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While “beers” and “premium beers” fall within the category of alcoholic beverages. The latter term is reserved for a higher-end or more expensive variety of beers. Let’s check out a few of our Customer’s Favourite Beers at Brook Pub, Cambridge.

Best Beers in Cambridge

Customer’s Favourite Beers:

Beers, like wine and spirits, are fermented drinks that use barley as the primary grain but also may use wheat, corn, or rice. Beer’s alcohol content and flavor come from malted grains, water, hops, and yeast during brewing. Beers come in various genres, from lagers to ales to stouts, porters, and even IPAs (India Pale Ales).

Generally speaking, “regular” or “standard” beers refer to mass-produced beers that are available to the general public and have simple flavor profiles and low alcohol content. These beers aim to please the widest possible audience at the lowest possible cost. Let’s talk about the Best Beers in Cambridge


Customer’s Favourite Premium Beers:

About taste, aroma, and appearance, premium beers are a cut above their mass-market counterparts. Established brewers or craft breweries focusing on quality ingredients and nuanced brewing techniques make such beers. Besides to showcasing a wider range of genres and flavor profiles, they will have their particular tastes.

The “premium” status of these brews can be attributed to several factors, including:

IngredientsMore complex flavors can be achieved with the help of specialty malts, hops, and yeast in high-quality beers.

CraftsmanshipThese brews undergo more extensive brewing processes, such as extended durations of fermentation and aging.

Complexity of FlavourThe flavor profiles of premium beers may be more nuanced than those of standard beers, allowing them to appeal to a wider variety of palates.

Low Numbers MadeThere is a strong correlation between the limited availability of certain high-quality beers and their high prices.

Advertising and Public DisplayThe labels and packaging of premium beers are generally more creative and attention-grabbing than those of mass-produced brews.

More ExpensivePremium beers are more expensive than standard beers because of the higher cost of the superior ingredients and production methods used to make them.

It’s worth noting that what makes up a “premium beer” and what forms a “regular beer” might shift from place to place and from person to person. Many think of craft beers and artisanal brews as premium, while others think of the name-brand premium beers available internationally.

In the end, various beers suit various tastes and situations, from standard brews to the more complex flavors of premium brews. Customers favourite beer varies from one person to another depending upon the alcohol level they can handle.


Customer’s Favourite Beers at Brook Pub, Cambridge:

Camden hells: The Camden Hells Lager is an updated version of the traditional German Helles Lager. The clean, crisp, and refreshing flavor makes it so well-liked. The beer is friendly and easy to drink because of its harmonious blend of maltiness and hop bitterness.

The ingredients and brewing process for Camden Hells Lager are both tried and true. The brewery takes great satisfaction in using only all-natural ingredients. Including malted barley from the United Kingdom, lager yeast from Germany, and hops from Europe and the United States.

Camden Hells Lager is a low-alcohol beer that may be savored over a long period due to its low alcohol by volume (ABV) of roughly 4.6%. Although the Camden Town Brewery’s initial concentration was on the London market, the success of their Camden Hells Lager has led to its distribution throughout the UK and abroad.


Level head IPA: Level Head Session IPA, a new addition to Greene King’s acclaimed craft beer collection, is a 4% IPA that is produced and balanced. With a 4% alcohol content and a hoppy scent that strikes a nice mix between tropical and grapefruit flavors. This beer is an enticing invitation to take it easy.

This new line of beers is a tribute to Britain’s wild and quirky past. It’s brewed with care and precision to maintain its consistent hoppy brilliance from bottle to bottle for beers with a reputation built over decades.


Guinness BeerThe rich color, thick head, and distinctive flavor of Guinness Beer have made it an international icon of Irish stouts. The Guinness Brewery, established by Arthur Guinness in Dublin, Ireland, in 1759, is responsible for its production. 

Guinness, a popular stout, is a black, robust beer with a robust flavour. Traditional stouts have a deep black hue, a roasted malt flavor profile, and a smooth, creamy texture.

Roasted barley, coffee, dark chocolate, and a little bitter aftertaste are some of the flavors that have made it famous. It has a rich flavor thanks to the hops and roasted malts used to brew it.

Nitrogen (nitro) gas blends are used to serve Guinness, which produces tiny nitrogen bubbles in the beer. This method is what gives Guinness its signature creamy and smooth head.

The standard alcohol by volume (ABV) for Guinness Draught, the most popular kind, is 4.2%. The alcohol concentration, yet, may change from one variety of Guinness beer to another.

A couple pints of Guinness are essential to any St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Many people worldwide, especially in Ireland, consume this beverage in honor of the festival.


Brook house Bitter: It’s customary to just refer to “bitter beer” when talking about the particular style of beer known as “bitter” or “English bitter.” This classic beer style has its roots in England and is revered for its smooth bitterness, moderate ABV, and malt-forward flavor. 

The hops used in the brewing process give bitter beers their signature bitterness. In contrast to the moniker, these beers are not particularly hoppy or bitter. The malt sweetness and hop bitterness in a good bitterness create a harmonious flavor profile. The malt’s sweetness is balanced by the hops’ bitterness, creating a pleasant and well-rounded flavor.

An average bitter beer has an alcohol concentration of 3.5–5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume). Due to their drinkability, you can enjoy several beers without getting too buzzed.

In the United Kingdom, bars serve bitter beers on tap. Known as “real ale,” these beers are served from the cask and poured with a hand pump to preserve the beer’s original flavor and aroma.

There is no denying the enduring popularity of bitter beers in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Many independent brewers worldwide also make versions of this traditional beer type, which honor the style’s original character while incorporating their special touches.

To beer connoisseurs’ delight, bitter brews can vary in flavor profile from brewery to brewery, like any other beer style. 


Timothy Taylor’s  AleThe independent Timothy Taylor’s Brewery in Keighley, West Yorkshire, England, is home to the renowned and award-winning Landlord Ale. Beer aficionados agree that Landlord Ale is one of the best examples of a typical English pale ale. 

Timothy Taylor’s  Ale has a reputation for having a robust and nuanced flavor. Traditional English hops add earthy and floral aromas to the beer, which pairs well with the toffee, caramel, and biscuit-like malt sweetness it generally offers.

Famous English hop varietals, including Goldings and Fuggles, are featured in this beer. The earthy, herbal, and spicy hop fragrance and bitterness characterize this beer thanks to the hops used in its brewing.

With an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4.1% to 4.3%, Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Ale is drinkable throughout many pints. Established in 1858, Timothy Taylor’s Brewery has maintained its commitment to quality craftsmanship and time-honored brewing practices throughout its long history.

Many beer events and festivals have included Landlord Ale as a guest beer. It is because of its widespread appeal among beer drinkers. A beer that stands for the long tradition of brewing in the United Kingdom and is prized by beer connoisseurs.


Brook Pub Beers:

At Brook Pub, our best Beer Pub Garden in Cambridge, is a place where one can enjoy many varieties of beers, ales, gins, whiskies, the best cocktails, the finest summer pitchers, and many more. We serve some top-class British pub food that will leave your tastebuds happy. Customers are important to us, and we see that fresh produce is used daily for making sauces, curries, and desserts. We serve some of the best Beers in Cambridge that our customers love.

We have customers’ favorite beers at the Brook Pub, where they are consumed in large numbers. It’s good to see you all taste our beers and give you reviews, which will help us better serve you.