Bar Decoration Ideas

Many people want to open a new bar or sometimes want to remodel the old one. Some find it difficult to do it by themselves and think of the cost they need to spend. Here are some bar decoration ideas for you that will allow you to make your bar the way you want with simple changes.

Decorate Your Bar: 

In business, decoration is essential as it creates a pleasant environment for the customer. Keeping that in mind, you have to find a suitable decoration that makes your clients feel comfortable and helps bring new clients into your business.

Setting up a business has many expenses; I’m telling you about them, so it will be a good idea if we can save a little when designing the bar. Before that, we need to think about how much money you can spend on planning this.

Bar Counter Decor: 

A bar is a special place for social life. We will cover the different styles and details of a bar’s interior. We’ll look at the materials, colours, and lighting that go into designing an adequate bar.

How to Decorate Brick Bars: 

One of the most common bar styles is brick bars, which give a modern touch. They are usually lined with other materials to make them more modern. We could either add more elements to the bar, such as some wooden slats or leave it as is and give all the prominence to the countertop.  Wood is an element that always looks good with brick, and it is preferred by most because of its aesthetic value.

How to Decorate with Stone Bars: 

Stone bars are also a very common bar decoration, whether made of marble, granite, or other stone. The stone bars give the bar a different look, modern and original. To stand out and get all the attention of the place, they have it in a curve shape so that all eyes will go towards it. However, some people don’t want this to be its main focus and rather lower the attention by putting stools around it.

It will also be important to consider the colour when deciding how to decorate a bar; in this way, we will achieve the best decoration for a bar. Once we have seen how to make one of the main elements within a bar, such as a counter, we can explain the rest of the elements and how to decorate a whole bar.

Decor Plan: 

If you have a floor plan, please use it for making a plan. If not, take photos of each area to better plan what we want to change.

Let’s start with Painting

If you want to paint, you can do it yourself. Some paints imitate marble or even reflective type paintings. To paint a surface, you’ll have to calculate how many painting supplies you need by calculating the square meters of the premises. If you need to know any other information about large surfaces regarding the paint, rollers, or other accessories, they can tell you this information.

Decor using Stencil style: 

It’s a way to decorate using paint. You can decorate walls, furniture, or anything you like with it. It’s about sticking a template on the background and then painting over it. You can search for stencil designs on Google on the Internet and get many of them. On a plain white background, you can make drawings in the colour that you like best and the template you choose.

Decor with Photos: 

If you don’t want to paint your walls, you can change their appearance with decorative photo murals. They are beautiful and inexpensive. They change the look of the decoration for a little money.

Wall decals or wall graphics can be applied on any smooth and flat surface, from glass to walls, doors, furniture and appliances. They can create a cheerful atmosphere that imitates a skyscraper or an animal.

As you can see, create many designs on vinyl. Look for the city, the landscape, or the elements you’d like to always have in your bar. The Internet is a great source of information for finding companies that can give you good ideas and help you design the most personalized vinyl for your bar.

Bar furniture: 

You can shop for tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, and shelves. Decorators help you plan and choose the best options for your bar. You also have very good prices and take advantage of financing. The tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, and shelves inspire you to redecorate your business.

Another option is flea markets and second-hand stores. It is a great source for decorating your bar if you want inspiration from the 1960s and 80s or rustic pieces. In flea markets and second-hand stores, you can find jewellery such as lamps, tables, and furniture at very good prices.

If you want to spend a little more money, you can also opt for chairs and tables from a larger range where the style should be most important so that your bar catches the customer’s attention.

Floor Renovation: 

You can use vinyl flooring that is easy to install and is highly recommended by the manufacturer for high traffic areas. There are gorgeous designs at a good price. 

You can put wooden floors on the floor that you have. You can also choose what kind of wooden floors you want to use. These wooden floors are very easy to install yourself.

Have some Games:

The more choices you have in your game library, the better. Games make your customers feel at ease, encouraging them to stay longer and spend more money. When decorating, keep in mind to dedicate a space to putting a game machine, billiards, table football, or some darts. You may want to consider multi-game tables with the option of different games or a small space for your customers to dance if they want, plus music can also be a great addition to the decoration.

Simple Tips For Bar Decoration:

These are all great ideas that help you decorate a bar to fit your taste and your customers. We’ll give you tips on updating the look of a bar, whether for a fresh look or an upcoming event.

These are some ideas and tips that you may use before you start decorating or thinking, for example, about the type of floor to choose or the colour of the walls.

The first thing is to have a good Entrance:

Good bar decor should convey that from the entrance. Your interior should be well lit, using materials that invite you to stay and hang out. If playing games in your bar is part of your marketing strategy, consider implementing this at the entrance so it becomes a visual invitation – the first impression of your establishment.

If it is a cocktail bar or a bar to have a drink at night, you can get rid of so much lighting and focus more on neon lights and materials such as stone or metal. Anyway, no matter if it is a cocktail bar, it does not mean being in a gloomy and dark den. It can be something with dim lighting that invites you to have a more fun time with your friends.

Style with your Brand:

To ensure your bar’s design is consistent with your brand, we recommend that you select an interior design that reflects your establishment’s identity: classic, industrial, minimalist, Nordic, retro, vintage, rock, etc.

If you have chosen the style for your bar, it will be simple for you to find all the stuff you need to decorate it and any other elements needed to highlight its theme.

When planning your bar, consider the style of the place you want to create. If you have no idea of what style is suited for your establishment, you can pick from a “traditional” bar or one that is eclectic where you have contemporary decoration with an older design. Use a few elements from another style that stand out in addition to the predominant one.

Use Durable and well-Maintained Things:

If you have a bar at your restaurant (or cocktail area), consider several things when choosing it. The most important thing is to choose materials that last for many years and don’t need frequent maintenance, such as porcelain stoneware on the floor, because it is resistant to breakage, abrasion, waterproof, and easy and fast maintenance.

Contrast Decoration:

When choosing your bar style, opt for a specific style with a contrast element to bring it in an elegant and modern look.

Utilizing the principles of several different interior design styles, you can make a statement with a bar that says, “I have style”.

Or, If you like the period or retro style of the 50s, you may use contrasting colours for either the floor or the wall, which would be black and white. You can also use contrasting colours only for the wall, like a black and white checkered pattern. The latter is a universal style that will never go out of fashion.

Opt for Right Music:

A bar without music would be missing a fundamental part of the experience: The music. It can be any style or genre, but it should be present in your establishment to make it more attractive to customers if it is musical.

You need to select the right music for your bar depending on the style of it or its decoration so that the music helps to set the atmosphere correctly. For example, if there’s a “retro” style bar or, say, 50s style decor, you probably won’t use classical rock music. 

Create Center of Attention:

A great idea to decorate a bar is to choose a center of attention. 

Something that is eye catchy and attracts the customers. For example, it could be a jukebox or pool table or decorating the bar with a specific style or theme.

Of course, an excellent television or screen to watch games or series will also be able to attract customers and is a welcome addition to the center. 

These are the things you need to consider when planning to decorate your bar. The details are simple to understand and incorporate into your bar. Make a full-fledged plan on what is in your mind, and then start with the entrance of your bar.