Welcome Back To The Brook Pub in Cambridge | Outdoor Garden

It’s been a long time @ the Brook Pub in Cambridge !!

We would like to share the great news with you all as we will be re-opening our Brook Outdoor Garden from the 13th of April. It has been a long wait for you all to come and fill your thirst without drinks and also to taste our newly added food menu items.

As we all have been affected by the pandemic around us we are adhering to the Government’s guidance on social distancing. The rule of 6 with only 2 households per table will be strictly followed. We will be opening only the beer garden as the Indoor bar permission is not approved by the Government. We are opened from Tuesday to Sunday and the timings are from 12 pm to 7 pm until 17th May. Till this date, the food and drinks will be served in the outdoor garden where you got can enjoy the open sky and warm sun.

As the indoor bar is not opened till the 17th of May we won’t be showing any live sports on T.V till then. We understand how much you all love sports and watching it live on T.V with a cool beer is even more fun. Waiting is always good as you might see quite some changes at our bar soon !!

Indoor or Outdoor bar doesn’t matter as long as you all enjoy our drinks and food. We have updated our menu and come up with some exciting sandwich’s like Roast Beef Sandwich, Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich, Cheese & Onion Sandwich, etc. We also have healthy summer salads made from fresh ingredients and local produce.

At the Brook pub, you can get weekly food offers on any Burger + Drink at 10.95 pounds or any Curry + Drink at 10.95 pounds. You can order from Monday to Saturday and the timings are between 5 pm to 7 pm. So hurry up to grab this offer and enjoy a good meal. If you are planning for a Sunday lunch then join us to enjoy our Sunday roast. Book your table by calling us @ 01223 410023 or arrange a takeaway. The order can be placed from 12 pm to 5 pm and that too only on Sundays.

It’s not only food that’s good at the Brook Pub, even our drinks menu offers you to choose from the finest Wines to Whiskies, Rum, Cask Ales, and other spirits and Liquors. We also have soft drinks, Champagne, and cocktails for those who don’t wish to drink alcohol.

At our pub, we offer a 15% discount for all Senior citizens who are 65 and above. This offer is from Monday to Saturday between 11 am to 3 pm. This time we wanted to pay our respect to the NHS staff for their humble services to the people. We have come up with a 10% discount which is applicable every day.

Soon you all will be walking through our doors to enjoy your day at our Brook garden with our new updated menu and drinks. To bring back the beautiful memories spent here like before we have decided to add a new game soon at our pub. Watch out for more new excitement in the game front as we will be starting the Dart game for all the game lovers out there. Apart from the games, we wanted to do something different for you all this time. We wanted to introduce hookah pipes with various flavors like grape, strawberry, mint, apple, watermelon, etc. The start of this new idea will be announced soon.

As the month of June is approaching the UEFA Euro football cup fever will be rising high across the nation starting from 10th June to 10th July. Each and everyone cheering for their teams with high energy can be seen soon as we will be screening the live event for you all at the Pub. This is going to be a big football event as England is playing for the cup. Come in with your family and friends to enjoy the game.

On behalf of the Brook Pub we want you from all to buckle up for the upcoming events and check out our Social media posts for more updates in the coming months. So, mark the date 13th of April, where our door will be opened by our humble staff for you all to come in and enjoy your meal. So check out our new menu for more choice of food and order by call or book a table well in advance. The indoor bar will be opened soon and it will be informed to you all. We all hope that from the 21st of June everything will settle down to normal.

We can’t wait to Quinch your thirst!! Hope to see you all soon !!!!!!

How is Cask Ale Brewed

British culture is well known for its brewed Cask Ales and beers. People like to socialize while enjoying their beer. It’s a culture that is followed for years by the people who surely know how to have fun in their lives. In the U.K  you can find pubs on every corner street as a popular hang-out place for everyone. It’s a new gateway for the students to meet new people and end up being good friends. British culture has got a long history for the traditions they follow while brewing beers and ales. It’s not all of them who can brew a perfect beer one needs to know the right method and process to make one.

Let’s see how Cask ales are brewed and stored for fermentation:

The first thing to do is to grind the malted barley that opens the grains exposing the starch present init. The product known as grist is mixed with hot water in a container for 75 minutes. Once the hot water is added it activates the enzymes within the grist and the central starch starts to break and convert into fermentable sugars. The enzymes work differently with temperature variations to produce the type of sugars that brewers need. This helps them to decide what type of beer they want to make like a sweet beer, dry or full-bodied, etc,

The sugary solution wort is separated from the grain husks at the bottom of the mash bin. The husk layer acts as a natural filter for the wort. Once its collected the leftover grain is used as animal feed at farms. Once the wort is separated from the grain it is transferred into a large copper vessel. The wort is boiled for an hour to sterilize the brew and then we add the first set of hops that bring in the bitterness to the final beer. The next-hops are added at last that gives aroma and flavor to the beer, but the bitterness depends on the first set of hops that are added.

The Wort now is cooled at 18 degrees Celcius for ales and lagers, it is cooled at 12-degree Celcius. It is then moved to a fermentor where the yeast is added. They are many types of yeast that can be used and it’s a very crucial step when you’re adding the yeast as the type of beer produced depends on it. For Cask Ale, an ale yeast is pitched. Ale yeast is a top-fermenting operator, that creates a thick layer of froth in the fermentor while the beer is being made at the bottom where the yeast is consuming the sugars and releasing alcohol, carbon dioxide, and different flavors.

After fermentation that takes between 2-4 days, the beer is left to mature for a week that allows the flavor to develop. This helps to give a smooth taste to the ale. After maturing for a week in the next step the ale is filled into casks and racked, which is an important stage.

How to Condition Cask Ale properly:

The Ales that are racked is the final product which is not filtered and contains yeast and no carbon dioxide is added. Here at this stage, a fining agent is added to settle the ales. One of the fining agents that can be used is isinglass, this helps to attract the negative charge of the yeast forming a heavy material that settles at the bottom of the cask leaving a clear brighter beer.

Some of the Cask Ales are not served in a clear state as some of them like their ales to be hazy and cloudy. To achieve that the brewers produce unfined beer without using isinglass or any other findings. As the beer is left in the Cask it continuous to react with the yeast and sugars creating natural carbonation. In this process, the beer matures and creates a flavor of a perfect pint of Cask Ale.

Looking after Cask Ale in the Cellar:

On the day of delivery to a pub or a bar cellar, a cask must be stillage first before anything else.

What is Stillage?

It is a device where a cask of ale is positioned and served. A Cask is positioned on its belly with a shiver on the top and keystone vertically aligned. This process is followed so that the sediment in the cask settles at the bottom below the tipping point and is not disturbed. If not the sediment will come into suspension again. After 24 hours the cask should settle and reach the right temperatures between 11 – 13 degrees centigrade so that it’s ready to tap and vent.

How to tap and vent a Cask:

Once a cask is positioned correctly, we need to make a hole in the shive and insert a soft porous peg. The beer is left for fermentation for around 48-72 hours to work its magic. After reaching the right conditioned point the soft peg is changed with a hard non-porous peg.

We are going to tap and vent at the same time. We need to attach a clean tap through the keystones to attach a hop filter and a beer pipe. The important thing to note is to sample the beer for clarity, aroma, and taste before attaching the pipe to take a sample. If you feel all is good with the beer then it’s ready to be served. See that the peg is removed before serving and place back between the sessions to keep the carbon dioxide intact. Once you start to sell the carbon dioxide intact. Once you start to sell your ale you need to sell it within 3 days to keep the beer fresh in premium condition. So, to continue selling quality cask ale you need to keep the next batch settled, tapped, vented and ready to serve.

Common Myths of Cask Ales:

It’s Warm: Everyone thinks that cask ales are and British beers are warm and served at room temperatures. The ales and beers should be served chilled at 11-13 degrees centigrade. These conditions should be followed by every pub owner or else they will have a problem.

It’s an old man’s drink: Once ales were consumed by working men a long time ago. This has changed over time as the younger generation both men and women want to try out a variety of beers and ales. They love to try different flavors from local real ales than from the big corporate breweries.

It’s a Float Drink: A good pub owner surely knows when the ale reaches the condition level and is ready to serve. If beer is served before or is kept for a long time after it is been tapped the quality of the ale changes leaving a bad impression on the beer. The owner must know the condition level when natural carbonation from the yeast happens to leave carbon dioxide and producing silky bubbles giving a smooth finish to the ale.

It’sSour: If the sale of the ale is more than 3 days the quality decreases leaving the beer with vinegar like qualities that cannot be consumed at all. The ale changes leaving a sour taste in your mouth.

It’s Brown and Murky: Cask ales can be of many forms. It depends upon the cask method what type of ale is produced is it bitter, pale ale, golden ale, mild, stouts, porters, or any other style of beer. As you all are aware not all the ales are brown and murky!

We at the Brook Pub serve the best Cask Ales, crafted beer, finest Wines, Gins, Whiskies, etc. Some of them might not be in the mood for a drink and they can enjoy our cocktails, teas, and coffees. We always have something to offer for everyone at the pub. We serve the best British Pub food in Cambridge as we follow traditional recipes that go well with your drink. One can even enjoy their beer watching live sports on our large T.V screens cheering up their team. 

The Brook Pub is always filled with nearby University students where they like to enjoy short eats and enjoy their time with friends. Our Beer garden is always fun for our customers as they can breathe some fresh air and also get soaked in the sun’s heat. Kids do love to spend their time in summer playing outside where the family and friends can enjoy their chilled beer.

 Next time you are here in Cambridge then you need to stop by at our pub to enjoy some nice ales, pub food, and our great services.


Best Beer Pub Garden in Cambridge | Traditional British Food | Best Pub Food in Cambridge

All the British people are in smiles as the pubs across the U.K are granted to be open this season. December being the month of Christmas and New Year it brings joy and happiness in everyone’s life and the opening of the pubs gets in more festive fever in all. People spend much time with their loved ones during this time of the year and what’s more than creating great memories by visiting a pub. The Pandemic has caused to shut down all the pubs during the summer and now people want to make the most of that time. 

Summer is the best time for Beer pub gardens for people to gather with family and friends, but one can make use of these areas to generate sales during the winter too. Many of them prefer outdoor space even in the cold weather as long as they are kept warm and dry. One can place heaters, blankets, and hot water bottles in the beer pub garden. This is not only a good idea but also costs less in keeping the customers enjoying their time in the cold climate.

Another option is to cover the garden area with canvas or cannoli that covers the Beer pub garden with respective shapes and sizes. They are easy to handle, flexible as less coast effective than constructing a permanent structure. This helps the customers to enjoy the cold under the temporary roof with heaters on the side to keep them warm. If one is planning to get a permanent structure to be built covering the entire beer garden then it’s always good to leave some space open on the roof allowing the cool breeze to flow inside during summer then transformed into a cozy winter place with rugs or other materials to close the roof.

When one tries to amend such changes to the outdoor garden, hosting live events like music nights, Karaoke, Poker games, etc would be great. These events create an immersive experience among the people who could love to visit the place. The Brook Pub in Cambridge is where one can find the best outdoor Beer Garden experience. We always tried to keep up the expectations of our clients and provided 100% services. We start the day by handpicking fresh ingredients from the local market. Our sauces are freshly prepared from scratch as we follow the traditional British food recipes that need the best sauce made with fresh ingredients. We are also noted for serving Indian dishes like Chicken curry, beef curry, onion bhaji, chicken 65 etc, and various Italian dishes like beef lasagne, mushroom risotto etc. The Brook pub is known to serve the best pub food in Cambridge and our customers love to taste our Cask Ales, Beers, handpicked Wines, and other spirits. Some of our customers may not like alcohol and we do have something for them like cocktails, teas, and coffees. There is always something to drink for everyone here. 

We also entertain our guests by hosting events such as music nights, Karaoke, Poker games, etc. We keep our events updated on our social media Facebook site wherein you can see what events we are planing in the next coming weeks. Our pub is always filled with students as they like to socialize and enjoy with other people. The pub is located in the heart of the city wherein many best Universities are located attracting more students as our daily customers. They love to bring in friends to enjoy some quick evening snacks and a cold beer.

Not only students but even local community people visit our pub to enjoy live sports on large T.V screens. It brings in more excitement when they cheer their favorite team while drinking their beer. We serve the best pub food in Cambridge following some of the traditional recipes to bring in the culture and tradition. If you are visiting Cambridge, make sure to visit the Brook Pub to create great memories with food and drinks. Our staff is always very welcoming and you get to taste some of our Cask Ales from the menu.

Best Pubs in Cambridge | The Brook Pub Customer Reviews | Beer Garden in Cambridge

If you are visiting Cambridge for a holiday or for business purposes, you need to hang around in your free time and explore some great places. Cambridge is well known to preserve its culture and traditions that exhibit the life history of British people. Everyone is aware that Cambridge has some best Universities, fashion styles, and of course beers.

Brewing beer is something that is quite a profession here and people are well experienced to create different beers using various ingredients. At every street corner of Cambridge, you find a beer place where people love to spend their time hanging out with friends. If you are looking to visit the best pubs in Cambridge, then The Brook Pub is where you need to be. We got a wide range of Cask Ales, Beers, Spirits, Coffee, and various teas. Our Wines are purchased from Matthew Clark sellers who are known for their high-level and best Wines in the UK.  Our beer garden is a place to enjoy summer where one could have a beer with their family and friends. We are following COVID Pandemic norms and trying to maintain social distance in sitting areas. Our beer garden is also well maintained to give our customers a feel of a home.

Let’s see a few reviews from our customers:

  1. Jorge Pinto: A Great atmosphere, nice and relaxed with friendly staff.
  2. Viki Edwardsking: New management very welcoming. Great food and staff, worth stopping in. Excellent self-distancing approach for all customer’s safety.
  3. Dhwani Gupta: I couldn’t be more thrilled to go to this pub. Drinking a couple of pints in an amazing garden. Amazing food, friendly and happy staff. COVID-19 measures in this pub make me feel extremely safe. Definitely, a pub to come back again.
  4. Karl Giles: Every single time that I go to this pub is wonderful. Lovely environment, lovely staff, and amazing food. Especially now with the outside beer garden, it’s very nice to enjoy a pint… coming back for sure.
  5. Anna Riherio: After the lockdown, this was the first pub that I went to, and couldn’t be happier about it. COVID-19 measures are in place and it’s safe to enjoy the place. The garden is amazing to have a pint. The food is amazing, the staff is very friendly and happy to help.
  6. Saluto2: Beautiful food, beautiful people, great service, lovely beer garden, the staff are amazing and friendly.
  7. Luana Canossa: Amazing experience, absolutely amazing service from Dhwani and Ana, great job cooking team and lovely curry and good environment in the pub, very familiar and beautiful beer garden.
  8. Victor Escorcia: Good service, COVID-19ninstructions in place. I would definitely visit them another time.
  9. Carlos Pinhao: One of the best pubs in Cambridge! Amazing staff and compliments on the curry and onion Bhaji’s best one I had so far. Lovely environment and great service from Dhwany and Luana! Super nice!
  10. Aristide T: Best restaurant and pub in Cambridge. British style, Indian flair, and totally enjoyed the food. Hats off the chef, big thanks to Dhwani the supervisor, and the rest of the team, Luana and Ana. If you are in the area, do visit them. Great experience guaranteed.
  11. Louisa Lawrence: Dhwani and the staff at the Brook really looked after us and made our visit very enjoyable. The outside beer garden area is great for the COVID-19 measures that were taken, a great atmosphere, too highly recommend The Brook for a great night.
  12. Joey Mcgilvary: My visit to The Brook today was a happy one from the minute I come into the pub. I was given warm welcome, I decided to have a beef roast and was not disappointed as this was 5 stars left a clean plate. I would recommend this place to anyone.
  13.  Kevin Wright: The Brook gave me and my wife a warm welcome when we visited this pub. It is well organized with the social distance that is required at the moment. The menu was reduced, but what was on offer was very nicely cooked with good portion size.
  14. Guilherme Nogueira: Great food, the pies are amazing and the staff is very nice. Will come back.
  15. Anoop Varghese: Good place to spend and have more parking space. The food available here is very tasty compared to other places and also the kitchen is more hygienic and tidy. All the staffs are very friendly especially the manager.

We always take out time to reply to our customers and take in their feedback to improve our services. These positive feedbacks act like strong pillars making us put in more effort to satisfy our customers. Our Cozy sitting area is kept warm with a fireplace and if you do enjoy outdoor sitting then our beer garden is one of the best. Kids like to play in the garden and elders do have fun sitting outside in the sun with a cool beer. Our customers are always happy to visit our pub as we try to entertain them with live music, Poker games, Karaoke nights and many more to come. We always update our news on Facebook page and one can get information from there. 

 We serve the best British Pub food along with a few Italian and Indian dishes. Our Onion Bhaji, Chichen curry, and  Beef curry are quite popular. Do stop by at our Pub and give us a chance to serve you the best Cask Ales, fine wines, great beers with some yummy pub food.

What is a British Pub Culture

British people do love to enjoy their life to the fullest. They always know the key to a healthier life is to meet new people and socialize. What’s a better way to do it than going to a pub. Pub culture is one of the most intrinsic parts of British culture, especially student life. A pub is a place where we can relax, socialize, and have a drink. This is one thing people must know how to enjoy British pub culture whether or not you drink alcohol.

One should always know the pub rules before visiting so, that your experience would be more fun and enjoyable.

What do pubs serve?

Pubs in the U.K consist of Cask Ales, freshly brewed Beer, Gins, Whiskies, and finest Wine. If you are not a drinker and choose to drive then you can order a soft drink, coffee, teas, or cocktails. If you order for a lager, ale, or bitter make sure to order it half, or else you will land up with a whole pint.

How to order Drinks?

In most of the bars, you need to order your drink at the bar, no one will come to your table to take an order. If you go to a gastropub, a posh pub for a meal, then you can expect to get table service. Pubs are always filled with people all the time especially after work hours and at the weekends. One needs to stand in a queue without pushing and maintaining a safe distance from others standing. One most important thing is to keep your money ready to pay once you get the attention of the bar staff. They will ask “what it be” or “what are you having” and you can give the order. Some of the Pubs can also start a tab if you want wherein you can leave your debit or credit card with them and they will give you a card with a number. Every time you order you need to provide the card number and in the end, they will give you the final bill to be paid.

Do you leave a tip?

People give tips to the bar staff in the pubs. Some of them like to show more gratitude and offer them a drink. The staff member can sometimes accept the drink or they can take the value of the drink in a form of a tip.

Which Pub is the right one for you?

In the U.K one can find many different pubs. They are a hub for their local community to interact with new people. Some pubs are known for their venue where they host a quiz night or a certain genre of music. There are certain pubs where people go to enjoy live sports or support a certain team. Some pubs have great offers on their Beer and food. You can also find some pubs representing some nationalities such as “Aussies” (Australians) and “Kiwis”(New Zealanders). A pub is a place where one can strike up a conversation with a total stranger and end up being new friends. You can talk about anything from weather to football scores to politics. Let it be any topic, just have fun socializing with others. Sometimes you may end up getting a drink from someone and always return the gesture back to them.

British people love to say “Cheer’s” out loud by clinking their glasses against everyone else making eye contact with them before they start drinking. This is done to show their love towards friends and they all are here to enjoy time with each other.

Popular snacks at Pubs:

Pubs serve both hot and cold food. The popular food ordered are crisps and nuts. As days changed, now you can choose from the menu items available at the pub. Fish and Chips are always loved by everyone in the pubs. Gastropubs are different they sell restaurant-quality food. A pub is unlike a restaurant, you need to go to the bar to order. Once your order is placed you will be given a table number that you should place on the table so that food will be bought for the table.

Pubs usually take orders till 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm on Sunday’s. When the time closes by, the bar staff rings the bell to signal the customers that it’s time to place the last orders. They shall ring the bell again indicating that the bar is closing. After the second bell, no one can place any orders. 

To enjoy the Pub life you need to visit The Brook Pub in Cambridge, one of the best pubs that serve great ales, Beers, Gins, Whiskies, and the Finest wine. This place is often filled with local community people and students. Local customers love to spend their time watching live sports and cheering their favorite teams. Best Pubs in Cambridge always have a beer garden where the customers can have a great time sitting outdoor and enjoying with their friends. Kids are always happy to be here to have some fun playing games. We always make sure that our customers are entertained while they are in the pub with some music sessions on Wednesdays, Karaoke nights on Fridays, Poker games on Sunday’s and Comedy nights on Thursdays. To know more about our events you can check our Facebook page where the latest news is available.

Our menu servers not only pub food but also Indian and Italian food. We try to give more choices to the people to try out different cuisines like our Onion Bhaji, Chicken 65, Chilli Chicken, Chicken curry, Beef curry, and our special Hyderabadi Dum Biryani which needs a 24hr prior order to be placed. We have great offers on combos such as any Burger and a drink for 9.99 pounds and any curry and drinks for 9.00 pounds. This November we are offering a takeaway menu with free delivery to the postcodes  CB1 to CB5. Our takeaway and delivery timings are 12-10 PM from  Sunday to Tuesday and 12-11 PM from Wednesday to Saturday.

Brook is one of the best pubs in Cambridge where one can find everything from Drinks to food to Entertainment and a cozy place inside next to the fire to keep yourself warm in the winters and Beer garden to enjoy your summer heat. Our customers are free to give their views about our services and food, which always helps us to put in more effort and bring a change to our pub. We use local produce and ingredients that are bought. Come in next time to taste our Cask Ales and the best pub food. If you are here for a business trip or on a holiday do visit our pub in Cambridge to enjoy some great beers and pub food.

Know All About British Wines

Are you all curious to know about the buzz that goes around the British Wines? The U.K produces varieties of still wines and sparkling wines that have put its mark on the globe. 

Little History Of British Wines:

The wine culture first started from the Romans, when they invaded England, it was then they brought Viticulture with them. Drinking wine was every citizen’s and slave’s right. The Romans planted wines to see that there would be enough wine for all. Later after the Romans left, the Christian monasteries used to take care of the vineyards for the Sacrament, for the Pilgrims, and for their own use. The production of wine was stable during the middle ages that helped grapes to ripen, but when a deadly plague came to England around 1348 that swept out a third of the population. It was from the 1700s till the 20th Century, few private individuals planted vines and started making wines. Later after world war II from the mid of 1950s and 60’s the winemaking was done commercially and people got back to what they love to do the most.

We all know that British people love drinking wine more than producing it. Now, things have changed over the years. The British people started to make more variety and flavors of wine thus trying to compete with the other in the competition. The world-class bubbles produced by the British has won many awards and earned recognition across the globe. The Still wines are produced which has no sparkles yet the traditional method of sparkles always attracts and captures people’s attention. It gains the majority of English wine production over 65% of all the wines that are made.

The U.K sees a lot of rain and the best regions for Viticulture are along the southern strip of England’s coast, which starts from Cornwall to Kent. These regions have the same cool climate and soil type that helps to grow different varieties of grapes. The three major regions to know are:

  • Sussex
  • Kent
  • Surrey

Sussex: It’s located in the South-Eastern corner of England. It’s one of the sunniest regions in the whole British Isles. This place sees less rain than other wine-growing regions on the isle. Rain is not to worry much but the frost and rot during the flowering stage that remains a constant worry. Sussex is separated into 2 counties, West Sussex and East Sussex, where both grow the best grapes thus being home to a number of vineyards. The big grape plantings are Bacchus, the classic Champagne grapes, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. All these grapes are good to grow in cooler climates.

Kent: This region is just East of Sussex, across the English Channel from Calais. The best vineyards are always facing the South in that way they can receive more sun on the vines. Kent region has chalk limestone soil that helps the plants to grow well in that climate and the wines produced here have different aromas of pears, apples, and elderflowers that give a refreshing acidic taste to the drink.

Surrey: Its chalky soil makes it worth planting many vineyards. It’s the second Champagne house invested in England. Surrey is the largest producer of Wine that makes it more possible for the people to enjoy the best wine they have to offer. British people are always found to experiment with flavors when it comes to drinks or food. 

If you are looking out to taste some of the best wines in Cambridge then you must visit 

The  Brook Pub, that server high-level wines all year round. All our wines are purchased from Banton and Matthew Clark wholesalers in the U.K who are known to sell some of the best British wines. We go the extra mile to pick the finest wines to serve our customers. Along with wines the Brook Pub also serves Cask Ales, Beers, Spirits, Coffee, and Teas.

Our Beer garden is one of the best places to enjoy with family and friends. Kids love to play and run around the beer garden. Soaking the sun’s heat and enjoying a cool beer is the best way to relax. Our food menu offers British style pub food along with few Indian and Italian dishes. It’s always good to try different cuisines from different regions to understand their culture and spices. We are not only into drinks and food but also love to entertain our customers with various events. We have live music, karaoke nights, Poker nights, and many more events all week long. Check out our Facebook page for more upcoming events. 

Our pub is always filled with the local community people who love to enjoy live sports on our large T.V screens with a beer in one hand and cheering their teams with the other. So, next time if you are looking for the right place to taste some fine wines and food then do visit us for a good experience. Our staff is very welcoming and sure to give you the best atmosphere pub atmosphere possible.

British Craft Beers

British people have been brewing for hundreds of years. They are quite popular with their brewing techniques and unique tastes. Britain is well known as a great beer brewing country. Other counterparts like Germany & Belgium have their own ways of brewing, but Britain follows a tradition that has a specialty in the face of the World and corporatization of the brewing industry. Out of all beers, the top British beer is the Cask Ale that matures in the cellar of the pub rather than at the brewery and it is served with only natural carbonation.

United States craft brewing is different when compared to the British brewing methods, but when the British people start brewing then no one can compete with them, as they are best in it and peerless in their art. Britain is well known for its Pub culture and that’s the main reason it’s known in the World for its Cask Ales and the great British Pub. People love to relax and be informal in the environment that goes around the beer. British Cask Ales are all about balance, the floral aromas, the citrus taste, and the dryness of the finished Ales are worth trying for. Ales are considered as a companionable drink that creates a great atmosphere.

The brewed Ales taste is something that can’t be bottled or replicated. Even though they are many Pubs that have come up in the U.K, they can never be compared to the hundreds of brewers who make the actual beer. The British pub is known for its eccentricity that made it famous Worldwide. Most of the studies have stated that apart from the Royal family it’s the brewed craft beer that attracts foreign tourists to British shores.

While many craft brewers are trying hard to bring in various style and flavor, lots of craft brewers are still brewing classic styles like an extra special bitter, robust porter, Vienna larger, Bohemian Pilsner, and Dunkel. Regular beer is pale yellow and it is mass-produced. This beer is enjoyed ice-cold whereas craft beer is brewed focusing largely on flavors and methods. It has more alcohol content than regular beer. To try some best Cask Ales, Beers, Whiskies, Gins you need to visit one place in Cambridge, that is The Brook Pub. They have various flavors of Cask Ales, Beers that are excellent to taste for any occasion. Our Pub is one of the best Pubs in Cambridge known for its Beers and food. We serve British pub food along with few Indian and Italian dishes. Our Chicken Curry and Beef Curry are quite popular among the locals. Our starters are always lived by students as they love to spend after class hours hanging at our pub for some evening snacks.

We always keep our customers entertained with live events from live music to karaoke nights to Poker games. Our events are always updated on our Facebook page. So, do follow to known our next events. We also show live BT sports on our 5 large T.V screens. Our community local customers do enjoy their beer and game.

The Brook Pub also has a Beer garden quite liked by the kids who love to play in open space. Our pub is also dog friendly, so owners can bring their dogs as well to enjoy their day. The Brook has the best Beer garden in Cambridge where many memories can be framed with family and friends. Summer is the best time to soak in some suns heat and chill out with a beer. In Winter you can get cozy inside keeping warm by the fire.

Our customers are very happy with our staff and services. They always gave us positive and negative feedback that helped us to improvise our services. Every day is new learning with our customers that made us strong like pillars. Next time when you in Cambridge, make it a point to visit the Brook Pub to taste our best Cask Ales, Beers, other Spirits, and Great British Pub food.


Enjoy Indian Food with British Touch at The Best Pub in Cambridge, The Brook

Indian food is loved all around the world. We have seen that the British people do love Indian food, especially the curries. British cuisine is usually very bland and not spicy whereas Indian dishes are quite the opposite to them. They are a lot of spices that are used in Indian dishes starting from cumin, cardamon, star anise, bay leaf, red chilies, and peppercorns. North Indian dishes are less spicy as they use less amount of green and red chilies, they add more ghee and curd to their dishes. In Southern India where rice is their staple food, you can see many rice dishes like Biryani prepared using only vegetables or meat or can be made with both. Rice is used to make dosas, idlis, and many more breakfast dishes. East Indian cuisine always uses the mustard paste when cooking most of their dishes. Fish is largely consumed in this part of the Country. Western Indian cuisine is a mix of everything, where you can enjoy all sorts of Indian dishes.

When the British left India they took with them some of the most popular dishes along with them. Now, in England Indan food is something that everyone loves to eat. We all know that Fish & Chips is the national dish of the United Kingdom and now Chicken Tikka masala has been recently added as a national dish of the United Kingdom. More than 200 years ago the first Indian curry shop was opened in London by an Indian migrant. Since 1809, Indian food was known in England, but still, it was not popular until the British rule over the Indian subcontinent that jolted the culinary interest. The forefront of this led to the creation of Anglo-Indian food with traditional Indian essence with a wave of the British touch. By 2013, there were more than 10,000 Indian restaurants in England and Wales.

Indian food in the United Kingdom needs to follow the exact same recipes. They can be modified or combined with the wish of the diners. You can add chicken or prawns or any meat to the base curry sauces. This way one can create Indian dishes that suit the British palettes.

Next time try out some popular Indian dishes in the United Kingdom: 

  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Butter Chicken
  • Rogan Josh
  • Malai Kofta
  • Chole
  • Palak Paneer
  • Chaat

So, next time you are in Cambridge, U.K do visit the Brook Pub where you can enjoy both British and Indian food. Most of our customers love to order Onion Bhaji and Chicken 65 for their starters. Coming to the main course Homemade Chicken Curry, Beef Curry, and Roasted Vegetable Curry is very popular. The food is made from local ingredients, meat is purchased from the local bushers. All the items are freshly sauced as it’s the food that we make at home with love. We follow the COVID-19 protocols and keep ourself’s clean while cooking and serving our customers. Our pubs sitting areas are all rearranged maintaining the social distance norms. 

Our local customers love to watch Live BT sports on our T.V that is placed on our premises. They love to enjoy their cool beer while enjoying their sports. We always have something coming on every week like events to keep our customers entertained. Our week starts off with music sessions every Wednesday, Karaoke on Fridays, exciting Poker games on Sunday’s and new Comedy nights on Thursdays. To know more about our upcoming events you can check out our Facebook page where all the events are updated.  The Brook Pub is situated in the heart of Cambridge where some of the best Universities are located. This attracts a lot of students who love to enjoy their evening, snacking on quick bites, and spending a good time with their friends.

Come In!! To taste some best dishes and enjoy our Cask Ales, Wines, Spirits, Coffees and Teas. Our team is the best when it comes to customer services and you shall also enjoy the time well spent in our best beer garden. It’s a good time to spend with family, friends and also the pub is pet friendly that allows many happy customers to get their well-behaved pets. Our beer garden is always loved by the kids who can play in the open air under the sun. Great place to make great memories!!

Some places are worth visiting to create great memories. The Brook Pub and its Beer garden is one such place where you can enjoy your day for sure.

Traditions and Culture Behind The British Food

Great Britan is made from three different countries, England, Scotland, and Wales. Each country has its own rich culture and traditions. The diverse culture tells us about their culinary traditions. Britain had played a great role in keeping its culture and food. We have Romans who bought in cherries, cabbages, and peas along with the cultivation of crops like corn. The wine was also brought by the Romans. 

The Romans were known for building good roads that made it easy for them to transport produce all through the country. Have you ever heard of Saxons, they were excellent farmers who were known for cultivating herbs? Herbs were mostly used while preparing stews. Many of us love to eat smoked and dry fish. It was the Vikings and Danes who brought this technique. In some parts of England especially the North-East coasts, we can see people still eating slices of meat as a tradition which is served on Burn’s night which falls on 25th January in Scotland. British food is always loved worldwide and British housewives would always like to prepare their favorite food with york ham. Many of us are nor aware that york ham was first smoked using sawdust of the oak trees.

British traditional food is full breakfast, Fish and Chips, the Sunday Roast, Steak, and Kidney Pie, Shepherds Pie, Bangers, and Mash. Due to diverse cultures, Britain has focused on a wide variety of foods from different cuisines of Europe, India, and other parts of the world. Several regional dishes are associated with British cuisine as it’s within the border with English, Scottish and Welsh cuisine and Northern Irish cuisines. Each place has come up with its regional dishes like fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, Cumberland sausage, Arbroath Smokie, and Welsh Cakes.

In the 20th Century, we have seen a huge change in the food recipes as the British people had the availability of fresh products. They were willing to add other cultural recipes and also include other cultural foods from Italy and India. British food once used to be less spicy or no spice at all. As time changed they tried to use different herbs and spices to create spiced British food in this medieval area. The modern era is highly getting influenced by the Mediterranean, Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asian cuisines. We could see a subsequent fading of northern and central European cuisines.

Here in British culture, Christmas dinner is special. Turkey and Christmas pudding is more popular from the 16th century. Apart from roast turkey we also have roast beef or ham to which stuffed, gravy, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, and vegetables are served.  Christmas pudding-like Yule Log, Mince Pies, Cakes, etc are popular with deserts.

Food Varieties Place Wise:

  1. Anglo Indian Cuisine: It is a traditional British food like roast beef with a little touch of Indian spices such as cloves and red chilies. Fish and meat are cooked with vegetables like an Indian curry. In Anglo-Indian food, we often see the use of yogurt, coconut, and almonds. We have different flavors for roasts, curries, rice dishes, and bread.
  2. English Cuisine: English food is associated with England. British food has distinct flavors by adding ingredients from North America, China, and India.
  3. Northern Irish Cuisine: It’s similar to the Islands od Ireland. The Ulster Fry is a popular dish here.
  4. Scottish Cuisine: Its traditions are uprooted from Scotland. Traditional Scottish dishes are haggis and Scotland is known for producing high-quality beef, lamb, potatoes, oats, and seafood.
  5. Welsh Cuisine: It’s highly influenced by British cuisine. Beef and Dairy cattle are widely seen here. Meat is very closely associated with Welsh cooking. 

At the Brook Pub in Cambridge, we try to keep in the essence of British food with a touch of Indian, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisines. Do come in to enjoy our food along with our Cask Ales, Wines, Spirits, Coffee, and Teas. Our menu servers the best traditional British pub food, Indian food, and Italian food. This is the right time for you to spend your summer in our Beer garden with family and friends.

Unique Bar Promotion Ideas That Are Sure To Increase Your Bar Sales

The Pubs and Bars in Britain have a competitive business. Alcohol is a social part of the British culture and the younger population is seen enjoying the concept of nightlife, pubs, and bars. We are able to see an increase in bars and breweries across the country and to speed up your pub and bar life we have got few promotional ideas.

Bar Promotion Ideas:

Let’s see some Innovative Bar promotion ideas to increase your Pub rush:

Happy Hours: Happy hours are something that everyone looks forward to. A bar without happy hours is incomplete. To increase your customers during the daytime or on a slow night this is the most tried and tested way to promote your bar. This type of sale boosts your pub and attracts the attention of the people. Update your social media posts with upcoming happy hours and send personal messages to the customers to act as a reminder to visit the pub and enjoy the happy hours.

Email and SMS target promotions: Promoting your bar must be done in the right way or else its no use running special offers or hosting any events. Always target the right customers at the right time to generate good marketing results. The reason behind attracting fewer customers even after good promotion is because of not targeting the correct customers. For instance, if you have a lady’s night out then send SMS or Email to lady customers instead of everyone.

Arrange Karaoke Nights: Karaoke Nights is the next big thing on the cards. It’s one of the best ways to promote Pubs and Bars. Karaoke is a fun activity which means a large group of friends will visit you. Having karaoke nights on a weekday attracts a corporate crowd who can come and enjoy few drinks and sing to unwind the day-long work.

Live Screening Of Games: Well we all know that drinks and sports are a great combination. They always go hand in hand making it easy to promote your pub. You can try to give a free drink to celebrate the success of the winning team or give a gift card.

Musical Gigs & Artistic Events: Hosting some good musical gigs can be a better way to promote your bar. A perfect artistic event can attract huge crowds of people and you can promote this event in social media trying to reach more people through a word of mouth marketing. Such events may attract several new customers who may not have come to your bar.

Fun-Friday’s: What’s needed for weekends is to get drunk and enjoy fun games. Once a week host games like Poker, Dart Games, Dice Drinking Games, etc where your customers can enjoy their alcohol along with some Friday fun events. Think of a flat price if someone wants to play a game, this way you get at least the least cost of your alcohol. Such games could also cost much, as people get too carried away with the games, so we suggest you have good security as well as put a time for how long a game will be played.

Special Menu Item: Marketing strategy is a great way to bring in customers. People always recognize a bar through its signature dish or drink. So, try creating a great dish or drink and publicize it on your menu items. Another great way to attract customers is to post it on social media pages. In the menu add it to the bestseller list so that next time people will surely think of your dish when someone reminds them of your bar.

Theme Nights: This idea will surely work out to attract customers. Try to break the monotony of going out to a bar in a routine way. Come up with exciting themes that could match up with the bar atmosphere. Don’t forget to publicize the theme on social media pages. Create an event page and share it through SMS or Emails. You can keep discounts on your drinks to bring in the crowd to ensure an increase in alcohol sales over the discount you offered.

Blog Page:  No wonder people have a great way to reach your place through blogs. Add information about your bar, events, customer stories, memories of special events. Tell customers about food, different drinks to attract regular readers. 

So, next time you think to own a new bar or Pub follow these tips as it might be a competitive stressful job but promoting the bar in the right way adds a cherry to the icing in running a successful venture. Do follow these rules and look at your profits to reach the sky !!