British Craft Beers

British people have been brewing for hundreds of years. They are quite popular with their brewing techniques and unique tastes. Britain is well known as a great beer brewing country. Other counterparts like Germany & Belgium have their own ways of brewing, but Britain follows a tradition that has a specialty in the face of the World and corporatization of the brewing industry. Out of all beers, the top British beer is the Cask Ale that matures in the cellar of the pub rather than at the brewery and it is served with only natural carbonation.

United States craft brewing is different when compared to the British brewing methods, but when the British people start brewing then no one can compete with them, as they are best in it and peerless in their art. Britain is well known for its Pub culture and that’s the main reason it’s known in the World for its Cask Ales and the great British Pub. People love to relax and be informal in the environment that goes around the beer. British Cask Ales are all about balance, the floral aromas, the citrus taste, and the dryness of the finished Ales are worth trying for. Ales are considered as a companionable drink that creates a great atmosphere.

The brewed Ales taste is something that can’t be bottled or replicated. Even though they are many Pubs that have come up in the U.K, they can never be compared to the hundreds of brewers who make the actual beer. The British pub is known for its eccentricity that made it famous Worldwide. Most of the studies have stated that apart from the Royal family it’s the brewed craft beer that attracts foreign tourists to British shores.

While many craft brewers are trying hard to bring in various style and flavor, lots of craft brewers are still brewing classic styles like an extra special bitter, robust porter, Vienna larger, Bohemian Pilsner, and Dunkel. Regular beer is pale yellow and it is mass-produced. This beer is enjoyed ice-cold whereas craft beer is brewed focusing largely on flavors and methods. It has more alcohol content than regular beer. To try some best Cask Ales, Beers, Whiskies, Gins you need to visit one place in Cambridge, that is The Brook Pub. They have various flavors of Cask Ales, Beers that are excellent to taste for any occasion. Our Pub is one of the best Pubs in Cambridge known for its Beers and food. We serve British pub food along with few Indian and Italian dishes. Our Chicken Curry and Beef Curry are quite popular among the locals. Our starters are always lived by students as they love to spend after class hours hanging at our pub for some evening snacks.

We always keep our customers entertained with live events from live music to karaoke nights to Poker games. Our events are always updated on our Facebook page. So, do follow to known our next events. We also show live BT sports on our 5 large T.V screens. Our community local customers do enjoy their beer and game.

The Brook Pub also has a Beer garden quite liked by the kids who love to play in open space. Our pub is also dog friendly, so owners can bring their dogs as well to enjoy their day. The Brook has the best Beer garden in Cambridge where many memories can be framed with family and friends. Summer is the best time to soak in some suns heat and chill out with a beer. In Winter you can get cozy inside keeping warm by the fire.

Our customers are very happy with our staff and services. They always gave us positive and negative feedback that helped us to improvise our services. Every day is new learning with our customers that made us strong like pillars. Next time when you in Cambridge, make it a point to visit the Brook Pub to taste our best Cask Ales, Beers, other Spirits, and Great British Pub food.


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  1. Why, in an article promoting British Craft Beer do you lead with a photo of a mass produced foreign lager?

    1. Hi,

      I appreciate for knowing my mistake. I had changed the photo and will double check the image and content before posting.

      Thank You !!

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