How To Make Your Beer

Brewing beer is not an easy task, and they are no shortcuts in making one. A step-by-step process needs to be followed for brewing the perfect beer. The beer process needs both science and an art form for producing beer. Let’s see the new ingredients and how to make new beer recipes.

Preparing the beer is a long tiring process, labor-intensive and scientific too. One should understand the process and love what they are doing to enjoy the final product.

Step 1:

Sanitize the equipment and utensils that come in contact with the beer. Use light detergents and sanitizers that are safe for this process.

Step 2: 

Key Ingredients to make beer are:

  • Malted Barley
  • Water
  • Hops
  • Yeast

           These are the basic ingredients that we always use, but the beer’s flavor changes when various other ingredients are added during the brewing process. Some of them add different hops for more bitterness and aroma. The temperature for brewing and the water used plays a key role in the taste of the beer. We can add more flavors, hops, and botanicals while brewing.

Step 3: 

The Malting Process: This process starts with grains like barley, whereas one can use wheat and oats also. The first harvest the grains and process them by heating them, then drying and at last cracking. It helps to isolate the enzymes in the beer. The malt used is the one that gives the color to the beer. If the malt is roasted lightly, you get a very pale beer, and if you roast them more, they produce dark beers. One can mill their mal that helps to decide the type of gist you need. Some of them can get their pre-milled malt that changes the flavor of the drink.

Step 4: 

The malt is cooled in hot water and not in boiling water. The cooling process takes an hour to activate the enzymes in the malt to break down and release simple sugars. After an hour of cooking the grains, we drain the water from the mash. The water is now a sweet, sticky liquid known as wort.


Step 5:

Boiling and Adding Hops: The sweet liquid wort is transferred into a copper vessel where hops are added. The first round of hops are added for bitterness and boiled for an hour, then the second round of hops are added for aroma. These hops are not boiled as they only give a beautiful taste and smell. The liquid is then cooled at 17 degrees celsius, then moved to a vessel for fermentation. At this point, the yeast is added.

Step 6:


It is an important stage to produce quality beer when the yeast is added to the liquid where the real magic happens. The yeast eats the sugar and produces carbon dioxide and alcohol. More hops, botanicals, or any flavors are added to create different kinds of beer at this stage. The type of beer you produce depends upon how long the liquid is fermented. When you are making ales, the beer is stored for less time at a cooler temperature. If lager is being produced, the beer is stored for a much longer period at colder temperatures, and this is done after the fermentation process.

We need to maintain the right temperature throughout all the stages to get the best beer. It is a challenging task that most homebrewers face. 

Step 7:

Filtering, Processing, and Bottling: Once the fermentation stage is done, the beer is ready to be put into a cask. It is the least processed type of beer. We can keep them in kegs, bottles, or cans for processing, which needs carbonation. All this process depends upon what style of beer you want to make. Craft beer is a mostly unfiltered beer with more flavor, which is affected during processing and filtering.

The Finished Liquid = Delicious Beer!

It is a step-by-step process guide for making a fine beer. All this sounds too much effort to put in, but the ultimate result is worth waiting for. All the British people love these beers. One can enjoy these beers in the Pub or the beer garden. Most of the Pubs in Cambridge has two bars, one is inside the Pub, which is cozy, and the other is the Beer garden outside. All the effort put into the making of the beer can be enjoyed happily in the beer garden. Many of them like their beer light, and some want it strong. British people sure know how to choose the right kind of beer when they party. Students are more often seen at Pubs with friends and enjoy socializing with people. What better way to start a conversation over a beer?

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