Summer Barbecue in Cambridge Coming Soon.

The very definition of culinary heritage, barbecue conjures up visions of smouldering grills, enticing smoke, and flavours that make your mouth wet. As a favourite summertime activity that brings together friends and family to celebrate the art of outdoor cooking, BBQ occupies a special place in the hearts of people from many ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. It is time to fire up the grill and experience the rich world of barbecue, with a particular emphasis on the Indian touch that Brook Indian Gastro Pub in Cambridge offers. As the temperatures increase and the days grow longer, it is becoming more and more appropriate to do Summer Barbecue in Cambridge.

Understanding a barbecue:

Barbecue, at its foundation, is a way of cooking that includes slow-cooking meat over low heat, generally with the use of wood smoke to give flavour. The origins of barbecue may be traced back millennia. Yet, it has developed into a phenomenon that is observed all over the world, with each location contributing its distinctive flavour combination to the custom. The term “barbecue” refers to a wide variety of cooking methods and flavours, ranging from Argentine asado to American-style brisket to Indian-style flavours, all of which are connected by a shared appreciation for being cooked to perfection.

Delicious Indian Barbecue:

A delicious mix of conventional Indian spices and grilling techniques has arisen in recent years as the culinary phenomenon known as Indian barbecue. In Indian barbecue, meats and vegetables are marinated and then grilled in clay ovens or over open flames. The result is dishes that are soft, savoury, and thrill the senses. This style of cooking is influenced by tandoori cookery.

The addition of fragrant spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric, and garam masala is essential to the preparation of Indian barbecue. These spices inject the meat with layers of richness and depth, making it more flavorful and satisfying. The Indian barbecue presents a symphony of flavours that captivates both the tongue and the imagination. Whether it’s the luscious tandoori chicken, the juicy seekh kebabs, or the smokey paneer tikka, Indian barbecue is a masterpiece.

Famous Indian Barbecues of Summer:

As summer arrives in India, a plethora of flavours and foods make an appearance, with Indian barbecue, or “tandoori” cookery, taking centre stage. Famous summertime Indian barbecues include the following:

Tandoori Chicken:

Indian tandoori chicken, perhaps the most famous kebab dish, is marinated in a yogurt-and-spice mixture that includes ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, and Kashmiri red chilli powder. Tender, juicy, smokily-flavoured, and brilliantly reddened chicken is the traditional outcome of roasting the bird in a clay oven or tandoor.

Seekh Kebabs:

Seekh kebabs are savoury skewers made with minced meat, usually chicken or lamb, and aromatic spices such as mint, cardamom, and garam masala. After shaping the meat mixture onto skewers, it is cooked until it is browned and fragrant. Naan, mint chutney, and chopped onions are common accompaniments to seekh kebabs.

Paneer Tikka:

A tasty substitute for meat, paneer tikka is perfect for those who like vegetarian BBQ. Dried fenugreek leaves, turmeric, and chilli powder are among the spices used to marinade cubes of paneer cheese in a sour yoghurt sauce. A smokey, creamy treat is achieved by grilling the marinated paneer on skewers until it turns brown and slightly burnt.

Tandoori Fish Tikka:

Tandoori fish tikka is a summertime delight for seafood lovers. This dish calls for firm white fish like cod or tilapia, marinated in a mixture of yoghurt and spices like carom seeds, ginger, and garlic. After that, it’s skewered and cooked until the fish is flaky and soft inside and has a lovely charred outside.

Achari Chicken Tikka:

This aromatic chicken tikka takes the traditional tandoori recipe and adds a twist with the tangy and spicy flavours of Indian pickles, or “achaar.” The chicken is grilled to perfection after being marinated in a yoghurt combination with pickling spices, including mustard, fennel, and fenugreek seeds.

Brook Indian Gastropub’s Summer Surprise:

In the midst of all this barbecue greatness, the Cambridge eatery Brook Indian Gastro Pub is getting ready to unleash a Summer Surprise that will surprise both customers and barbecue lovers. In the middle of May, Brook will kick off a summer barbecue series that will feature delectable Indian dishes with a modern twist.

The skilled chefs at Brook’s Summer Surprise will create a tempting variety of delicacies, including grilled fish and sizzling kebabs. A gastronomic extravaganza awaits you at every BBQ, crafted with the finest seasonal ingredients and authentic Indian spices.

But there’s more to the Summer Surprise at Brook than meets the eye; it’s a chance to spend quality time with loved ones in a lively and inviting setting. Brook Indian Gastro Pub is set to become Cambridge’s go-to spot for summertime dining and relaxation, what with its live music, best cocktails in Cambridge, Beers, Ales, drinks, and the scent of barbecue wafting through the air?


Finally, barbecuing is more than simply a way to cook. It’s a cultural phenomenon that unites people around a shared love of good food and camaraderie. Now that summer is here let us take a moment to appreciate BBQ and what it is. It is a culinary tradition with deep historical roots and a vibrant contemporary landscape. Plus, the Summer Surprise at Brook Indian Gastro Pub is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those seeking the finest in Indian BBQ with a summer twist. Here in the middle of Cambridge, you will find a BBQ unlike any other, so be sure to mark your calendars and bring your appetite.