Cocktails for your Perfect Taste by Brook Pub

In the simplest terms, a virgin drink is a drink that does not contain any alcohol. It’s also known as a mocktail. Often, when making mocktails and virgin drinks, one will replace the alcohol with a flavoured mixer like ginger ale, ginger beer, or tonic water. A virgin drink can be served cold, warm, or at room temperature or served it with or without ice. It can have any number of flavours or ingredients added (such as fruit or vegetables). It can come in sugar-free, gluten-free, or alcohol-free varieties.

The best thing about drinking virgin cocktails is that there are a lot of options available. There are so many different types of virgin drinks out there that it’s hard to choose. If you’re looking for something sweet, try a frozen strawberry margarita. If you want something fruity and refreshing, try a raspberry limeade. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a minty green tea. If you’re in the mood for something sweet but not sweet enough, try a chocolate martini.

Brook Pub serves some of the best Cocktails as well as Virgin cocktails: Let’s check them out

The Blue Hawaiian Mai Tai :

The Blue Hawaiian Mai Tai is a signature cocktail served at several locations around the world. The drink was created in 1967 by Donn Beach and is a variant of the Mai Tai cocktail. The drink consists of dark rum, pineapple juice, mango juice, blue curacao and lime juice. The drink is garnished with a pineapple wedge, filled with ice and grenadine syrup. The drink is served in a frosted glass with a pineapple wedge on top. 

Blue Hawaiian Mai tai is a popular drink among college students that originated in Hawaii. The drink is easy to make and can be made in any size glass.  This drink is sweet and refreshing and is a great drink to share with your friends. 

watermelon Martinis:

Sweet and refreshing watermelon martinis are perfect for any cocktail lover. The sweet flavour of the juicy fruit combined with Vodka makes for a perfect summer cocktail. Watermelon Martini is a drink that will make you feel like you are right in the thick of things at your next dinner party. It is made with vodka, watermelon syrup, lime juice and a few slices of watermelon. The watermelon syrup has a touch of sweetness that goes perfectly with vodka and is a great addition to many summer cocktails.

This is a classic cocktail that’s perfect for any occasion. The watermelon syrup gives this drink a unique texture and flavour that will make it a hit at any cocktail party. The vodka is neutral enough that it won’t get overpowered by the other ingredients and will allow those flavours to stand out. The lime juice gives the drink some sweetness while the watermelon slices add a nice crunch. This is a recipe that’s perfect for any social occasion – from a dinner party to a casual night out with friends.

The classic martini glass is the perfect choice for serving your favourite cocktails. The wide mouth and flared glass design allow for plenty of drinking room, while the wide rim ensures that your chosen spirit will settle evenly in the glass.

We serve the cocktails in the best glasses to ensure that our customers can understand what they are drinking and yet look stylish. So what glasses are best for serving cocktails? to start with, it depends on what kind of cocktails to serve. If you’re serving a mixed drink, you probably want something with a thicker glass base so that your guests can see how much they drink. If you’re serving a single cocktail, you might want to go for something with a thinner glass base so it looks more stylish.

At the Brook Pub, it’s not only the drink that’s important but serving it in the right way is also a part of the taste. Different glasses are used for serving as some of them are filled with crushed ice, some with salt or powdered sugar. Each glass has its importance while serving our customers.

So next time you are here please do try out our new cocktails and leave you feedback. We are sure to serve you the best drinks and food that one can enjoy anytime.

Some of Brook Pub’s Amazing Cocktails

There are many cocktails that originated in Great Britain. In fact, it seems like almost every drink you find at a pub or restaurant has a British connection. Some are considered traditional British drinks while others are more modern inventions. Either way, if you’re visiting Great Britain you’ll want to sample these drinks for yourself.

The British have a long history of mixing wine and spirits. In fact, some consider cocktails to be part of our cultural heritage. The origins of cocktails can be traced back to the very first glass that was ever poured. While there is no definitive record of when the very first cocktail was made or by whom, historians estimate that the first cocktail was created somewhere between 1660 and 1700.

The best thing about British cocktails is that most of them are easy to make. Most drinks are also inexpensive — after all, they are made with ingredients that are readily available in any supermarket or liquor store. But if you are looking for something unusual, then you might want to try making your own. This is a great way to learn how to make your own drinks and share them with your friends and family.

Let’s check out some Best Cocktails served by the Brook Pub :

Matcha Pisco Sour:

What’s better than a refreshing, refreshing beverage? A cocktail. And when it comes to the best cocktails available, Pisco Sour has to be at the top of the list. The sweet and tart combination of liquor and tea is the perfect pick-me-up for a cold day or evening. The addition of egg white gives this cocktail an extra boost of protein, which makes it ideal for breakfast or evening snacks. The different textures of the ingredients also give it an extra layer of complexity, making it just that much more satisfying.

The Pisco Sour is perhaps the quintessential cocktail. It may be the perfect balance between sweet and bitter, with citrus notes balanced by rich, creamy, vanilla flavours. It’s the type of cocktail that makes you think wow, this is amazing! Many bartenders consider it the foundation of their craft and it’s easy to see why. The Pisco Sour is easy to make, versatile and delicious. It takes very little effort and virtually eliminates any need for storage space. It’s also incredibly easy to customize, allowing you to tailor each drink to your personal preference. This drink needs to be served in an Old Fashioned Glass.

Bombay Spiced Mary :

The Bombay Spiced Mary is a refreshing cocktail perfect for hot summer days. It’s packed full of flavour – from the spice-infused gin to the tart and earthy celery. The addition of fresh lemon and tomato juice helps bring out the citrus flavours in the gin, while the Worcestershire sauce brings a delicious sweetness to the cocktail. The cinnamon, salt, pepper and Tabasco adds just the right amount of spice to the drink – without overpowering it.

This is one of my most popular cocktails, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great summer drink with bright citrus flavours, and the addition of spice adds some extra kick. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling summery and want a change of pace from your usual drink. It’s also one of the most simple cocktails I’ve ever made. It’s basically a Bombay Sapphire Gin Highball garnished with a little bit of something extra.

Bombay Spiced Mary is the perfect drink for anyone who loves gin and tonics. It is a classic cocktail that is easy to make at home. It is ideal for parties and celebrations. This drink has an interesting mix of flavours, is easy to make and always adds a little extra zing to your celebrations. 

Passion fruit Mojito:

Passion fruit Mojito is an exotic twist on an old favourite. It’s a refreshing blend of light rum, fresh mint, passion fruit puree, crushed ice and soda water. The addition of soda water gives this cocktail a floral flavour that compliments the fruity hints of the rum and passion fruit. You can serve this drink in a tall glass or lowball glass. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit with your guests this summer! 

This is a great summer drink that you can enjoy on any occasion. The rum is sweet but balanced out by the lime juice and mint. If you want it a little more alcoholic, you can add a little more sugar or alcohol to the lime juice. You can also add some mint leaves on top for extra flavour or you can leave them off the top. The lime wedges provide a crisp, refreshing flavour and a bit of citrus aroma. The drink may not be very photogenic but it’s easy to make and it’s perfect for a hot summer day or evening. Enjoy!

Come into the Brook Pub at Cambridge to enjoy some of the well-served cocktails from our bar. Our outdoor garden is open for you all to bring in your family and friends to enjoy some drinks. It’s a pet-friendly place allowing you to bring your dogs and cats for some fun.

How To Make An Easy Pub-Style Chicken A blog about how to make food for everyone to enjoy

Pub style chicken is a relative term, and it is being used to describe chicken dishes served in British pubs. It is most popular in the United Kingdom and is usually served as part of fish and chips. Pub style chicken is usually a fried chicken served with gravy and chips.

British pub-style chicken are chicken dishes that are being served in a broth. It is being eaten with a bread roll. Some pub-style chicken dishes include chicken pie, chicken pot pie, chicken curry, and chicken congee. These dishes are seen in British pubs, restaurants, and takeaways.

Pub-style chicken recipes are easy to make at home. We can find the classic dish in so many British pubs that it’s become a cliché. It’s also very popular in America. The British have, yet, taken pub-style chicken well beyond the traditional salt-and-pepper version.

You’ll find the recipes with many ingredients, from chipotle and lime to molasses and ginger. Some use orange juice, gherkins, or olives.

But no matter what flavours you choose, it’s important to know that pub-style chicken recipes are great. They generally involve chicken, salt, and pepper. And for the best results, use skin-on free-range chicken.

Coat the chicken with flour, salt, and pepper. The flour will help add flavour, and the flour crust will crisp up on the grill. Salt and pepper will help add flavour, too, but be sure to use enough. Next, sear the chicken on both sides. Searing the chicken will seal in the chicken flavour and ensure that you don’t end up with chewy chicken.

Cook the chicken on the stovetop first, then finish it in the oven, so it develops a nice crust. Next, serve your pub-style chicken family-style. This dish is always served family-style.  So if you’re serving it for one or two people, you’re going to have leftovers.

At the Brook pub in Cambridge, we serve the best Premium chicken and Ham pie. Pub-style chicken and ham pies are delicious, nutritious, hearty meals. They are perfect for a quick weeknight meal, and dinner party guests will love them too.

The recipes consist of a meat pie that is the chicken and ham pie, and it is often made with puff pastry. Although we use puff pastry for the pastry, you can use any pastry you desire. While the recipes look complex, it is simple to make.

When making pub-style chicken and ham pies, follow the steps in the recipe. To finish the recipe, brush each pastry shell with beaten egg.  Then sprinkle each pastry shell with bread crumbs. Pie shells do not have to be rightly shaped; once they are filled, they will attain the shape. Next, place each pastry shell on a baking sheet. After the pub-style chicken and ham pies have cooled, serve the pies with slices of lemon.

Another Chicken recipe from Brooks kitchen is the roasted half British chicken. Our chicken dish is an impressive meal that our customers always love to eat. The chicken legs, wings, and thighs are roasted to perfection. We will serve with vegetables and a herb sate sauce. At the Brook Pub, we serve not only British pub food but also Indian and Italian dishes. The best-selling dish is the chicken curry made from simple ingredients that leave the guests wanting more. We can prepare the curry according to the spice levels one can handle. So next time, try out the curry with some extra spice to enjoy more flavours.

The pub has a beautiful outdoor garden where kids and elders can have a great time. You can host family gatherings and parties with friends in the garden area. If you have a pet, then get them along as it’s a pet-friendly place too. 

We are also planning to open cocktails shortly, which will be notified on our social media soon. I guess it’s time to have more fun as we intend to bring in some positive vibe to our place after the pandemic. So join us for experiencing the best British pub food and the finest drinks we have to offer. 

How we serve the best burger in the market a blog around Burgers

First of all, what is a burger? A hamburger is a sandwich consisting of a cooked patty of ground meat. It is usually served in a sliced bun as part of a larger meal. But, there are many types of burgers in the market. Starting from the traditional hamburger to the cheeseburger. In this article, we will discuss how to make one of the best burgers for most taste and satisfaction.

Burgers are one of the best high-protein foods, and among these burgers, we have many types. For example, there is a classic burger, a burger with cheese, a burger with meat changes, the meat, and so on. But what makes a great burger?

There are many factors that can affect the quality of the burger:

The quality and freshness of beef and ingredients. The excellent taste of beef is due to its tenderness. When we cook the meat we must pay attention to the quality and freshness of the meat. It is because if it does not make good taste for our mouth, it will make us sick.

The seasoning of the mushrooms or other ingredients such as garlic or onions adds flavor. These seasonings make a good taste for your mouth if they are fresh and of good quality. These seasonings also add flavor to the meat. So you must use it in every bite that you eat to get the best taste.

The ratio between cheese and vegetables or other ingredients such as bacon or onions must be right. We must not put too much cheese in our mouths as we can get fat. When we are using cheese in burgers, these ratios are very important when eating.

If you want to make sure that your burgers are delicious, you have to get all the right ingredients. The best way to do this is by using a meat grinder. You can use any type of grinder, but it’s important that you get one that has an adjustable blade. This will ensure that your burgers get grounded well and produce a great result every time.

You’ll also need some method for storing your ground beef before cooking it. You should always use airtight containers. This is because your burgers will only be good for a day or two. If you go this route, you should invest in some vacuum sealer bags. These are great for making sure that your burgers stay fresh. It helps not to lose too much quality on the way to market.

There’s a fundamental problem with the burger industry. People should understand how to make a great burger.

A good burger should be juicy and flavorful, with a crust that holds together and doesn’t fall apart. It should have a good balance of beef to bread (and some other things, like tomato). It should cook in medium-well and serve on fresh-baked bread.

One of the most important elements of any burger is that it has some sort of visual appeal. If your burger looks like something you could find on the side of the road, you’ve got problems. But if it looks like something you’d find at a pub or a restaurant, you’ve got something special.

We at the Brook Pub serve the best Burgers in Cambridge. Our menu includes Southern fried chicken, Classic beef, and Spicy veg burger. Most of our customers love to try spicy food so for them we can make the dish hot. Some of the items in the menu can be customized as per the spice levels. We bring fresh ingredients every day from the market to get the best taste. 

We love to hear from our customers about reviews on the items they ordered. This helps us to improve day by day and to keep up the best name in the community. Most of our customers are daily people coming from in and around the community. They love to watch Live Football games on the large T.V along with a beer. This allows them to have good communication with people around them.

We open from Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 11 pm, and Friday to Saturday from 12 pm to midnight. We also have weekly food offers that you can grab up and also enjoy the Sunday roast lunch from 12 pm to 5 pm. You can either call and book a table or order from a takeaway. 

Planning for a visit to Cambridge, then come in to enjoy some of the finest beverages. Don’t forget to try our British Pub food, and our spicy burgers.

Pub Food That Tastes Like Home – the best cooked pub food

Have you ever had pub food that tasted so good you couldn’t stop eating it? It could have been the food, the staff, or the atmosphere that made you addicted. I have had my fair share of pub food and have created a list of the best pub foods that taste like home. Which will help you please your craving while staying within your budget. Pub food can be hard to come by, especially in cities where you can’t walk down the street and grab some decent food without paying a lot of cash for it. So here is my list of the best pub foods that taste like home.

The pub is one of the oldest and most essential spaces in the UK, and for a good reason. It’s filled with people from all walks of life – young families, couples, an elderly couple and even a few pensioners (!). It’s also one of the favourite places for many people to go when they want to unwind after a hard day’s work or leisure time. So what makes good pub food? Well, let’s have a look at some characteristics that can make a regular customer become a regular favourite in your pub!! Pub food should be quick and easy to prepare – no need to cook between orders. It should taste good, too – don’t skimp on the quality of your ingredients!

Imagine this, you are in a bar, and the place is busy. You order your food and look at the menu. There is something about the place that attracts you and makes you want to come back again and again. Some places have great food and atmosphere, others not so much. It all comes down to a bit of taste of home that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to come back again. We call this the Pub Food That Tastes Like Home. This blog is about helping people find those unique places where they want to eat more often.

The best pub food comes from people who enjoy what they do and are passionate about it. It isn’t about chains or franchising – it’s about a personal and passionate connection with our customers. The best way to grow your business is to connect with people. Let them know precisely why they should come to you for their food needs. The pub industry is small but passionate. Let us make it even smaller and tastier!

A local pub with a good menu and reasonable prices are what the customers need. The Brook Pub in Cambridge is the place that serves food based on what the menu states. This place is good every time you visit. Anyone who spends time in pubs knows that it’s easy to get carried away by the endless options. The overpowering smells coming from the kitchen makes you place an order. Luckily, most pubs have a kitchen wall dedicated to food. Suppose you want some fantastic pub food. At Brook pub, we use fresh ingredients to prepare the dishes. Our ultimate goal is to share with you the best thing that each one of us can eat while sitting around a pub table having a couple of drinks.

British people love Pubs and Pub food. Coming from a place like Cambridge, people are open-minded and are willing to try something new. We prepare the best British pub food and apart from that our menu also includes Indian and Italian food. Most of our customers like to try our Chicken curry, Beef curry and Chicken Lasagne. The pub is close to Cambridge University, allowing the students to come in for some quick bites. They love the starters like Onion bhaji, Chicken 65 and Grilled Chicken Wings here. 

Coming to our pub allows you to meet new people and create memories. It’s also a pet-friendly place, and kids could have fun in the outdoor garden. People who love indoors can have access to the indoor bar. We also entertain our guests with live events and games. Our place is open for celebrating birthdays, office parties and get together. You all can enjoy the pub food that tastes like home, making you feel happy.


Taste the Local Flavor. A blog about British Pub

In the past couple of years there has been a great resurgence of British Pubs. Like to the craft beer craze, the pub industry is experiencing a small revolution. Local ingredients, as well as historical culture used to create authentic pubs.  This is great news for you because although you may not be familiar with every type of food that is being served in a traditional British Pub. You sure as hell know how to get hungry while at one of them!

In the summer months visitors from far and wide come to enjoy the cosy place of Brook. Before they go they leave behind memories that will last a lifetime. While you may never have been, you need to visit the place to experience the food. At Brook British Pub we have worked hard to create a list of recognized outstanding pub foods and drinks. We hope you enjoy it!

The Brook British Pub, in Cambridge, is a hidden gem right on the doorstep of Cambridge. Within easy walking distance from where you are likely to find your college campus. This cosy, atmospheric place serves up some of the best food in the area. British Pubs hits the nail on the head when it comes to providing our customers with top-notch pub experiences. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best food, atmosphere and service. It all starts with our food and drink which is fresh and bought from local market. Our friendly team of chefs prepares food for the customers according to their taste. We pride ourselves on giving all our customers the unique opportunity to enjoy.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and there are few things more visual than pub food. The smell of frying bacon and toast wafting through the air as you order your pint is an experience in itself. It creates the atmosphere for any party you organise. So when you’re deciding where to grab an outdoor meal or a drink at a local pub. It’s wise to choose something that has good reputation with customers. There are plenty of reasons why people love visiting British pubs. It’s the only place where making new friends to meeting new people, enjoying a great time is at the top of the list.

The most popular reason to go to a pub is to try something new. Food from another country, an atmosphere different from your own, a craft or two. Many people who live in the U.K. don’t have a favorite place to go out because there are too many options. Too many different types of pubs, too many different types of food. So you can fast forward through the days until you decide which one you want to visit.

When you decided to go to a pub then drop in at our Brook pub in Cambridge. Here we serve the best Sunday Roast, Onion Bhajji and many more curries. One can indulge in tasting ur finest wines, Cask Ales, Beers and other bevergages. If someone is not in a mood for a drink then they got options to choose from teas, coffees or juices. We are planning to sart a new section of cocktails soon in our bar which we will update in our facebook.

We have a crazy go of orders for food pickup each day due to the pandemic. Still most of our customers are coming in to enjoy their food at the pub. We are following all the governemnt rules of social distancing for the safety of the people. We are happy to say that our doors are once again opened for the people and would love to see the local customers more. We miss the energetic vibrations that comes from you all while watching the game our big T.V in the premises.

When you travel, there are many things that can make or break your experience. It isn’t the language or the food (although those play a big part) but also the people’s attitudes and sense of style. There is something very British about the idea of a local pub. It is a tradition dating back hundreds of years in some parts of the world. Although it might not be everyone’s first thought. We mjust consider where to eat after a foreign trip, a proper British pub is well worth a try.

English Countryside Pub Food: A write up of the classic Brook Pub has to offer.

Going to a pub is a day out for Englishmen. A proper English meal, a proper pint and proper night’s rest can be the reward for an exhausting day in the office or an exciting day out on the town. Pub food is served Sunday – Thursday 12-11 Pm and Friday – Saturday 12 to midnight, but there is a list of suggested pairings that goes with each dish so you can get the full Brook experience.

Despite being situated in the heart of Cambridge, Brook Pub Food is small and bohemian. The menu changes occasionally but includes everything you’d expect from a local gastro-pub. The Indoor area is speckled with wall paintings and littered with cushions and high chairs from when previous customers have left for the day. The interior is delightfully atmospheric, with warm lighting lending a cosy glow to the listening gallery, Indoor bar and live T.V. If you fancy an intimate atmosphere with fine dining as your winter soundtrack, then come on down to Brook and indulge in some of the best traditional British pub food.

This guide to Cambridge’s greatest pub food highlights the finest dishes made by our chefs with the local ingredients and produce. Sit down under the stars with your mates for a good night out on real ale or wine from the local cask, and enjoy some very special food from some of Brook’s favourite menu. Be surprised by what you discover; our knowledge is quite extensive yet you might find something new, or familiar, that you didn’t know about the area.

A visit to Brook will always be a delight. Not only is the pub itself a pleasure, but the atmosphere and surroundings are conducive to a good time. Everyone should try their hand at some of the delicious traditional pub food; the range is extensive and includes vegetarian and vegan options. You’ll also discover some of the oldest, finest spirits at the Brook pub while you imbibe your favourite type of beer from the Brook Pub garden – around which there is a wide variety of food as well as local news and entertainment. The Brook pub is also one of the most unique and delicious neighborhood joints because of the food and the environment. 

Even if you haven’t visited Brook yet, you’ve most likely heard of it. They’re one of the top pubs in the UK, and well known for their delicious food and quirky atmosphere. It’s also worth mentioning that they offer some of the best food offers in Cambridge!! After visiting Cambridge on holiday, One can vouch for this – as our food is worth tasting for!! So, without further ado, here’s my pub food write up. Hope you enjoy…

Outdoor Beer Pub Garden | Brook Pub Cambridge | British Pub food

Summer is an appropriate time for Outdoor Beer pub gardens for people to gather with family and friends; we can also increase sales in winter when it comes to outdoor pubs. Most of us love to spend time in the outdoor space, even in the cold weather, as long as they are kept warm and dry. We can have heaters, blankets, and hot water bottles in the garden to make it cozy. It’s a good idea to give the customers the experience of both the weathers.

Some may opt to cover the garden area with canvas or cannoli in various sizes and shapes. Thinking of constructing a permanent structure would cost a lot than using these flexible and less cost-effective cannolis and canvas. It brings in the joy of enjoying the cold under the temporary roof with heaters on the side to keep them warm. Suppose one is planning to get a permanent structure to be built covering the entire beer garden. In that case, it’s always good to leave some space open on the roof, allowing the cool breeze to flow inside during summer then transformed into a cozy winter place with rugs or other materials to close the roof.

We all love games, especially when organized outdoors like music nights, Karaoke, Poker games, etc. would be great. If you are looking for the best outdoor garden experience, then The Brook Pub in Cambridge is the place to visit. Customers love our services, and they come very often with family and friends. We always get fresh ingredients from the market for preparing the curries and salads. We are also noted for serving Indian dishes like Chicken curry, beef curry, onion bhaji, chicken 65, etc., and various Italian dishes like beef lasagne, mushroom risotto, etc. We are known for our finest Wines, Cask Ales, Beers, Gins, and Whiskies. Some of our customers may not like alcohol, and we do have something for them like cocktails, teas, and coffees. There is always something to drink for everyone here.

The British people are known for their food, fashion, Universities, and culture all through the globe. There are over 60,000 pubs in the U.K where some of which have two bars, one being the Indoor bar and the other Outdoor bar. Today, customers head to the pub to enjoy alcohol and food and relax and spend a good amount of time with family and friends. We at the Brook Pub entertain our guests with Live Sports on T.V placed at the premises. The local customers are regular visitors to the pub as they love to watch their favorite sports on T.V and enjoy their drinks. In addition, it allows them to meet new people and talk about various topics.

As our pub is situated close to the University, we see many students hanging out at our pub with friends enjoying British pub food or evening snacks. A great place to enjoy food and beer after a college break. Our customers are free to give their views on our pub and food, allowing us to make changes for a better environment. We serve through our hearts and try to give 100% to our customers.

Next time you are here in Cambridge, make it a point to stop by the Brook pub to enjoy your evening.

U.K. Pub Market Bounce Back

The year 2021 has brought new hopes to people all around the world. Many businesses have bounced back positively following a catastrophic year in 2020. People have come up with very innovative new ideas as well as crowd appeal.

2020 A year of Loss for the Pub Market:

In 2020, the U.K. Pubs saw a heavy loss due to the pandemic. The main reason for consumers not visiting pubs are:

  • Not to visit busy places
  • To reduce the spread of the virus
  • Its much cheaper to drink at home.

A big challenge for pubs is to take safety measures for the customers. Nearly 11% of the people don’t feel like going to a pub, so the remaining are willing to go if they are assured of the precautions taken. When asked what safety rules they would like to see in pubs for the foreseeable future, the answers were:

  • Maintaining social distance while seating
  • Hand Sanitizing stations
  • Contactless payment only

Now Pub Market is back in action to recover the lost revenue in 2021:

Markets worldwide had seen many ups and downs in 2020, but the availability of vaccines in early 2021 has given the confidence to bounce back. The reports say that this year 2021 will see a growth of 104% in the U.K. pub market, reclaiming the loss seen due to coronavirus.

The pub owners have come up with various solutions depending on the unfavorable variables. However, most of them have expanded their outdoor garden using creative skills, introduced fast delivery services and easy payment methods. Trying to elevate such things will encourage the customers to visit pubs over the coming months and bring the pub market loss.

There has been a very high demand for takeaways post lockdown. Nearly 16% of people have purchased takeaway beer, and 76% will do so if such services remain. 14% of customers have ordered cocktails to takeaway, and more than 80% will do post lockdown. As much as 45% of pubs have elevated their outdoor space and invested more to improvise their outdoor pub garden area. They have introduced heated, well-sheltered outdoor space for the customers to enjoy their time without transmitting the virus. We need to use better technology to provide good and fast services to the customers during this pandemic.

One way to increase orders is to update the menu and add on some fresh salads at our Brook Pub. We have given a new twist to some of our dishes and included new ones too. We are also planning to start cocktails soon, which will be updated on our Facebook. Finally, we included dart games for our customers as few events are put to a temporary halt. We have the best outdoor space to enjoy fresh air, drinks, and pub food and create memories. It’s also a pet-friendly place, so do get your pets to spend quality time with them in an open space.

Our Outdoor garden area is open to hosting birthday parties, small get-togethers, etc.; Pre-order your food and have fun with your celebrations while our cooks prepare the best dishes for you. Join us on Facebook to get more updates as we are looking forward to starting new events and food soon. Our customers are the best critics, and we love to hear your feedback to improvise on the menu and the ambiance. 


The Best British Sauces

Food connects people in the world, especially when we are talking about various flavors. The British are very passionate about their food and their sauces. There are multiple varieties that people love to eat with their meals, and they are well aware of what Sauce goes well with the dish.

The British sauces differ slightly from other countries, and one can find many varieties of dips that can be seen elsewhere. Let’s check out the most British Sauce consumed by its people.

  • Worcester Sauce: 

Made this Sauce around 1840 A.D in the city of Worcester. It has a unique flavor that combines vinegar, molasses, garlic, anchovies, tamarind pulp, chili, pepper powder, sugar, salt, cloves, soy, lemon essence, and pickles. One can enjoy the Sauce over a sausage, chops, toasted cheese, steaks, etc. Sometimes we can raise the taste of some dishes like meat stews, casseroles, pies, soups, and marinades by adding this Sauce. The popular drink classic Bloody Mary is prepared by adding a little Worcester sauce. 

  • Marmite Sauce: 

This Sauce is a somewhat sticky, dark brown paste with a powerful smell and flavor of salt. This food spread is made from yeast extract. A teaspoon of it is added to French onion soup for extra flavor, Bolognese, and meaty stews. Most British people apply this paste on the whole chicken while roasting to get golden salty skin. Sometimes can use the spread on toasts and poached eggs, cheese sandwiches, or crackers.

Even though this spread is widely used in various dishes, it also has a wrong side: high sodium content. If used on a large scale, then one can suffer from hyponatremia or sodium poisoning.

  • Mint Sauce:

It is a sweet and sour sauce that was used a lot during medieval times in Europe. It’s made with chopped spearmint in vinegar and sugar. One can use fresh mint to get the extra fresh flavor. This Sauce cannot be used as a spread on chicken for roast due to its sweet and sour taste. As many new sauces have come up in this modern era, people tend to use less mint sauce. There are few pubs and restaurants that still serve mint sauce even today.

  • Ketchup: 

Who is not aware of this finger-licking sauce “Ketchup.” Anywhere around the world, you go this Sauce plays an integral part in fast foods. Made with simple ingredients like tomatoes, sweetener, and vinegar, mixed with other seasonings and spices like onions, allspice, coriander, cloves, cumin, garlic, mustard, cinnamon, ginger, and sometimes celery.

In the U.K, Heinz is the top company that produces the maximum ketchup. Ketchup is also known as tomato sauce by the British people. It is eaten with chips, burgers, hot dogs, chicken, wedges, etc. I guess we can eat it with pretty much any starters.

  • Brown Sauce:

The name itself says that it is a dark brown color sauce that is quite popular in Britain. The ingredients are simple to find in the market, such as tomatoes, molasses, dates, apples, tamarind, spices, and vinegar. Sometimes raisins or anchovies are added to get a distinct taste. It tastes sweet and peppery, similar to Worcester sauce. Many places make this Sauce, but the best one comes from the Daddies brand from Britain. It is used on sausage rolls, bacon sandwiches, fish & chips, and a full English breakfast.

  • Piccalilli:

It’s a mix of Indian pickles like chopped pickled vegetables and spices. The British have a recipe that contains different vegetables like cauliflower, onion, and gherkin. The seasonings used are mustard and turmeric. This mix has everything from vegetables to spices to color. The rich yellow color attracts many to taste the dish, and all love it. First, made the mix a bit chunky and later made it into a smooth paste. It’s eaten with cold meats like ham and head cheese and traditional Ploughman’s lunch served with bread, meat, onions, and butter.

  • English Mustard:

Mustard sauce is famous all over the world. Some of the places serve it with thick consistency while others are in a bit tin. Let it be any form; it still tastes the best with hot dogs, sandwiches, and burgers. English mustard tends to be the most desirable variety globally, with a bright yellow color attracting the eyes. There are many brands now in the market, but Colman’s mustard is famous as a powder in 1814. It will be sold as a ready-made sauce just waiting to be squeezed on your favorite dish in the coming years.

  • Branston Pickle:

It’s a bit similar to Piccalilli sauce that has diced veggies. Still, Branston pickle also includes carrots, onions, and cauliflower pickled in a sauce made from vinegar, tomatoes, apples, and spices. The British version uses corn syrup while preparing thin Sauce, whereas they use sugar in the American version. So, the British people still go with their original sweet and spicy Sauce with chutney-like consistency. One can find some sandwich shops selling cheese and pickles as a lunchtime option. This spread can be made with significant veggies or as a small chunk to spread on the bread.

  • Liquor:

The name itself makes people think that liquor is used in the preparation. It’s not correct as it is made with parsley and eaten with London-style Pie and mash. Adding the Sauce to pie and mash is confusing, but sellers think they go well with the dishes and earn extra money.

  • Bread Sauce:

Two simple ingredients: bread crumbs and milk combined to form the Bread sauce. This Sauce is eaten with Turkey or roast chicken. We can add onion, salt, cloves, mace, pepper, and bay leaf to bring in more flavor. Sometimes the fat that oozes out of the roasted chicken can be added for additional taste. To get the best bread sauce use slightly stale bread as one can use leftover bread without throwing it.

  • Gravy

It is a sauce that is usually in liquid form. It is made from juices of cooking meats that are mixed with wheat flour for texture. If one wants to color the gravy and add flavor, we can put in some gravy salt made from salt and caramel food coloring. We also get ready-made cubes like OXO and powders like Bisto that can be used instead of gravy on meats and vegetable extracts. We can eat the Sauce with Sunday roast, Pie & Mash, and Chips.

There are so many sauces around the world that explain their Culture, Country, Region, and Heritage. People might use the same ingredients for a sauce, but the style of preparing it differs. In this modern and ever-growing world, we try out many new dishes, curries, and Sauces to please our appetite by adding extra ingredients, but one thing does not change at all, and that is the base of the Sauce. The British do love their food topped with juicy, sticky, sweet, and sour Sauce.

In Brook Pub, we prepare the best sauces from fresh ingredients brought from the local market. Our cooks understand that the newer the ingredients are, we can make the best Sauce. We are open to know more about our customers’ different dips as we think each one has its twist. 

Come In to enjoy some of the main course dishes served at the Brook Pub in Cambridge, along with our finest wines and beverages.