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A defining feature of South Asian Cuisine is the tandoor oven, a clay cooking pot with origins on the Indian subcontinent. It was a huge step forward in the region’s culinary practices when it first emerged, which was in the distant past. Some of India’s most beloved foods are cooked in this cylindrical clay oven that is heated by charcoal or wood fire. This oven has influenced barbecue traditions all over the world. Here, we go into the origins, development, and enormous influence of the Best Traditional Indian Food in Cambridge.

Methods for Making Tandoori —

Marination Mastery:

Marination is a cornerstone of tandoori Cuisine. The best way to tenderize meats and veggies cooked in the tandoor is to marinate them first so they absorb the flavorful mixture. The yogurt in traditional tandoori marinades tenderizes the meat. While the spices—cumin, coriander, turmeric, and garam masala—make it taste even better. The sourness of vinegar or lemon juice cuts through the richness of the spices.

The Methods of Preparation:

Tandoor cooking is unique because of the oven’s construction and the high temperatures it can achieve. It typically range from 900°F to 930°F (480°C to 500°C). Skewering food and placing it vertically in an oven causes it to cook rapidly because of the high heat. By following this procedure, you can be sure that your food will have a crispy outside and a juicy, tasty inside.

Another effect of the tandoor’s unique cooking environment is the smokey flavor that has come to be associated with tandoori Cuisine. The marinaded meat dribbles over the hot charcoal or wood, imparting a smokiness and aromatic smoke that flavors the entire dish.

Famous Tandoori Dishes

Chicken Tandoori:

In tandoori chicken, one of the most well-known tandoori dishes, the chicken is marinated in a spiced yogurt mixture before being cooked in the tandoor. The end product has a charred, smokey surface and a juicy, tasty interior. This is one of the best Indian gastro-food items that people all around the world love to eat.


Many Indian dinners simply cannot be completed without this leavened flatbread. After being pressed against the inside walls of the tandoor, the dough expands and cooks until it gets just the right texture. A little crunch on the outside and soft, chewy inside.

Seekh Kebabs:

Stuffed with seasoned minced meat—often chicken or lamb—seeth kebabs are grilled in a tandoor oven. By maintaining a delicate and juicy interior with a crispy outside, high heat accomplishes the perfect storm.

Paneer Tikka:

Among vegetarians, paneer tikka is a favorite. Using a combination of yogurt and spices, cubes of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) are skewered and cooked in the tandoor.

Changing Global Barbecue Traditions-

Welcome to the West!

As more Indians migrated worldwide, particularly during the British colonial era, the tandoori cooking style became more popular. Many Indian traders and laborers brought their culinary traditions to Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. It was in the middle of the twentieth century, though, that tandoori food started to become seriously famous worldwide.

The Western world, and the US and UK in particular, began to see substantial growth in the popularity of Indian food in the 1960s and 1970s. Indian eateries sprung up, and the likes of tandoori chicken and naan shot to fame. Grilling and smoking meats were already beloved culinary traditions in these regions, and the smoky, charred flavors of tandoori cooking resonated with those traditions.

The tandoor oven’s journey from the ancient Indus Valley to modern kitchens worldwide is proof of its timeless charm and adaptability. Both Indian Cuisine and barbecue around the world owe a great deal to the Tandoori style of cooking. It is known for its robust flavours and distinctive preparation methods.

Many barbecue chefs and fans throughout the world have taken an interest in tandoori cooking techniques. Such as marinating meats in spices before grilling them at high temperatures with smokey seasonings. By introducing new fusion cuisines and different kinds of tandoor ovens, this intercultural dialogue has kept the age-old practice of tandoori cooking alive and well.

As we celebrate the tandoor oven’s long history, we must also acknowledge its influence on contemporary cooking techniques. It is just one more way in which long-lost customs can contribute to the development of new culinary traditions. The tandoor continues to represent culinary innovation, linking different culinary traditions from throughout the world and connecting generations.  We at the Brook pub also serve some of the best Cocktails for Summer.

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