Ideas for a Healthier Traditional Plum Cake For Christmas

We all love to enjoy different beautiful cakes and desserts at various festivals. Such festivals bring us so many varieties of desserts that we all like the most. If we talk about plum cake, then it is famous in many countries. Christmas brings in many desserts, plum cake the most. Cooking with fresh seasonal plums is a classic treat for a Christmas celebration. So, try out this delicacy and enjoy a yummy Christmas.

This traditional Christmas plum cake is prepared using the best quality fruits and nuts, along with wine and rum. It is an excellent amalgamation of sweet, sour and nutty flavours that everyone will love. The cake has become a part of almost every Christmas celebration, and this year is no different. Get your hands on the best and enjoy this delicious cake with your family and friends.

The traditional plum cake is a delicious treat for Christmas. While it is loaded with sugar and fat, these tips help you create a healthy version of the traditional cake while retaining the delicious taste of the original version. 

Ideas To Make Plum Cake Healthier:

  • Avoiding Sugar :

Do you want to make your cake gluten-free without compromising on taste? Eliminate excessive added sugar from your cake recipe by replacing it with naturally sweet ingredients like honey, stevia, agave, bananas, apricot puree and ground dates paste. These ingredients are nutrient-rich and will give you a perfectly balanced cake without compromising on taste.

  • Make it more Nutritious.

Nutritious Christmas desserts are not hard to make. No need to get fancy with specialized ingredients or bakeware. You can make use of some seeds to enhance the nutritional value of your favourite holiday dessert. You can opt for many sorts, like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds.

  • Use Healthier Flour:

Plum cake is traditionally made with all-purpose flour, which is not a healthy option. An excellent way to make the cake healthier would be to replace it with wheat flour, almond flour, quinoa flour, oats flour, coconut flour and chickpea flour. These ingredients will also add a unique flavour profile and texture to your cake!

  • Avoid Butter

You can make your favourite plum cake healthier with healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil. All you need is to flavour them and bake the cake as usual. Let go of butter from now on!

Bake a traditional plum cake for your family and friends and see them happy while they tuck into it. The secret unsweetened plum juice reduces the sugar content, making it a healthier version of your favourite cake. Also, eliminating the need for frosting, the plums bring a unique flavour to a classic recipe.

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