The Art of Pairing: Indian Street Food-Inspired Dishes and Craft Beers in Gastropubs

By mixing craft drinks and high end pub food, gastropubs is now known for new food ideas. In today’s world craft beers and classic street food are both pairing up well enough and becoming popular among the people. Such combination of food and drinks creates one-of-a-kind dining experience that helps to celebrate the taste of many such places. It explains us how to mix the  Indian Street Food-Inspired Dishes and Craft Beers in Gastropubs to understand the taste, smell and texture of the food to make it more enjoyable.

Indian Street Food-Inspired Dishes:


People love Indian street food because it has intense flavours, bright colours, and a lot of different cooking styles. From sour chutneys and hot chaats to savoury kebabs and crunchy samosas, Indian street food is a sensory feast. It shows off the country’s rich culture. India has a lot of different types of street food. For example, the spicy Vada Pav from Mumbai differs from the fragrant biryanis from Hyderabad and the delicious dosas from South India.


Putting together Indian street food and craft beers:

Along with Indian street food, craft beers go well with various types, flavours, and aromas. It’s an art to find the right mix of tastes and textures to make the meal more enjoyable and make flavour combinations you’ll remember. In gastropubs, the art of pairing is shown by these examples of Indian street food-inspired meals and craft beers that go well together:


Serve a spicy chicken curry with a hopped IPA. 

India Pale Ale (IPA) goes well with tender chicken tikka masala, simmered in a spicy yoghurt-based sauce and cooked to perfection in a tandoor oven. Its bitterness and citrusy notes go well with the intense flavours of the chicken. Because the IPA is hops, it cuts through the dish’s richness and brings out its spicy undertones. Thus, making a pleasing balance of flavours on the tongue.


Crispy vegetable pakoras and a cold lager:

Indian street food favourites like vegetable pakoras are made of a mix of fried vegetables covered in a tasty chickpea batter. Served with a light and pleasant lager, the beer’s light flavour and clean finish make the pakoras’s hearty texture taste delicious. The earthy flavours of the vegetables go well with the lager’s subtle malt sweetness. The result is a delicious flavour mix that makes you want more.


Craft Beers in Gastropubs


Tangy Crispy Pani Puri with Sour Ale:

When we think of typical street food that most people crave in India, it is the Pani Puri otherwise called as Golgappa. It is a round hollow crisp puri that is filled with tangy tamarind flavoured water and mix of spices, mashed potatoes and beans. So what drink goes well with this tangy flavoured puri is the sour ale  that stands out the best. With such spicy food the bright acidity of the beer helps to clean the mouth between bites. Sour ale has a fizz that contrasts the intense flavours of the dish making it more lively sensory experience.


Delicious Red sauce butter chicken and a malty amber ale:

Butter chicken is one of the best Indian food people love all around the world. The chicken in marianted and has a creamy tomato based sauce that goes well with Malty golden ale. The richness, and savoury butter chicken, the caramel brown ale’s toffee notes complement each other. As butter chicken is spicy the smoothness of the ale will make the dish taste less spicy. The combination is rewarding as the mild bitterness of the beer balances out the sweetness of the sauce.


In Conclusion:

Gastropubs are experts at combining craft beers with dishes that are influenced by Indian street food in unique ways.  It shows how well cooking practices and brewing skills can work together. People can try the different tastes, textures, and smells of both Indian food and craft beer at gastropubs. It is a unique way to eat that celebrates the rich fabric of global flavours.

The art of pairing takes you on a journey of flavours that crosses ethnic lines and pleases the senses. It is whether you choose spicy chicken tikka masala with an IPA or butter chicken with an amber ale. When you go to a gastropub, don’t be afraid to try Indian street food-inspired food and craft beers. It is something you will never forget. We at Brook Indian Gastro Pub welcome you all to experience one of a kind dining experience with our traditional Indian food and craft beers.