English Countryside Pub Food: A write up of the classic Brook Pub has to offer.

Going to a pub is a day out for Englishmen. A proper English meal, a proper pint and proper night’s rest can be the reward for an exhausting day in the office or an exciting day out on the town. Pub food is served Sunday – Thursday 12-11 Pm and Friday – Saturday 12 to midnight, but there is a list of suggested pairings that goes with each dish so you can get the full Brook experience.

Despite being situated in the heart of Cambridge, Brook Pub Food is small and bohemian. The menu changes occasionally but includes everything you’d expect from a local gastro-pub. The Indoor area is speckled with wall paintings and littered with cushions and high chairs from when previous customers have left for the day. The interior is delightfully atmospheric, with warm lighting lending a cosy glow to the listening gallery, Indoor bar and live T.V. If you fancy an intimate atmosphere with fine dining as your winter soundtrack, then come on down to Brook and indulge in some of the best traditional British pub food.

This guide to Cambridge’s greatest pub food highlights the finest dishes made by our chefs with the local ingredients and produce. Sit down under the stars with your mates for a good night out on real ale or wine from the local cask, and enjoy some very special food from some of Brook’s favourite menu. Be surprised by what you discover; our knowledge is quite extensive yet you might find something new, or familiar, that you didn’t know about the area.

A visit to Brook will always be a delight. Not only is the pub itself a pleasure, but the atmosphere and surroundings are conducive to a good time. Everyone should try their hand at some of the delicious traditional pub food; the range is extensive and includes vegetarian and vegan options. You’ll also discover some of the oldest, finest spirits at the Brook pub while you imbibe your favourite type of beer from the Brook Pub garden – around which there is a wide variety of food as well as local news and entertainment. The Brook pub is also one of the most unique and delicious neighborhood joints because of the food and the environment. 

Even if you haven’t visited Brook yet, you’ve most likely heard of it. They’re one of the top pubs in the UK, and well known for their delicious food and quirky atmosphere. It’s also worth mentioning that they offer some of the best food offers in Cambridge!! After visiting Cambridge on holiday, One can vouch for this – as our food is worth tasting for!! So, without further ado, here’s my pub food write up. Hope you enjoy…

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