Let’s Talk About The Most Popular British Sandwiches

Who doesn’t like sandwiches? We love short eats whenever we are out with family and friends, especially when we’re travelling. All of us like to taste the cuisine and street food when we visit new places. Street food is quite popular in all parts of the world as it’s an easy meal for everyone. No one needs to sit in a restaurant and wait for their order.

Let’s talk about the British’s most consumed food, which is Sandwiches. Of course, there are many varieties of sandwiches one can enjoy in the U.K, but the top-listed 6 sandwiches are given below.

  • BLT Sandwiches:

The five ingredients that we need here are toasted bread, crispy and salty bacon, 

acidic tomatoes, chilled lettuce and mayonnaise. While preparing this sandwich, we have certain rules to follow, such as bacon must be hot, crisp, and freshly fried, the tomatoes must be good, ripe, and thinly sliced, the lettuce should be fresh and packed with flavor toast the bread till it’s golden brown. All these ingredients must be fresh to make a delicious sandwich.

 Most of them say that the origin of this sandwich came from basic bacon Sandwich that used to be prepared as a tea-time snack in the English countryside since Victorian times. No one knows its origin, but it became popular in America among housewives working outside their homes.

  • Egg Sandwich:

The second-best British sandwich is made with eggs. The main ingredients are bread, eggs, cheese and sausages. It’s quite a popular breakfast as it’s eaten worldwide made of eggs placed between two slices of bread. To add some flavor, we can use cheese and meat sausages or cold cuts.

People prepared the first Egg sandwich during the early 19th century in East London. A street vendor wanted to feed the factory workers and also earn some money for himself. We have so many variations on this sandwich that everyone can incorporate their favorite ingredients and create one delicious bite.

Cucumber Sandwich:

The world feels so refreshing, making it a staple food enjoyed as a British afternoon tea snack. It’s made with simple ingredients like white bread, cucumber, salt and lemon. We need to take crustless white bread, cut it into a triangle shape and apply little butter. We must cut the cucumber into slices that are as thin as paper. To this, we add a bit of salt and a dash of lemon juice for more flavor.

Much of the sandwiches were invented during the Victorian period as women started to work outside and needed to carry lunch that is easy to make and yet delicious and healthy. It was the upper-middle class who enjoyed this sandwich. Today, many of them add eggs, cream cheese, tuna, and mayonnaise as variations in taste.

  • Pie-Barm:

 It’s also known as Wigan Kebab as it hails from Wigan. It’s made of meat pie sandwiched between a barm cake. A barm cake is a buttered roll that’s leavened with barm which is a beer foam. So this pie is similar to that of meat and potatoes. 

As eating pie is more common in Wigan, the pie barm has emerged as a popular sandwich. Even today, many of them prepare it in the original style without adding anything extra.

  • Egg and Cress Sandwich:

This delicious sandwich is made from bread, eggs, watercress and mayonnaise. This sandwich is filled with chopped or mashed boiled eggs, mayonnaise & garden cress. Once these ingredients are sandwiched between the bread slices, cut them into perfect triangles and place them on a platter. Place the remaining cress on the platter as a side and serve them with an evening cup of tea.

  • Egg Banjo:

During the war, it’s not easy to cook a full meal for all the soldiers. So cooks use to come up with various ideas to easily prepare food that is healthy and can be carried easily. It was during WWII; the Egg Banjo British sandwich became popular among the soldiers. It’s made with three simple ingredients such as bread, eggs and ketchup. First, take two slices of white bread, apply margarine, add fried eggs, and top it up with some yummy ketchup. The eggs and the ketchup are filled more in the sandwich, so when one tries to eat, the yolk and the ketchup dribble’s down on the chest.

The way one holds the sandwich with one hand and the other to wipe the sauce, it looks like one is playing an air Banjo and hence it has got the name Egg Banjo. We can find this sandwich sold in commonwealth countries such as Malaysia.

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