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Traditional British Pubs play the main part in each community in the UK. Public houses are the shortened name for a Pub where people above the age of 18 gather for drinking. As the years are passing, we could see a decline in British Pubs from all sides. In the 18th Century, the British Pubs were “The Heart Of England”.

The British Bars were first opened to quince the thirst if fishermen who came back home after their 3-day long, sea trip in Icelandic waters. Once they came to the shore and sold their fish they had money in their pockets. Pub’s that were present at every corner street helped them to spend their money on Beers and Ales.

Today the time has changed rigorously through the years and the Pub culture has seen a downfall. They might be other reasons for it, like excess drinking could cause a fight and damage to the bar or getting drunk and creating violence on the streets and also due to the ban on Public smoking since 2007. All these have a negative impact on British Pubs and Bars. People have got their own ways to attract their customers. Now, they started to serve British Pub food like in restaurants and it helped them to attract customers a little bit.

The No-Smoking law in Public places has given a positive way to the supermarkets. People started to purchase beers with less cost and preferred to stay home enjoying their T.V and smoking. The British Bars have seen a decline in customers drinking at lunchtime as well as a downfall with the younger generation who are trying to be fit and have less intake of drinks.

As, time changed now people are getting back to Pubs to socialize, meet new people, and enjoy their time. If you are one that wants such experience then do visit The Brook at Cambridge. It’s one of the best British Pubs in Cambridge that offers excellent Cask Ales, Finest wines, spirits, Non-Alcoholic drinks, coffees, and teas. Since the time Pub culture started we have amended many changes to make our customers happy.  Showing live sports such as BT Sports on large T.V screens was a hit with our customers wanting to come in and enjoy their drinks. We had more ways of entertaining our guests with our live events like Karaoke nights, Poker games, Comedy Nights, Live music throughout the week. 

Our Pub servers the best British Pub food starting from starters to Main courses and Deserts. We have made the sitting areas comfortable with a cozy atmosphere to make you feel at home and keep you warm by the fireplace. For those who love the open air, our Beer garden is the right place. Kids love to play in summer whereas the elders can enjoy their cold beer and soak in the sun’s heat.

Being close to Universities, most of the students drop by with their friends for a drink or a quick lunchtime snack. So, if you are here in Cambridge for a holiday or for business, make it a point to visit our place. Our services towards our customers are the first priority and serving them our best Cask Ales, spirits and food is our next priority. Do keep updated through the Facebook pages for more information on our live events and news.

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