U.K. Pub Market Bounce Back

The year 2021 has brought new hopes to people all around the world. Many businesses have bounced back positively following a catastrophic year in 2020. People have come up with very innovative new ideas as well as crowd appeal.

2020 A year of Loss for the Pub Market:

In 2020, the U.K. Pubs saw a heavy loss due to the pandemic. The main reason for consumers not visiting pubs are:

  • Not to visit busy places
  • To reduce the spread of the virus
  • Its much cheaper to drink at home.

A big challenge for pubs is to take safety measures for the customers. Nearly 11% of the people don’t feel like going to a pub, so the remaining are willing to go if they are assured of the precautions taken. When asked what safety rules they would like to see in pubs for the foreseeable future, the answers were:

  • Maintaining social distance while seating
  • Hand Sanitizing stations
  • Contactless payment only

Now Pub Market is back in action to recover the lost revenue in 2021:

Markets worldwide had seen many ups and downs in 2020, but the availability of vaccines in early 2021 has given the confidence to bounce back. The reports say that this year 2021 will see a growth of 104% in the U.K. pub market, reclaiming the loss seen due to coronavirus.

The pub owners have come up with various solutions depending on the unfavorable variables. However, most of them have expanded their outdoor garden using creative skills, introduced fast delivery services and easy payment methods. Trying to elevate such things will encourage the customers to visit pubs over the coming months and bring the pub market loss.

There has been a very high demand for takeaways post lockdown. Nearly 16% of people have purchased takeaway beer, and 76% will do so if such services remain. 14% of customers have ordered cocktails to takeaway, and more than 80% will do post lockdown. As much as 45% of pubs have elevated their outdoor space and invested more to improvise their outdoor pub garden area. They have introduced heated, well-sheltered outdoor space for the customers to enjoy their time without transmitting the virus. We need to use better technology to provide good and fast services to the customers during this pandemic.

One way to increase orders is to update the menu and add on some fresh salads at our Brook Pub. We have given a new twist to some of our dishes and included new ones too. We are also planning to start cocktails soon, which will be updated on our Facebook. Finally, we included dart games for our customers as few events are put to a temporary halt. We have the best outdoor space to enjoy fresh air, drinks, and pub food and create memories. It’s also a pet-friendly place, so do get your pets to spend quality time with them in an open space.

Our Outdoor garden area is open to hosting birthday parties, small get-togethers, etc.; Pre-order your food and have fun with your celebrations while our cooks prepare the best dishes for you. Join us on Facebook to get more updates as we are looking forward to starting new events and food soon. Our customers are the best critics, and we love to hear your feedback to improvise on the menu and the ambiance. 


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