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Pub style chicken is a relative term, and it is being used to describe chicken dishes served in British pubs. It is most popular in the United Kingdom and is usually served as part of fish and chips. Pub style chicken is usually a fried chicken served with gravy and chips.

British pub-style chicken are chicken dishes that are being served in a broth. It is being eaten with a bread roll. Some pub-style chicken dishes include chicken pie, chicken pot pie, chicken curry, and chicken congee. These dishes are seen in British pubs, restaurants, and takeaways.

Pub-style chicken recipes are easy to make at home. We can find the classic dish in so many British pubs that it’s become a cliché. It’s also very popular in America. The British have, yet, taken pub-style chicken well beyond the traditional salt-and-pepper version.

You’ll find the recipes with many ingredients, from chipotle and lime to molasses and ginger. Some use orange juice, gherkins, or olives.

But no matter what flavours you choose, it’s important to know that pub-style chicken recipes are great. They generally involve chicken, salt, and pepper. And for the best results, use skin-on free-range chicken.

Coat the chicken with flour, salt, and pepper. The flour will help add flavour, and the flour crust will crisp up on the grill. Salt and pepper will help add flavour, too, but be sure to use enough. Next, sear the chicken on both sides. Searing the chicken will seal in the chicken flavour and ensure that you don’t end up with chewy chicken.

Cook the chicken on the stovetop first, then finish it in the oven, so it develops a nice crust. Next, serve your pub-style chicken family-style. This dish is always served family-style.  So if you’re serving it for one or two people, you’re going to have leftovers.

At the Brook pub in Cambridge, we serve the best Premium chicken and Ham pie. Pub-style chicken and ham pies are delicious, nutritious, hearty meals. They are perfect for a quick weeknight meal, and dinner party guests will love them too.

The recipes consist of a meat pie that is the chicken and ham pie, and it is often made with puff pastry. Although we use puff pastry for the pastry, you can use any pastry you desire. While the recipes look complex, it is simple to make.

When making pub-style chicken and ham pies, follow the steps in the recipe. To finish the recipe, brush each pastry shell with beaten egg.  Then sprinkle each pastry shell with bread crumbs. Pie shells do not have to be rightly shaped; once they are filled, they will attain the shape. Next, place each pastry shell on a baking sheet. After the pub-style chicken and ham pies have cooled, serve the pies with slices of lemon.

Another Chicken recipe from Brooks kitchen is the roasted half British chicken. Our chicken dish is an impressive meal that our customers always love to eat. The chicken legs, wings, and thighs are roasted to perfection. We will serve with vegetables and a herb sate sauce. At the Brook Pub, we serve not only British pub food but also Indian and Italian dishes. The best-selling dish is the chicken curry made from simple ingredients that leave the guests wanting more. We can prepare the curry according to the spice levels one can handle. So next time, try out the curry with some extra spice to enjoy more flavours.

The pub has a beautiful outdoor garden where kids and elders can have a great time. You can host family gatherings and parties with friends in the garden area. If you have a pet, then get them along as it’s a pet-friendly place too. 

We are also planning to open cocktails shortly, which will be notified on our social media soon. I guess it’s time to have more fun as we intend to bring in some positive vibe to our place after the pandemic. So join us for experiencing the best British pub food and the finest drinks we have to offer. 

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