What are Draft Beers, Ciders and Bottled Beers

What are Draft Beers?

You may be wondering what are Draft beers, Ciders and bottled beers. Why bottled beers are so much cheaper than the others. The answer lies in the process of getting beer from the brewery to your glass. Bottled beer is loaded into trucks and driven to a warehouse, where it is stored until it is shipped to a retailer. It then sits in that retailer’s inventory until it is sold. When you buy bottled beer, you are paying for transportation and storage costs at multiple locations.

In addition, most bottled Beers are pasteurized or filtered, which kills some of the yeast and makes it harder for those remaining yeast cells to carbonate the beer naturally. Instead, carbonation is added artificially with pressurized gas before the sealed bottles. Finally, bottled beers may spend months in a warehouse before finally making it onto your shelf because they are not brewed to be consumed immediately. All this time on the shelf means more oxygen to enter the bottle and oxidize your brew.

On the other hand, draft beer never leaves the brewery until you order it! It goes directly from the tap into your glass, so you get all of its freshness and flavour. Draft beers are also generally not pasteurized or filtered because it would affect their taste and clarity. 

What are Cider Beers ?

Cider is a beer made from apples and pears. Hard Cider is usually made from the juice of apples and pears, which is then fermented by yeast. Cider is typically stronger than beer in alcohol content (6-8% ABV compared to 4-6%) and more tart, with a sharp acidity, sometimes described as “sucking on an orange”.

Can make Cider from any combination of these three types of apple: bittersweet, sweet, and sharp. As a result, there are many different Cider styles from around the world. Cider has long been a popular beverage in Great Britain, France and Spain. The Romans are said to have brought the recipe for Cider with them from the south of France when they occupied the country. At first, it was only available to wealthy people who could afford to keep orchards and servants who could harvest and press the apples.

Cider beer can be made from different apples, just like wine is made from grapes. We can also make Cider in a variety of ways. The two main types of cider beer are fermented and unfermented. The fermented type needs to be aged for a long period before it is ready to serve, while the other type does not need ageing because it contains alcohol.

What are Bottled beers?

Bottled beer is the beer in a bottle, so you could say that it is the most common way to drink beer. It is also the most common way to drink bottled water, juices, and soft drinks. Bottled beer has a lot of gas carbon dioxide (CO2) inside to create high pressure in the bottle to preserve the beer for some months. Also, this way gives a better taste to the beer because of all the carbon dioxide inside.

There are three kinds of bottled beer: ale, lager and non-alcoholic. Bottles are made from brown glass and come in a range of sizes.

Bottled beer is the most common type of beer found in bars and restaurants across the globe. Bottling has many advantages, including portability, longer shelf life, increased protection from light, and decreased exposure to oxygen, which leads to a fresher product upon consumption.

However, it also leads to several problems that can affect the taste of beer. Exposure to oxygen, metals in the container and sunlight can cause flavours and aromas. For this reason, most breweries use brown bottles or cans instead of clear ones to protect the contents against these outside elements.

Brook Pub at Cambridge brings you various draft beers, ciders and bottled beers. You can choose the type of beer you like and enjoy it at our pub. Some of the draft and ciders we serve are Carling, Amstel, Guinness, Abbot Ale, Belhaven Best etc. Some bottled beers are Bulmers, Corona, Estrella, Coors Lite, Old Mount, Heineken, Old Speckled Hen etc. 

Apart from beers, we also have some good Wines, Gins, Vodka, Rum and Whiskey. You are sure to enjoy our British pub food and the ambience of our place. Visit us to create beautiful memories with family and friends.


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