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In the past couple of years there has been a great resurgence of British Pubs. Like to the craft beer craze, the pub industry is experiencing a small revolution. Local ingredients, as well as historical culture used to create authentic pubs.  This is great news for you because although you may not be familiar with every type of food that is being served in a traditional British Pub. You sure as hell know how to get hungry while at one of them!

In the summer months visitors from far and wide come to enjoy the cosy place of Brook. Before they go they leave behind memories that will last a lifetime. While you may never have been, you need to visit the place to experience the food. At Brook British Pub we have worked hard to create a list of recognized outstanding pub foods and drinks. We hope you enjoy it!

The Brook British Pub, in Cambridge, is a hidden gem right on the doorstep of Cambridge. Within easy walking distance from where you are likely to find your college campus. This cosy, atmospheric place serves up some of the best food in the area. British Pubs hits the nail on the head when it comes to providing our customers with top-notch pub experiences. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best food, atmosphere and service. It all starts with our food and drink which is fresh and bought from local market. Our friendly team of chefs prepares food for the customers according to their taste. We pride ourselves on giving all our customers the unique opportunity to enjoy.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and there are few things more visual than pub food. The smell of frying bacon and toast wafting through the air as you order your pint is an experience in itself. It creates the atmosphere for any party you organise. So when you’re deciding where to grab an outdoor meal or a drink at a local pub. It’s wise to choose something that has good reputation with customers. There are plenty of reasons why people love visiting British pubs. It’s the only place where making new friends to meeting new people, enjoying a great time is at the top of the list.

The most popular reason to go to a pub is to try something new. Food from another country, an atmosphere different from your own, a craft or two. Many people who live in the U.K. don’t have a favorite place to go out because there are too many options. Too many different types of pubs, too many different types of food. So you can fast forward through the days until you decide which one you want to visit.

When you decided to go to a pub then drop in at our Brook pub in Cambridge. Here we serve the best Sunday Roast, Onion Bhajji and many more curries. One can indulge in tasting ur finest wines, Cask Ales, Beers and other bevergages. If someone is not in a mood for a drink then they got options to choose from teas, coffees or juices. We are planning to sart a new section of cocktails soon in our bar which we will update in our facebook.

We have a crazy go of orders for food pickup each day due to the pandemic. Still most of our customers are coming in to enjoy their food at the pub. We are following all the governemnt rules of social distancing for the safety of the people. We are happy to say that our doors are once again opened for the people and would love to see the local customers more. We miss the energetic vibrations that comes from you all while watching the game our big T.V in the premises.

When you travel, there are many things that can make or break your experience. It isn’t the language or the food (although those play a big part) but also the people’s attitudes and sense of style. There is something very British about the idea of a local pub. It is a tradition dating back hundreds of years in some parts of the world. Although it might not be everyone’s first thought. We mjust consider where to eat after a foreign trip, a proper British pub is well worth a try.

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