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Here at The Brook Pub, we take great satisfaction in creating delicious food that will satisfy your every want. All your friends and family will love the selections from our appetizer menu. If you’re searching for something to nibble on with your drinks or a flavorful way to start your meal, go no further than our starters. Enjoy best pub food near Mill Road  Cambridge!!

Best Pub Food near Mill Road Cambridge:

Bread and Dipping Oil:

Bread and Dipping Oil is an all-time favourite appetizer since it’s simple but delicious. Warm handmade bread drizzled with olive oil laced with lemon and balsamic vinegar is a sensory treat. We provide a variety of dipping oils, from classic garlic oil to oils flavoured with balsamic reduction and herbs. Immerse yourself in this delicious medley of flavours and textures for a gastronomic adventure unlike any other.

Battered Halloumi:

If you’re looking for a start to satisfy your craving for decadent flavours, look no further than our Battered Halloumi. The halloumi cheese is delicately coated in our proprietary batter, resulting in a crunchy outside and a creamy interior. A sweet chilli dipping sauce or spiced mayo is served on the side to complement the creamy, savoury Halloumi. If you love cheese and are searching for a new taste in appetizers, try this vegetarian delicacy.

Filo Prawns:

As an appetizer, try our Filo Prawns, which have juicy prawns encased in layers of crispy Filo pastry to highlight their subtle flavours. The prawns are marinated in a delicious mixture of herbs and spices, then wrapped in dough and deep-fried till golden. With the crunch of the filo, the tenderness of the prawns, and the acidic creaminess of the aioli, this meal, served with a sweet chilli dip, is a beautiful mix of textures and tastes.

Chicken Kebab Bites:

Our Chicken Kebab Bites are a great appetizer choice because they are filling and flavorful. Chicken breasts are skewered and grilled until tender, and the marinade is absorbed, creating a flavorful and aromatic dish. Chicken lovers and adventurous eaters alike will enjoy these kebab nibbles, which feature a wonderful blend of smokey and herbaceous overtones and are served with a cooling mint yoghurt dipping sauce.

Here at The Brook Pub near Mill Road, we’re proud to say that we use only the finest, freshest ingredients in all of our delicious meals. Our appetizers are thoughtfully crafted to accommodate various tastes and preferences so everyone may find something they like. Our starters are the perfect way to kick off your meal with us, whether you’re stopping in for a quick bite or planning on staying for hours.

Cheese Burger:

The Cheese Burger is just one example of how The Brook Pub strives to provide exceptional dining experiences. This traditional American dish will satisfy your appetite because it is prepared with only the freshest ingredients and a touch of culinary magic. Indulge your taste buds in our scrumptious Cheese Burger, topped with delicious condiments. Fries, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickled gherkins, coleslaw, American mustard, ketchup, and pickled gherkins top our cheeseburger.

The combination of flavours in our Cheese Burger will make your mouth water with joy. Our dedication to using only the finest and freshest ingredients guarantees that every bite will be an extraordinary adventure in flavour.

Halloumi & Avocado Salad:

You won’t get enough of the delicious flavour and smooth texture of our Halloumi and Avocado Salad. This healthy salad balances flavour and nutrition thanks to its abundance of fresh, nourishing ingredients like herby French dressing and crispy croutons.

Halloumi, a brined, semi-hard cheese originating in the Mediterranean, is the salad’s shining star. Halloumi is delicately grilled to create a golden, crispy surface while keeping the soft and chewy centre that gives it its signature texture and mild, salty flavour. The grilled Halloumi provides a welcome contrast to the coolness of the salad’s other ingredients.

Our Halloumi and Avocado Salad is an excellent option if you’re looking for a vegetarian dish that won’t sacrifice flavour for healthiness. This salad is a healthy and refreshing lunch or light dinner option. 

The Halloumi and Avocado Salad at The Brook Pub is a dish not to be missed. Each salad celebrates flavour and health thanks to our dedication to utilizing only the freshest and finest ingredients. Our Halloumi & Avocado Salad will surely be a highlight of any meal, whether you’re dining single or with friends or family.


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Kids Menu at the Brook Pub near Mill Road:

We provide a special kids menu for those in your party who are younger than 12 years old. There’s something for everyone on our menu, as we aim to please various palates. Delicacies, whether you’re in the mood for traditional pub fare or want to try something new from around the world, are all made with the finest care and attention to detail so that you have a wonderful meal. Try out some of our most popular products with me!

Fish Fingers with Chips:

Everyone, from kids to adults, loves our Fish Fingers with Chips. It’s a traditional British dish. We utilize flaky fish fillets delicately breaded and fried till golden and crispy. This meal, especially with crisp, hot chips, is tasty. Fish and chips are traditionally served with tartar sauce, which adds a zingy acidity to the meal.

Beef Burger with Fries:

The flavorful Beef Burger at our restaurant is a customer favourite. We begin with a juicy beef patty grilled to perfection, then layer on tomato slices, lettuce, and crunchy red onions. A layer of melted cheese is added for richness, and the resulting balance of flavours is sublime. This burger is a timeless classic and pairs perfectly with the crispy golden fries.

Chicken Nuggets with Fries:

Our Chicken Nuggets with Fries are always a hit with the whole family. Chicken nuggets that are tender and full of flavour are breaded and fried until golden and crispy on the outside while still being juicy on the inside. The dish is excellent for sharing or eating on your own as a delicious snack, thanks to the addition of properly cooked fries.

Penne pasta with tomatoes and garlic toast:

Our Tomato Penne Pasta with Garlic Bread is the ideal meal for people pining for a taste of homely Italian cuisine. Penne pasta cooked to al dente is mixed with a savoury tomato sauce flavoured with fresh herbs and spices. The warm, freshly baked garlic bread that comes on the side of this robust pasta meal is the perfect accompaniment to the bold flavours of the pasta.


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Best Pub Food Cambridge:

Start your week well with a Get Burger Meal or Curry Bowl and a Pint for just £ 12.99 from 5–7 PM, Monday–Friday. Fridays and Saturdays, in addition to our regular menu, we also provide authentic biryani. Come down to the Brook Pub in Cambridge for some of the finest British pub grub.


At The Brook Pub, we’re proud to have a menu that suits various preferences. From American standards to exotic specialities. Our dishes are cooked with love and care. We serve some of the finest drinks, best summer pitchers, best cocktails, Wines and many more. We love to entertain our guests with Karaoke nights, live music nights, Open mic nights etc. Relax with us as we serve you these tasty treats and various drinks. When you dine at The Brook Pub Outdoor garden , thanks to our welcoming staff, you can count on terrific cuisine, fantastic company, and amazing memories.