Best Winter Pub Food and Craft Beer Pairing

When the cold weather sets in, there’s no better place to be than in a toasty bar with friends. The delicious pub food, warm glow of the fireplace, and inviting atmosphere make for the ideal winter evening. Craft beer is the missing link that completes this experience to the next level.

Here at The Brook Pub in Cambridge, we’ve taken great care to choose a variety of craft beers that not only pair well with the seasonal dishes on our menu but also shine on their own. Indulge your taste senses and elevate your meal with these professional recommendations for Best Winter Pub Food and Craft Beer Pairing.

What is a Craft beer?

Craft beer, often known as independent or small-batch beer, is a beer brewed by breweries that emphasises flavour, aroma, and brewing processes from the past rather than the present. They tend to be smaller than commercial beer producers and place a premium on experimentation and originality in the brewing process. Craft beers are generally characterised by their flavour profiles and a wide variety of genres, ingredients, and brew methods.

Some craft beer traits:

Privately Held and Managed:
Independent ownership and management is a hallmark of the craft beer industry; the breweries that produce it are rarely part of a bigger, multinational conglomerate.

Stress on Excellence:
Most craft brewers use traditional brewing techniques and high-quality ingredients because they place value on flavour over output.

Creative Problem Solving:
Craft brewers are noted for their inventive beers that result from their desire to experiment with ingredients, styles, and brewing methods.

Targeted locally:
It’s not uncommon for craft breweries to be deeply rooted in and committed to supporting their nearby neighbourhoods.

Multiple Flavour Combinations:
From hoppy and bitter IPAs (India Pale Ales) to rich and malty stouts, sour ales, and everything in between, craft beers provide something for everyone’s palate.

Craft beer can be enjoyed in many spaces and occasions:

Complementing Dishes:
When coupled with the right food, craft beer is a great way to up the ante at any meal. Craft beers’ wide range of aromas and tastes makes them an ideal pairing with food of many kinds.

Events for Socialising:
Craft beer is a wonderful addition to any get-together, whether it be a formal dinner, a casual picnic, or a backyard BBQ.

Beer Tours and Samples:
Those interested in learning more about beer production and sampling a wide range of craft brews can do so in any number of taprooms or tasting rooms that are available at many breweries.

Seasonal Occasions:
During the year, craft brewers release a variety of limited-edition and seasonal beers to celebrate the many holidays and seasons.

Appreciation and Inquiry:
Indulging in a variety of craft beers is a way for beer enthusiasts to learn about and appreciate the art and science that goes into the brewing process.

Leisure and Pleasure:
Beer, like any other beverage, can be savoured for the mere purpose of bringing about a moment of relief and pleasure.

Craft Beer at The Brook Pub: A Symphony of Flavors

Craft beers are an essential component of the dining experience at The Brook Pub, not just an after thought. Each beer was selected for its ability to complement and amplify the varied flavours found throughout our winter menu. Know more about the Best Winter Pub Food and Craft Beer Pairing

Delicious Stouts with Hearty Food

Beer Pairing Suggestion: The Brook’s Velvety Stout

During the colder months, nothing beats a stout with its substantial flavours to warm you up. To complement the rich flavours of Guinness-infused beef stew or a traditional steak and ale pie, try The Brook’s Velvety Stout, which features hints of dark chocolate and roasted coffee. These meals’ deep, savoury flavours harmonise beautifully with the smooth body of this stout.

Intense Flavours, Crisp IPAs –

Beer Pairing Suggestion: Cambridge Cascade IPA

If you’re looking for a hoppy beer to pair with your hearty winter supper, look no further than our Cambridge Cascade IPA. When paired with fatty foods like loaded nachos or a platter of hot chicken wings, this IPA’s bright citrus undertones provide a welcome counterpoint. This beer’s effervescent, refreshing taste is a vibrant counterpoint that elevates the meal.

Brown and Amber Beers, Two Classic Comfort Drinks –

Beer Pairing Suggestion: Autumn Ember Ale

When paired with roasted or grilled meats, amber beers and brown ales shine thanks to their caramel and toffee undertones. When paired with a luscious rack of ribs or a juicy burger, our Autumn Ember Ale really shines. There’s a nice balance between the malty sweetness of the lager and the charred flavours of the meat.

Wheat Beers, the Healthier Choice –

Beer Pairing Suggestion: Cambridge Abbey Blonde

Wheat beers, thanks to their airy, delicate character, are a great match for seafood and other light pub foods. When paired with food like beer-battered fish and chips or a fresh citrus salad, our Cambridge Abbey Blonde shines with its subtle fruitiness and delicate spice overtones. The crisp, clean aftertaste of this brew pairs beautifully with the dish’s fresh flavours.


The Brook Pub, right in the middle of Cambridge, is more than just a place to eat; it’s an institution. When you combine the dishes from our winter menu with our carefully picked craft beer selection, you get a harmonious blend of flavours that will have you craving more. The friendly service and warm decor add to the sense of being at home.

So, please drop by The Brook Pub in Cambridge with us this coming cold season. Take in the finest examples of both artisan beer and fine cuisine. Feel the welcome, taste the food, and enjoy the company that only a real pub can provide.

Here’s to fantastic meals, refreshing cocktails, and lifelong recollections at The Brook Pub!