers, Gins, and Whiskies. Some of our customers may not like alcohol, and we do have something for them like cocktails, teas, and coffees. There is always something to drink for everyone here.

The British people are known for their food, fashion, Universities, and culture all through the globe. There are over 60,000 pubs in the U.K where some of which have two bars, one being the Indoor bar and the other Outdoor bar. Today, customers head to the pub to enjoy alcohol and food and relax and spend a good amount of time with family and friends. We at the Brook Pub entertain our guests with Live Sports on T.V placed at the premises. The local customers are regular visitors to the pub as they love to watch their favorite sports on T.V and enjoy their drinks. In addition, it allows them to meet new people and talk about various topics.

As our pub is situated close to the University, we see many students hanging out at our pub with friends enjoying British pub food or evening snacks. A great place to enjoy food and beer after a college break. Our customers are free to give their views on our pub and food, allowing us to make changes for a better environment. We serve through our hearts and try to give 100% to our customers.

Next time you are here in Cambridge, make it a point to stop by the Brook pub to enjoy your evening.

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