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Water is the first drink consumed the most globally, and the second to it is Beer. It’s the oldest one among the alcoholic drinks consumed widely by people.
Starting days, made Beer from malted barley, wheat, maize, rice and oats. Most of the beers are brewed with hops added to it with a modern touch to bring in bitterness and more flavour to the drink. Hops indirectly act as a stabilizing agent and natural preservative. Instead of hops, we can add various flavours like fruits or herbs for more taste. They use forced carbonation instead of natural one when it comes to commercial brewing.
Let’s Know All About Beers:
  • Draft Beers:
This Beer is not stored in bottles or can’s instead they are served from a Cask or
Keg, a Keg is different from a Cask. A Cask has a tap hole near the top, and a spile hole on the side used to condition the unfiltered Beer. A Keg has a single opening in the centre of the top to which a flow pipe is attached. Cask beers are stored at a cellar temperature of 12 degrees C (54 degrees F). If you open a cask, it must be consumed within three days. A Keg beer should be cooled at temperatures between 3 to 8 degree C (37 and 46 degree F) before they are served.
  • Cask Ales:
An Ale is brewed from traditional ingredients, then fermented in the container and later dispensed to be served. It’s a known fact that Cask and Bottle conditioned beers are real Ale’s as they are served from the container in which they have undergone the secondary fermentation.
  • Beers:
Beer has more water quantity than other liquors. Each region’s water tastes different due to the mineral components present. Depending on the various regions, each one has got their taste giving a regional character.
The first main ingredient is water, malted barley that works as starch to convert into alcohol, then comes the brewer’s yeast for fermentation, hops to add flavour. Secondary ingredients like maize, sugar or corn can be used as a substitute for malted barley. Starch sources that are less used are millets, cassava root, potato, agave etc.;
Many Brewing steps start from malting, lautering, boiling, fermentation, conditioning, filtering, and then packing. In the past, the brewing process used to take more time because of the old equipment and methods. Now, the present brewing equipment is more sophisticated than covers complete access to the brewing process.
After mashing the grains, we must boil tthe wort with hops in a copper or brew kettle, and then the liquid goes to the cooling stage at a temperature of 20-26 degree C (68-79 Degree) before adding the yeast and then fermented in vessels. Fermentation can be done in three ways like warm, cool and wild. They are done in open or closed vessels. In warm fermentation, yeast such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae are fermented at a warm temperature between 15 and 20 degree C (59 and 68 degree F). In cool fermentation, the Beer is brewed at a temperature of 10 degrees C (50 degrees F). The Beer is stored for weeks at a freezing point; it is called as lager. Beers are brewed in Brussels and cooled in open vats. It allows the yeast and microbiota to settle down and then left in oak barrels to mature for three years.
Lagers are stored at cellar temperature or below for 1 to 6 months. The whole process of storing, conditioning, ageing at low temperature for a long time is called lagering. In Secondary fermentation, the yeast settles at the bottom, leaving the product less hazy. In bottle fermentation, the Beer undergoes extra fermentation giving natural carbonation. The third stage of Cask Ale is fermented in metal, plastic or a wooden cask. The Ale is poured from a tap or pumped up from a cellar via a beer engine from the cask. Beer can be aged by storing in barrels for long days. It is called barrel ageing, and the result it produces various tastes.
We at the Brook Pub serve various draft beers and ciders like Carling, Amstel, San Miguel etc. Most of our customers love bottled beers for its extra fermentation flavour. We serve a large section of cold beers such as Corona, Budweiser, Old Mout, Icebreaker, Heineken etc. One can enjoy many other drinks like Gin, Whiskey, Vodka, Rum and Wine. Those who don’t drink can order soft drinks like J2O, Red Bull, Appetiser, Ginger Beer, Fruit Shoot, Coke and Lemonade Pint.
A cold beer and freshly prepared food are just what is called heaven on earth. One needs to try out the Brook Pub special starters like Chicken 65, Grilled Chicken Wings, Onion Bhaji, Brook sharing platter and many more. We serve salads made with fresh ingredients from the market. Most of our customers like to order Chicken curry or Beed curry for their main course, and coming to vegetarian dishes, people love our Panner Makhani.
If you are in Cambridge and looking out for a Sports Pub, you must visit our Brook Pub as the locals here love to watch their favourite football match live on T.V. screens. The Euro Cup starting from June 10th till July 10th is something that no one wants to miss and what good way to watch it on our big T.V. screens in the outdoor garden. Grab a chilled beer and make yourself comfortable in our indoor sitting area or the outside beer garden indulging in a conversation with family and friends.
We do serve Sandwiches, Panini’s, Deserts, and a special menu for the kids to order as per their choice. We always keep track of our customer’s reviews and amend the changes to provide a better service. Come In to taste some of the finest beers, wines, ales and many more drinks from our menu. Our updated food course will make you happy to taste some of the best British Pub food as well as Indian and Italian. We are known for our best service, food and drinks, so next time you are in Cambridge you need to visit The Brook Pub to experience all these.

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