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All the British people are in smiles as the pubs across the U.K are granted to be open this season. December being the month of Christmas and New Year it brings joy and happiness in everyone’s life and the opening of the pubs gets in more festive fever in all. People spend much time with their loved ones during this time of the year and what’s more than creating great memories by visiting a pub. The Pandemic has caused to shut down all the pubs during the summer and now people want to make the most of that time. 

Summer is the best time for Beer pub gardens for people to gather with family and friends, but one can make use of these areas to generate sales during the winter too. Many of them prefer outdoor space even in the cold weather as long as they are kept warm and dry. One can place heaters, blankets, and hot water bottles in the beer pub garden. This is not only a good idea but also costs less in keeping the customers enjoying their time in the cold climate.

Another option is to cover the garden area with canvas or cannoli that covers the Beer pub garden with respective shapes and sizes. They are easy to handle, flexible as less coast effective than constructing a permanent structure. This helps the customers to enjoy the cold under the temporary roof with heaters on the side to keep them warm. If one is planning to get a permanent structure to be built covering the entire beer garden then it’s always good to leave some space open on the roof allowing the cool breeze to flow inside during summer then transformed into a cozy winter place with rugs or other materials to close the roof.

When one tries to amend such changes to the outdoor garden, hosting live events like music nights, Karaoke, Poker games, etc would be great. These events create an immersive experience among the people who could love to visit the place. The Brook Pub in Cambridge is where one can find the best outdoor Beer Garden experience. We always tried to keep up the expectations of our clients and provided 100% services. We start the day by handpicking fresh ingredients from the local market. Our sauces are freshly prepared from scratch as we follow the traditional British food recipes that need the best sauce made with fresh ingredients. We are also noted for serving Indian dishes like Chicken curry, beef curry, onion bhaji, chicken 65 etc, and various Italian dishes like beef lasagne, mushroom risotto etc. The Brook pub is known to serve the best pub food in Cambridge and our customers love to taste our Cask Ales, Beers, handpicked Wines, and other spirits. Some of our customers may not like alcohol and we do have something for them like cocktails, teas, and coffees. There is always something to drink for everyone here. 

We also entertain our guests by hosting events such as music nights, Karaoke, Poker games, etc. We keep our events updated on our social media Facebook site wherein you can see what events we are planing in the next coming weeks. Our pub is always filled with students as they like to socialize and enjoy with other people. The pub is located in the heart of the city wherein many best Universities are located attracting more students as our daily customers. They love to bring in friends to enjoy some quick evening snacks and a cold beer.

Not only students but even local community people visit our pub to enjoy live sports on large T.V screens. It brings in more excitement when they cheer their favorite team while drinking their beer. We serve the best pub food in Cambridge following some of the traditional recipes to bring in the culture and tradition. If you are visiting Cambridge, make sure to visit the Brook Pub to create great memories with food and drinks. Our staff is always very welcoming and you get to taste some of our Cask Ales from the menu.

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