Cambridge Beer and Food Festival | Events in Cambridge in May 2023

Cambridge Beer Festival

A beer festival, or “beer fest” as it’s known in the UK, celebrates the country’s rich beer heritage. Traditional beer festivals last several days and showcase brews from dozens of brewers all around the United Kingdom and occasionally even further afield. Festival-goers can try a variety of beers, some of which are only available at the festival.

Beer festivals are enormous social gatherings where people can try new beers, meet new people, and enjoy the company of others while also enjoying food, music, and other entertainment.

Cambridge Beer and Food Festival:

Summer is here, and what comes to our mind when we think of outdoor activities and fun in Summer? We all have gone through a rough phase of COVID, and in the last few years, no one got to enjoy Summer festivals in Cambridge.

So, here we come with King’s Weekend special Cambridge Beer and Food Festival from May 6th to 7th, 2023, 12 PM to 10 PM at the Brook Pub near Mill Road, Cambridge.

For the first time, Brook Pub will collaborate with ORENO Truck and TACO MAN Truck to serve you the finest Japanese, Mexican and Indian street food in the Brook Pub, Cambridge outdoor beer garden.


Let’s now learn more about the food served at the Cambridge Beer and Food Festival.


What we call “Indian street food” is what you’ll find for sale from sellers on the streets of India. Many people believe Indian street food to be among the world’s most savoury and delectable cuisines.

Indian street food has been popular in India for centuries, and its popularity has only grown over time. There are a few reasons why Indian street food has become so popular:

Affordability: Indian street food is often much cheaper than dining in a restaurant, which makes it a more accessible option for locals and tourists alike.

Convenience: Street food vendors are often located in busy areas, making grabbing a quick bite while on the go easy.

Unique flavours: Indian street food is known for its bold and unique flavours, created by using various spices and ingredients.

Tradition: Street food has been a part of Indian culinary culture for generations, and many people have fond memories of enjoying street food with friends and family.

Innovation: Street food vendors are often very creative in their cooking methods and ingredients, which has led to the development of new and exciting street food items.

Social media: With the rise of social media, many food bloggers and influencers have highlighted Indian street food, which has helped increase its popularity both in India and worldwide.

Indian street food has become popular due to its affordability, convenience, unique flavours, and strong cultural ties.

We at the Brook Pub serve some of the best authentic Indian, Italian and British food. Now let’s check out the street food truck menu served on the day of Beer & Food Fest in Cambridge.

Street Food will be served on May 6th and 7th from 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm. The items are 

  • Chicken Tikka
  • Chicken Pakora
  • Pav Bhaji (V)
  • Samosa chaat (V)
  • Pani Puri (V)
  • Egg Puff
  • Chicken Puff
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Paneer Biryani

Coming to Desserts on Day 1, Brook Pub will be serving some of the best sweets you have ever tasted on May 6th and 7th from 1 PM to 5 PM

  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Biscoff cake
  • Rasmalai Tres Leches
  • Tiramisu Mousse
  • Oreo Pops
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Popsicles (Several Flavors)

On Day 2, we will be serving different sweets from the menu so that you can get a chance to taste many of the Indian desserts.

  • Carrot Cake
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Rasmalai Tres Leches
  • Salted Caramel Cheesecake
  • White Oreo Pops
  • Popsicles (Several Flavors)


Oreno, which means “my” in Japanese, is a restaurant that focuses on kushiyaki and robatayaki grilling techniques using binchotan charcoal. Oreno’s signature dish is kushiyaki, which consists of meat or vegetables skewered onto bamboo skewers and grilled over charcoal. Meat eaters can have chicken thighs, pork bellies, and striploin beef fillet, while vegetarians can select between king oyster mushrooms and soy wheat tofu.

In addition to enjoying kushiyaki as a snack with a drink, you can also try it as a main course in the form of a donburi, where you get twice as many skewers in a bowl of sticky rice.

Each skewer is hand-assembled, and the kushiyaki tare marinade doesn’t include any wheat, dairy, eggs, or honey, so it’s great for those on a gluten-free or vegan diet.

Kushiyaki is always topped with chopped spring onion and sesame seeds ​to complement the sweet and savoury tare sauce. You can drizzle your kushiyaki with sweet miso or wasabi mayonnaise for added flavour.

Among the items on our menu are:

Kushiyaki: It is charcoal-grilled skewers.

Robatayaki is a Japanese dish of seasoned beef and vegetables grilled over charcoal.

Sushi: Oreno’s trademark rice seasoning, served on various sashimi, roll, nigiri, and maki preparations.

Poke Bowl: Seasoned sushi rice topped with vegetables to complement our kushiyaki, robatayaki, and sushi.

Everything we serve is homemade, including the seasonings and ingredients.

Orenos are delicious appetizers that are great for sharing. Your vegan and gluten customers will be overjoyed to see that you’ve thought of them.  

Oreno is a mobile food vendor that sets up shop at stands. We only need a place to cook our pre-made meals over our own LPG, which we will bring.


Since August 2022, Tacoman has offered tacos and nachos from their beautiful 1971 Citron SWB van. Since then, you may find them shopping at various venues, including public gatherings. You can find them eVERY Tuesday at Thirsty in Cambridge for ‘taco Tuesday, exclusive affairs, corporate outings, and even picture shoots. 

Beer and Food Fest Events:

When we talk about beer and food, we all want some fun activities to be included. So, Brook Pub has created some fun events in Cambridge in May 2023.

You can enjoy fun family games from 1 PM to 5 PM, food, and beer. We will also be serving 15-20 local beers to try over the weekend. For a good cause, we are organizing Mill road children’s Society charity Tambola. It is time for the events to be enjoyed by you all.

All the trucks and the events will be held in the best beer garden at the Brook Pub, Cambridge. If you like fun with kids, this is the place to visit on May 6th and 7th for fun games and street food.


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