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Grapes are used to make some of the world’s best wines due to their light, fresh, and vivid red juice. Wine is now commonly used in everyday social occasions, as well as in wedding ceremonies. Back about 6,000 B.C., Georgia was the birthplace of wine. Initially, they used a mill to extract the juice from the grapes, then hid it away for the cold season. The origin of the name “Wine” has long been a mystery. The ancient English term “win” is said by many to have been inspired by Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine. To experience some of the Best Wine Bars in Cambridge, visit The Brook Pub in Mill road, Cambridge.

One thing can be said with certainty: no one can refuse a glass of good wine. Consuming the beverage in moderation is fine for those concerned with health. Speyer Wine, dating back to 325–350 AD, is the oldest wine consumed today. It was discovered in the tomb of a Roman aristocrat and his wife inside their sealed casket. France is where you should go to sample the finest wines. It ranks highly on a list of countries known for their excellent winemaking. If you’re looking for a country that produces wine after Italy, look no further than France.


Brook Pub wines in Cambridge:

We serve some of the finest wines at the Brook Pub, starting with


Brook Pub Red Wines:

Lounge Roche Merlot: It is made from red-skinned grapes that thrive in various climates and yield food-friendly wines at a wide range of price points; it is known for its smooth, luscious texture and approachable style. Merlot might have a silky, plummy quality or a deep, oaky one. Merlot’s widespread acclaim might be attributed to its variety of flavours.

Mark View Shiraz: The rich and luscious mid-palate of Shiraz wines is well-known. Flavours of pepper, spice, and luscious red fruit should be anticipated. The sensation on the palate also varies, being bold at the beginning and end of the mouth but shifting slightly in the middle.

Amaru Malbec El Esľeco: This wine, which is ready to be poured with burgers, is sweet and ripe, with a spicy and flowery side, and it has very polished tannins that produce a smooth texture. This rich and silky Malbec has violet and spice smells, and the wine features powerful sweet flavours balanced by good acidity.

Crianza: Crianza is considered the entry-level “Reserve” wine. Red wines in Spain can only be called Crianza if they have been matured for at least two years before being sold; one year in an oak barrel and a further year in the bottle are required.

Les Granges de Ïélines Rouge: This wine is a dark garnet with blackberry, toast, and ripe red fruit aromas. A subtle note of freshness highlights the fruit’s round mouth and generous body. It pairs wonderfully with any steak meal, especially decadent ones like tournedos Rossini. 


Brook Pub WHITE Wines:

Pinoľ Grigio Venezie Vigna Mesciľa: Its high acidity makes citrus, apple, and honeysuckle flavours particularly prominent. The traditional flavour palate is saltier than other white wines but still wonderfully crisp with exquisite overtones of clear, vivid citrus flavours.

Coeur du Monľ Sauvignon Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc is a type of wine known for its expressive and aromatic scents, including anything from tropical to citrus to grassy notes. It also has a pleasant acidity that stays on the tongue and palate.

Mark View Chardonnay: Pineapple and a lemon zest shine through in this lively Australian Chardonnay. This wine has great length and texture thanks to the creamy acidity on the palate at the end.

Peľal and Sľem Sauvignon Blanc: There are a few reasons the Sauvignon Blanc flavour is so distinctive in white wines. There is always a brisk, strong acidity. And second, it possesses a chemical molecule called pyrazine, which contributes bell pepper, herbaceous, and grassy notes to the dish.

Riesling Reserva: Winemakers use the Riesling grape to create this distinctive white wine. Even though sparkling Rieslings exist, most Rieslings sold today are still white wines. Riesling can be dry, sweet, or in-between, depending on its origin and production method.


Best Food and wine combinations


In comparison to red wine, what distinguishes rose wine?

Rose wine is made from the same red grapes as red wine. Both wines go through the same process, but the fermentation time for the rose wine is shortened by using grape skins. Wine with less skin contact turns pink and has a softer flavour than red wine.

Rose wine is versatile, as its sweet, fruity, or dry flavour complements savoury and decadent fare. The average alcohol by volume (ABV) is 12.0%. Moscato wine, which has a low alcohol concentration but is still delicious, is popular for pairing with sweet desserts and light fare. Select the best rose wine by making sure it comes from a reliable place and is a recent vintage; checking if it is sweet or dry; looking at its colour; and selecting the grape you want.


Brook Pub Rose Wine:

Pretty Gorgeous RoseA light and refreshing rosé that goes perfectly with the warmer weather. The wine may be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif or with food thanks to its intense lychee and strawberry flavours, with violet undertones and good acidity.


Sparkling Wine

It’s a type of wine that contains enough carbon dioxide to give the illusion of fizziness. Because it is only made in the Champagne area of France, the title “Champagne” is reserved for sparkling wine. White and rose wines are common, although red sparkling wines are also produced. It might be either excessively sweet or too dry.

The carbon dioxide gas produced during fermentation left in the bottle or huge tank is responsible for the fizzing sensation. While several other countries have a reputation for producing high-quality wines, none can compare to France. Italy, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and the United States are the next regions on the list.


Brook Pub Sparkling Wine:

Prosecco Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne: Champagne may only be labelled as such if it is produced in the Champagne region of France. At the same time, Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine often produced in the Veneto. Therefore, the main distinction is that Champagne vintners believe their product to be a “wine of place” that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

The Brook Pub only serves the finest wines sourced from reputable distributors worldwide. We know that the best wine should always accompany a delicious meal. Our regulars are mostly neighbourhood residents who come in to eat, drink (beer, wine, whisky, rum), best summer drinks, and watch sports on our numerous flat screens. New to our menu is the option for some dishes to be cooked according to the customer’s level of spice consumption, guaranteeing even more variety. Who’s up for trying something spicy?

Friday night is karaoke night, and we also have open mic nights and live music throughout the week. If you’re looking for Best Wine Bars in Cambridge to relax with friends and family in Cambridge, stop by the Brook Pub. Our schedule is subject to change at the government’s discretion, so please refer to our website for the most up-to-date information. However, we are always available to take your orders over the phone. Just dial 01223 410023 to make us your regular watering hole.